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New construction photos and
other photos taken 6-13-00
(last update 1/23/01)

 Here is our ranch property, nestled in a valley in rural southern California. We have more extremes in temperatures at our ranch than we do at our coastal location. The New World species and cockatoos really respond well to this definite change of seasons.

Here is a photo of one of the aisles in our ranch facility. The flights on the left house Sun Conures and Hahn's Macaws. The larger flights on the right house Pionus Parrots and Yellow-Collared Macaws.

 Here are Tracy Short' our Animal Health Technician, Carlos,
and Alberto trimming a beak on one of our breeding Magna Double Yellow-Headed Amazons.

 This is our favorite breeding pair
of Rose-Breasted Cockatoos. The female on the right, Sydney, was
our pet for several years. We raised Sydney in 1984.

 This exuberant fellow is a rare Guatemalan Blue-Crowned Amazon.

This is the appropriately-named "Kingbird", a regal male Magna Double Yellow-Headed Amazon that we have owned since 1978. He has fathered many many beautiful babies over the years. He has been repaired with a beautiful young hen recently and we are hoping for more babies!


 These are two pairs of our Magna Double Yellow-Headed Amazons. We provide wooden nestboxes for our birds. Wooden boxes are cooler in summer and warmer in winter than are metal boxes and help to satisfy the birds' natural desire to chew their nest.


 This is our magnificent pair of breeding Hyacinth Macaws. This wonderful pair have given us many babies over the years! They nest in a wine barrel that is reinforced at the entry with metal.

 This pair of Central American Scarlet Macaws love to display in front of their nest box. In the wild, macaws stay close to their nesting site all year and defend it against intruders. The male on the right is quite protective of the female.

 This is a lovely Blue-Headed Pionus. We love the quiet and mellow Pionus species and have worked with them for over twenty years.

 The adorable Goffin Cockatoo is one of our favorite species. We provide a double entry nest box for our cockatoos.

 The elegant Ducorp's Cockatoo has only been in U.S. aviculture since 1991. We are very pleased to be breeding this lovely species and hope to have second generation babies soon!

 We have been working with the delightful and rare Jamaican Yellow-Billed Amazon since 1978 when we imported our own founder stock. We have now bred them to three generations.

 The Yellow-Collared Macaw is a beautiful species that makes a delightful pet!

 Many of our breeding pairs of Yellow-Naped Amazons are quite talented talkers and many were pets before they arrived at our facility!
The male of this pair says "Don, don't barf!" We still don't know who Don is
or why he felt ill!

Here is one of our treasured pairs of Panama Amazons. We just obtained these lovely birds in January of 1999. Click here to read the story of how we came to own these wonderful birds!

 Here is a breeding pair of beautiful Sun Conures. These birds make delightful, playful pets!

new construction photos and other photos taken 6-13-00

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