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Below are images sent to us by the owners of birds that were raised from our facility.
We hope you enjoy seeing these babies in their loving homes!
Thanks to those who have sent their photos!
If you have a photo of a baby raised by us* and wish to see it posted here,
email it to us with any caption you want to see with it.

Hi Gail and everyone at Avesinternational, Just a note to you from Indy to let you know
that Maui is growing into a handsome young gentleman. On his third hatch day, April 8, he continues to bring us smiles and laughs everyday. He is a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you so much for raising such a wonderful boy. Please show Mario and Rosita this beautiful picture of their son. Hope all is well with you and Dave and all the young
hatchlings at Avesinternational. Penny Morris

Just a note thank you for the wonderful parrot. He is happy and healthy and loves his new home. He was 7 months old March 2, he's already talking and learning tricks. I know you have hundreds of customers and you are very busy, but I thought you may like to see a couple pictures, thanks again.

Here is a picture of Squiggy, the Maxamillian Pionus I received on the 17th of September ('04).
He was a little timid and unsure of me and his new home for a little while but now he is a bundle of energy and a little dare-devil! He is starting to explore and sample more of all the different fruits
and veggies I give him, but grapes are by far his favorite treats with unsalted peanuts in the shell
a close second. Thank you for such a wonderful bird!
posted by: Matthew Kvapil, Omaha, Nebraska (posted 10/11/04)

Moluccan Cockatoo, Lilly, on the first day in her new home. posted by Joyce Tyrpak, IL 10-9-04


Our Hahn's Macaw we purchased from you last year at about this time,
is doing great...

She is a great talker and has a personality beyond our wildest expectations...

Boyd & Terry Krueger
Winnetka, CA 91306

posted 9/16/04



This is Milo on his swing. He is now a year old and talking up a storm. He loves to play in the water and swing on top of his cage. I bought him from you last year, and he has brought so much joy into my life. He is very healthy and very happy.
Thank you for introducing him into my life.
Tammy Nodley, Gulfport Mississippi, (posted August 2004)

Maui, (Panama Amazon, hatched here in '02); owned by Penny Morris, IN
"He is bringing us laughs and smiles every day. He is the best!" - posted 10/2/03

"This is our wonderful bird, Archimedes (Panama Amazon hatched here in '02).
We all love him." Ann VanArsdale - posted 10/2/03




"I am sending a few pictures of Ruby and Sparky for your photo page. They are doing great, and love to be around people. They prefer to spend most of their time outside the cage on the play top, so when I am home, that’s where they stay until 8 or 9 at night." Robert Sutton, California


 Hemingway, White-Crowned Pionus,
owned by Angelica Alarcon, New Jersey

"You were right, your baby birds are very sweet and tame; after a couple of hours, my little guy ate apples from my hand and now lets me pet him under his wings - what an awesome baby."

posted 12/03

 Sparky is a Congo African Grey owned by
George, Terry, and Joey

posted 1/23/04

Thanks to everyone that has sent us photos!
(I'm behind in posting some of them- so sorry- trying to catch up!)
*All of these pet bird photos are of birds raised from our facility.

All images reproduced here by permission of the authors of the photographs and
may not be reproduced by any method without written permission from each author and the management of this web site.

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