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(last update 8/13/02)
In the spring of 2000, a new addition of forty-four flights was added to our ranch. These new facilities house Hahn's Macaws, Pionus and Amazon Parrots, and Hyacinth Macaws. We now have additional space to exercise young birds held back for breeding stock and for flocking of some species during non-breeding season.

Our new flights are spacious and airy.

Here is one of the back aisles
where nestboxes are being hung. Soon, honeysuckle vines will cover this area.

The flights to the left will be for Hahn's Macaws. We plan to set up a lots of new pairs of this charming specie as the
Hahn's is one of our favorites!


These flights to the right are for Amazon and Pionus Parrots, for large macaws, and for flocking groups of birds.

We think it is important to provide a lot
of greenery around our aviaries. We have
a number of trees planted around our structure. A thermostatically-controlled sprinkler system on the roof cools the
birds and waters the plants with water from our well.

Thick honeysuckle vines cover the back aisles of our original construction. These vines protect the birds from cold winds in the winter and help to cool and shade the birds in the summer. Native tree frogs
also find shelter in these vines.

Here is the small bird aisle of
our original construction.

This is the back of the Sun Conure area.

A wide aisle behind the flights protects our nestboxes and nesting barrels. We only use wooden nests.

This is the rear aisle of our Amazon area.

Our ranch manager, Alberto Monroy, is proud of the new construction and is excited about the new birds! Most of the new construction was done by Alberto, Carlos, and Adan., our hard-working staff! See staff photos

This is one of our best Umbrella Cockatoo breeders, a lovely hen domestically bred by Bob Berry. Bob has always been one of my aviculturist role models and I am very pleased to have this bird in our collection!

We are very fortunate to have
Tracy Short, AHT as our ranch consultant! Tracy manages many husbandry aspects
of our collection.

Tracy and Alberto examine a Rose-Breasted Cockatoo.

This beautiful domestic-bred Yellow-Faced Amazon loves his
new roomy flight!

This lovely domestic'98 hatch female Magna Double Yellow-Headed Amazon was just paired in '00 with a long-term pet male.

We have large flights for Hyacinth Macaws in the new wing of our facility.

This is a gorgeous male Guatemalan Blue-Crowned Amazon Parrot. This species is uncommon in American aviculture.

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