One Final Wish

I've seen it written, heard it said, Heaven is paradise,
A final resting place for the weary soul.
But a question always haunts me, echoing through the years
And especially now as I grow old.

What happens to the birds and beasts when their bodies die?
Where do they go when their lives are through?
I rather think that birds go soaring up on high.
That they have souls just like me and you.

And so I have one final wish when my life is done
And it will be a sight for my sore eyes.
I hope that I'm judged worthy to be soaring up on high
And once again I'll see my Birds Of Paradise.

by Gail J. Worth (1980)

This poem is dedicated to Zane Grey and to the 126 birds
that perished in the wildfire 10/27/93.

In loving memory; never forgotten:


Rose 12/21/00

Maynard 1/29/05

Lori 11/14/05

Togo 2/25/06

Pewee 6/20/06

Alfredo 9/22/07 (I knew her for 32 years and she was at least 42 years in captivity and of unknown age)


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