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Visit to Rancho Papagallo 3/26/03

The spring rains have brought a much-needed green Spring to southern California and the drive on the freeway is pleasant and refreshing!

Golden orange California Poppies,
purple lupine, and other wildflowers
paint the rolling hills.

The area surrounding our ranch is verdant and teeming with native wildlife including
a species of endangered Kangaroo Rat.
We leave part of our property to
native growth.

This is a view of the side of the aviaries.

This pair of Slender-Billed Conures has
been in our collection for 24 years!

A lovely pair of Vosmaeri Eclectus.

Here is a pair of Panama Amazons
that are laying eggs now!

This is the male Panama Amazon.

This is the male from a new pair of Hyacinth Macaws on breeding loan with
us. We are hoping for chicks in 2003!

This beautiful male Bronze-Winged Pionus Parrot is in prime breeding condition as evidenced by his bright pinkish-red eye ring and cere.

Here is Natasha and Bullwinkle, our newest
producing pair of Green-Winged Macaws. We raised Natasha in 1992 and Bullwinkle is a wild-caught male. They laid their first eggs in 2002 and we raised three babies!

 Bullwinkle is quite protective
of his mate and the nestbox!
He is a magnificent male!

This pair of Rose-Breasted Cockatoos has
a large flight. On the floor are the remnants of fresh eucalyptus branches they have been shredding and taking into the nestbox to build their nest.

This is the male of this pair.


This male Umbrella Cockatoo is
guarding his nest as his mate sits
on eggs within the nestbox.


During nesting season, the Amazon Parrots become very vocal and
excitable! This is a pair of Double Yellow-Headed Amazons.

Ranch Manager, Alberto Monroy

Rancho Papagallo 1/2000 photos

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