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updated 11/19/08

11/19/08 A little bird told me...

10/2/08 Female birds sacrifice health to create more colourful eggs

9/17/08 Sala IV gives protection to a tree that parrots love

9/5/08 Birds "behave like football fans"

8/26/08 Friend or Foe? Crows Never Forget a Face, It Seems

3/31/08 Deformed beaks mean slow starvation for region's birds; cause a mystery

3/27/08 Peacock feathers fail to impress the ladies

2/19/08 Kakapo Encounter 2008: Rare Chance to See A Kakapo

2/18/08 Bangalore launches unique project to bring back birds

2/17/08 Birds choke to death on migrant fish

2/16/08 Social Anxiety - The Top 5 Pets That Can Help You

2/15/08 Eagle guards Melbourne landmark

2/11/08 Brown pelican population soars

2/8/08 Cutting edge technology to film endangered birds

2/5/08 Birds threatened by the end of set-aside policy

2/5/08 Science digest | Birds may have been dead drunk

2/5/08 Habitat fragmentation: Birds on the verge of extinction

2/4/08 Migratory birds 'detect' latitude and longitude

2/4/08 Lucky cockatoo saved by its mates

2/2/08 Death of mascot parrot saddens pet store staff

1/30/08 How the humming bird got its chirp

1/29/08 Firefighters capture escaped exotic parrot

1/24/08 Wing Angle May Be Key to Bird Flight Origins

1/22/08 Kingston is back from park life

1/22/08 Birds in Great Salt Lake Felled by Cholera by the Thousands

1/21/07 Endangered birds stolen from Nicaraguan zoo

1/21/08 Invading birds causing a myna problems for natives

1/18/08 Discourage Birds From Flying Into Your Windows

1/17/08 Parasite makes ants into "berries" to entice birds

1/17/08 Seafood processor apologizes for deaths of bald eagles

1/16/08 North American Birds Moving North as a Result of Climate Change

1/15/08 Parakeet breeding program 'disaster',25197,23035685-5013404,00.html

1/14/08 Yacolt puts up Parrot new homes,yacolt-puts-up-parrot-new-homes.html

1/14/08 Call to help birds injured by manjas

1/12/08 Ibis sightings boost exctinction survival hopes

1/11/08 Human Thirst for Palm Oil Wipes Out Rare Forest Birds

1/9/08 Birds Act Like Grandparents

1/3/08 Scientist's memoir of her famous parrot, Alex, coming this fall

1/3/08 Kayaker rescues birds injured near bait barge

1/3/08 Wind farm a 'black hole' for endangered eagles

12/28/07 New Zealand Builds a Nest Big Enough to Save Kiwis

12/20/07 Critically Endangered Yellow-eared Parakeet in major breeding success

12/20/07 Greedy parrot suffers death by chocolate

12/17/07 Scientists optimistic as whooping cranes sighted in record numbers

12/10/07 Madagascar birds burst into song

12/10/07 Climate Change Will Significantly Increase Impending Bird Extinctions

12/10/07 Parrot Forces Man to Keep Changing His Ringtone

12/6/07 Ethiopian Airlines denies wildlife allegations

12/1/07 Yacolt's wild parrots granted a reprieve, for now

11/26/07 Chain-link fence may save birds from death

11/19/07 Glass wall killing refuge birds

11/24/07 Emory building draped in black to save birds

11/16/07 On the wings of a pure white parrot (children's fable)

11/15/07 Orphaned owls find new cuddly-toy mum

11/13/07 'Time-sharing' Tropical Birds Key To Evolutionary Mystery

11/5/07 Earliest Birds Acted More Like Turkeys Than Common Cuckoos

11/2/07 Looking out for the birds

10/26/07 Parrot back from brink,22606,22659465-2682,00.html?from=mostpop

10/26/07 Cagey parrot heads to vet,23739,22652015-5013016,00.html

10/25/07 Birds fly in from fire

10/22/07 Parrot Catches Perp

10/22/07 Parrot mocked alarm to save lives

10/22/07 EDITORIAL ~~ Where are the birds?

10/20/07 Huge Flock Of Critically Endangered Sociable Lapwings Discovered

10/18/07 Parrot Cheers For Favorite Rugby Team

10/16/07 Some Tropical Birds Depend Completely On Army Ants To Flush Out Prey

10/16/07 Two More Hawaiian Birds on Brink of Extinction

10/12/07 Peek into parrot life,23739,22568840-3044,00.html

10/12/07 Parrot 'escapees' happy to get caught

10/4/07 Tiny "Crow-Cams" Capture Tool Use in Wild Birds

10/4/07 Alien birds save Hawaiian natives

9/24/07 France Cracks Down on Songbird Delicacy

9/13/07 Fire Ants Killing Baby Song Birds At High Rates

9/12/07 Deadly bird virus makes mockery of quarantine

9/12/07 Ruffling feathers on whether to clip birds' wings,0,6434159.column

9/10/07 Alex, a Parrot Who Had a Way With Words, Dies

9/8/07 Three deadly bird viruses now in Australia, scientists say

9/8/07 Sanctuary finds lead paint in Chinese-made bird cages

9/3/07 Endangered parrots seized from village

9/2/07 Boatswain’s adopts parrot

8/16/07 Rare birds in Mt. Pulag face extinction – experts

8/16/07 Preventing Extinctions

8/16/07 Campaign to Save World's Birds

8/13/07 A village that treats birds as guests

8/12/07 Bird Directive Has Helped 23 Threatened Species Recover

7/24/07 Mysterious parrot attacks guest

7/24/07 Great bustard egg is first since 1832

7/17/07 Bright bills fading away - Magpies in decline; West Nile virus might be culprit

7/13/07 Brightly Colored Birds Most Affected By Chernobyl Radiation

7/11/07 Man hopes for return of pet birds

7/10/07 'And no birds sing...'

7/2/07 Ancient American bird was glider

6/29/07 Rare parrot is back ... on desal site,20867,21986972-2702,00.html

6/23/07 Twitchers cry foul in case of the deceased parrot

6/18/07 Pet parrot spoils burglary

6/18/07 A father's pride and joy ... furry, feathered children

6/18/07 How a dirty bird turned into matchmaker

6/15/07 Record-small Hawaiian bird hatched in San Diego Zoo

6/13/07 Massive Birdlike Dinosaur Unearthed in China

6/13/07 HERE ‘N THERE: Rare birds fly into Terrace

6/13/07 The Brazilian parrot who sings in the shower

6/13/07 The parrot patch

6/12/07 Rare Himalayan birds bred in captivity

6/9/07 Large colony of endangered birds found on Lana'i

6/9/07 Analysis Reveals Startling Decline of America's Common Birds,119590.shtml

6/7/07 Birds of a Feather

6/6/07 San Francisco bans feeding the city's famed wild parrots

6/4/07 Charity Tells Bird Lovers not to Call Male Birds 'Cocks'

6/4/07 Birds with rhythm sing scary harmonies


6/1/07 Urban bird declines and the fear of cats

6/1/07 Huge Birds Ransack Utah Cabin

5/31/07 NC State Offers Workshop for Owners of Pet Birds

5/31/07 Parrots, war vets team up in L.A. healing program

5/30/07 Rare takahe birds moved from island to new home

5/30/07 Study shows hundreds of dead birds, bats at wind turbines,0,3816255.story?coll=ny-region-apnewyork

5/29/07 Polly wants you
Life gets pretty lonely inside a cage, so you may become the object of your bird’s affection.

5/23/07 Tropical Birds Have Slow Pace of Life Compared to Northern Species

5/22/07 College Bans Man With Service Bird

5/22/07 More birds than ever face extinction

5/20/07 Army post good home to endangered birds
Rare vireo, warbler thriving amid maneuvers for war

5/20/07 Feeding Parrots At Telegraph Hill Could Be Banned

5/19/07 Wild Parrots Tame the Concrete Jungle

5/19/07 Backyard Birds Disappearing

5/15/07 New Hummingbird Species Discovered

5/15/07 Behind the Scenes With the Z Birds

5/14/07 Birds Falling from the Skies Above Fla.

5/14/07 Netting Traps, Kills Birds At South Bay Train Station

5/14/07 Chicks' sex isn't just a matter of chance

5/13/07 Empty wetland 'starving birds'$1084428.htm

5/11/07 First came the baby cockatoo, then a parrot...

5/9/07 Be Kind to Birds this Summer: Keep Kitty Indoors

5/9/07 Growing parrot population is being heard

5/8/07 UN Says Global Warming is Confusing Birds and Whales,2144,2481970,00.html

5/5/07 Farm lures rare birds home to roost

5/5/07 Australian Aborigines look to birds for rain clue

5/4/07 Man appreciates feathered companions

5/3/07 New Vaccine Taking Wing to Rid Beak and Feather Disease in Companion Birds

4/29/07 Birds and bees are hit by phone waves

4/29/07 Millions of birds expected to fly over Louisiana

4/25/07 Next U.S. Species to go Extinct May be Two Hawaiian Birds
Global Warming Heightens Threat to Their Survival

4/25/07 Parrot Mia finds her way home . . . at long last

4/22/07 Festival celebrates Caribbean’s unique birds

4/21/07 Migratory birds poisoned by pesticides in south

4/21/07 Parrot teaches boy of 4 to talk,,2-2007180324,00.html

4/21/07 Boy learns parrot fashion

4/16/07 Where have the birds gone?

4/16/07 Study: Migratory birds not to blame for spread of avian flu

4/14/07 Millions of birds expected to fly over state

4/14/07 Polish artist/author provides a birds’ eye view of Napa County

4/14/07 Coalition is for the birds- Conservationists want to monitor eight state grassland species

4/12/07 Swan feeds zoo fish

4/12/07 T. Rex Related to Chickens

4/12/07 When do I get to feed the birds?
At Bird Park, 4-year-old Little Buddha's spirits lift only when he enters bird loft,4136,127326,00.html

4/12/07 Birds ruin fruit -- farmer shoots thousands

4/10/07 Cockatoo guarding chocolate eggs

4/10/07 Plastics kill masses of birds and mammals

4/10/07 Endangered birds fly to freedom in their homeland

4/8/07 Jazz musician's work is for the birds

4/6/07 Wild Parrots in Brooklyn

4/5/07 Migratory Birds Colliding With Buildings, Activists Want Dimmer Lobby Lights

4/4/07 Man and $2,000 Umbrella Cockatoo rescued from tall tree

4/4/07 A healing nest for birds

4/4/07 The wild parrots of Redlands

4/2/07 Despair takes wing for birdmen of Pollsmoor

4/2/07 Country's bounty of birds fantastic

3/30/07 Snakes & ladders: Tree-trimming reduces predation of rare parrots

3/30/07 Birds may block North Carolina airfield plan (yet ANOTHER stupid plan by our federal gov't! - comment by Gail)

3/29/07 Make way for baby birds
Construction crew gives right of way to nest

3/29/07 Parrot joins Opening Day

3/28/07 Clumsy Kiwi chick heads for island life

3/26/07 Fruit-eating birds at particular risk from Indonesian deforestation
Fig-eating specialists may be at a disadvantage

3/24/07 Endangered birds on offer in Nicaragua

3/24/07 NC Governor Opposes Navy Plan to Poison Protected Birds

3/23/07 Bringing new meaning to teacher's pet

3/22/07 Central Asia/Russia: Endangered Bird Making Comeback

3/20/07 Nuthatch Birds Learn to Understand Chickadee

3/15/07 Birds may get bearings from beak sensors

3/12/07 Lead poisoning blamed for birds' deaths

3/8/07 Rare birds released on island

3/8/07 Birds follow racoon-like coati to find food

3/8/07 Scientists find dinosaur genome in birds

3/6/07 S.F. supes look to protect parrot perch

3/6/07 Pet Insurance Is Also for the Birds and Exotics, According to Nation's Leading Pet Insurance Provider

3/6/07 Firefighters protect rare parrot habitat

3/6/07 Birds exhibit thuggish mafia-like behavior as nest enforcers

3/1/07 Rare birds panic as hunt hounds invade

3/1/07 Things went bad the day the big birds met the big dogs

2/27/07 Loquacious parrot swears his way into people's hearts

2/24/07 Drunken flock of birds imitates college students,0,7811538.column?coll=orl-news-col

2/23/07 Birds found to plan for the future

2/23/07 Tell it To The Birds

2/15/07 A fleeting find,23739,21232549-3102,00.html

2/15/07 S.F. considers wild parrot preserve

2/15/07 Bad news for one night parrot, good for species,20867,21234252-30417,00.html

2/13/07 A squawk on the wild side

2/13/07 Sick parrot becomes a lifesaver

2/13/07 Brookfield Zoo eggs on birds with `tunnel of love',1,4974996.story?coll=chi-newslocalnorthshore-hed


2/9/07 Hawaii's bird habitats most threatened

2/7/07 Group of Rare Vultures Found in Cambodia

2/5/07 One crane survived Florida storm that killed 17 others

1/30/07 The Loro Parque Foundation comments

1/30/07 Extinct parrot resurfaces in Aberdeen

1/23/07 Madagascar moves to protect unique birds

1/20/07 Parrot fascinated with kissing

1/20/07 Flautist learns it parrot-fashion

1/20/07 840,000 birds sighted in Chilika lake

1/20/07 Significant sighting of birds, butterflies in Athirappilly

1/18/07 Stranded birds get lift from plane ride

1/18/07 Parrot Talk More Clever Than Thought

1/18/07 Exciting delivery in Loro Parque

1/16/07 Large birds vanishing from West African Sahel

1/13/07 Rare native parrot seen on Maungatautari

1/11/07 EU to ban imports of wild birds

1/10/07 Ferrets threaten Chatham's rare birds

1/10/07 Size Does Matter: Birds With Bigger Brains Live Longer,2933,242833,00.htm

1/9/07 Mystery as thousands of birds fall from sky,20867,21036489-30417,00.html

1/8/07 Whooping Cranes Rebounding in Texas

1/6/07 Parrot's oratory stuns scientists

1/6/07 There’s no water this winter in Bharatpur so no birds have landed

1/6/07 Orissa's Chilika lake attracting lesser migratory birds due to falling water levels

1/6/07 Wacky weather throws birds and bees off balance

1/5/07 Native birds winning the battle of city skies,23599,21016852-2,00.html

1/5/07 The last speaker of the Atures language was a parrot

1/1/07 Are there any poisonous birds?

12/30/06 Wild parrots invade Pomona Valley

12/26/06 Birds return to perch after Edison removes nest

12/26/06 Birds of a feather
Amazon parrots eke out a living in Palm Beach's Pine Walk

12/11/06 Fiorito: Team effort saves Christmas

12/9/06 Scientists Identify Part Of Hummingbird's Tiny Bird Brain That Helps It Hover

11/28/06 Pet parrot receives lifesaving oxygen after house fire

11/28/06 Cell, TV towers pose risk for birds,0,1089929.story?coll=la-home-headlines

11/23/06 Please help me find my pet parrot Ollie!

11/20/06 Scientists hopeful endangered parrot species survived WA blaze

11/16/06 Painstaking Research Brings Extinct Birds to Life

11/14/06 Birds face extinction, says WWF,23739,20757670-953,00.html

11/11/06 Doubters peck at 'new parrot' claim,7034,20737070%255E421,00.html

11/9/06 'Parrot' of the Caribbean,23663,20733516-10388,00.html

11/8/06 New parrot species found in Queensland

11/6/06 Birds have brilliant brains, say experts,+say+experts/

11/6/06 Sex talk going to the birds

10/31/06 Crows share tricks of the trade

10/26/06 Cuban Parrot Protected in Biosphere Reserve

10/21/06 Escondido barber, his parrot have been cutting up for more than decade

10/20/06 Ozzie's whistle-stop tour has town in a flap

10/16/06 Lost parrot sings for joy at reunion

10/16/06 Environmental Protection Case Dismissed, Rare Birds Endangered Under Prop. 64

10/16/06 Climate quirk kills thousands of birds off Vancouver Island

10/14/06 Runaway Parrot Turns Up Hundreds of Miles Away

10/13/06 Bird survives 9/11 chaos, at home in Mantua Township

10/12/06 Attack of the giant birds!

10/10/06 Britain's nest egg of endangered birds,,3-2398259,00.html

10/9/06 Striking new bird discovered in South America

10/7/06 Sadie the parrot, at your service

10/7/06 Mystery disease kills parrot nestlings

10/5/06 Sanctuary no more?: Rare birds may be removed from aging Tracy Aviary

10/4/06 New stamps celebrate Cayman’s birds

10/2/06 Monk parakeets gain legal protection

9/29/06 Recovery plan for 21 Hawai`i forest birds released

9/27/06 J-Bird, the adventuring parrot, back safe at home

9/26/06 Researchers see rare woodpecker in Fla.

9/25/06 Eggs sired by ugly male birds are studied

9/21/06 It's man versus parrot in seed-cracking contest

9/20/06 Large flock of parrot-like dinosaurs uncovered

9/14/06 New Indian bird species “too rare to collect”

9/12/06 'New rare bird' spotted in India

9/6/06 Study: City Birds Handle Stress Better Than Country Cousins,2933,212617,00.html

8/28/06 Move to save Pacific birds

8/28/06 Saved from extinction: conservationists hail recovery of 16 threatened bird species

8/28/06 Minister announces $3m to protect parrot

8/23/06 Rare parrot bred in Qatar

8/17/06 How music helped soothe the savage parrot

8/11/06 IV International Parrot Convention

8/9/06 Parrot that talked up a storm

8/9/06 Tags record epic bird migration

8/8/06 Feral cats wreaking havoc on NZ birds

8/3/06 Parrot waiting for owner

7/18/06 Parrot tunes in to PBS after making great escape

7/5/06 Birds disappearing faster than thought

6/19/06 New hope for Madgascar's rare birds

6/15/06 Ancestor of modern birds believed found

6/10/06 Crows Have Human-Like Intelligence, Author Says

6/10/06 Birds of Fiji face danger

6/7/06 Birds of the world under increasing threat

6/6/06 Sikkim sets up centre for birds

6/6/06 Birds find a good life in the big-box stores,0,4290878.story?

6/5/06 Hospital's birds make learning a hoot

6/2/06 Cancer survivor turns to birds

6/2/06 Cape Parrot starting to thrive again in SA

5/26/06 UK migratory birds suffer massive decline

5/26/06 Pet owner gets her cockatoo back

5/17/06 As plane flies, so does parrot, in cabin

5/10/06 "Sebastiana," Custom House parrot, dies

5/8/06 Poor early diet leads to early death

5/1/06 CDC Says Bird Flu Not Serious Threat to Humans

4/27/06 Goose Befriends Elderly Man With Cancer

4/27/06 Parrot Serves Time In Prison During Custody Case

4/27/06 Songbirds May Be Able to Learn Grammar

4/17/06 Bird project set for launch

4/11/06 Campaign for palms and parrots

4/11/06 Pet parrot becomes a much-appreciated pal

4/11/06 Avian flu giving birds a bad name: conservationists

4/9/06 Smart-mouth parrot gives couple chuckles,2845,MCA_25340_4605936,00.html

4/6/06 Pollie's parrot reveals greens' soft underbelly,20867,18735261-5001641,00.html

4/7/06 New species of parrot, mouse found in Philippine island

4/6/06 2 new species -- parrot, mouse -- found in Camiguin

4/6/06 Talking Parrot in Russian Moonshine Drama

4/6/06 Discovered: new species of parrot and mouse

3/27/06 Parrot saves deaf man from fire

3/21/06 Attractive birds more immune to bird flu

3/10/06 Rare birds and animals return to Trung My forest

3/10/06 Going to the birds on a Big Island daytrip

3/6/06 Parrots' behaviors mirror human mental disorders

2/27/06 Kiwi Hatches at National Zoo

2/14/06 Left hand, right hand, Superb Parrot

2/12/06 Overseas help for endangered parrot

2/11/06 Parrot Reserve expands to protect habitat

1/17/06 Steelers Spirit: Estella The Parrot Speaks

1/17/06 Kakapo expert scours Fiordland for surviving birds

1/17/06 Mouthy parrot "reveals sex secret"

1/14/06 Truce near in parrot war
Bird lovers, landlord close to agreement to spare aging roost trees on Telegraph Hill

1/12/06 Parrots Aren't Parroting Bad Behavior

1/8/06 It's a matter of feathered fate
A cockatiel flies 70 miles only to bump into her owner

12/3/05 Fossil discovery supports theory that birds are living dinosaurs

11/30/05 The parrot flap (sequel to 11/19/05 link below)

11/26/05 Foul-mouthed parrot gets shore leave

11/25/05 Parrot piece secures Newcastle Poetry Prize

11/25/05 Parrot Calls Out Husband's Mistress' Name

11/22/05 Parrot allowed in but will be watched like a hawk

11/21/05 Billionaire's yacht may be banned from NZ - because of parrot,2106,3487256a11,00.html

11/19/05 Owner raises a squawk over lost parrot

10/12/05 Pet Budgie Is No Bird Brain

10/2/05 Crows’ best friend- couple’s African Grey parrot is a ‘real cut-up’

10/2/05 Mickey provides laughs and stories

9/6/05 Parrot saves family... dies as house burns down

8/5/05 Logging blunder clears rare parrot nest (what a disgrace!)

8/4/05 Birds that sing with their wings

7/29/05 New hope for Great Green Macaw

7/29/05 Orchardists in a flap as pesky parrot strips trees of fruit

7/28/05 Jungle Dancers- (watch the video-hilarious!)

7/27/05 Centerville resident helps save macaws (effort pays off in Trinidad)

7/21/05 Why parrot moms get to wear bright colors

7/19/05 Birds be gettin’ down with ringtones

7/14/05 Parrots persist in Port Orchard, despite nest demolition

7/14/05 Study: Chickens Think About Future

7/14/05 Study: Parrots Name Each Other

7/11/05 Barbershop's bird is a real people parrot

7/6/05 Researchers explore whether parrot has concept of zero

6/25/05 Parrot's freedom flight lands in sticky situation

6/13/05 The Case of the Psychiatric Parrot

6/4/05 T. Rex Specimen's Leg Bones Show Gender, Link to Birds,1,2237810.story?

6/4/05 Mayor hires parrot to answer 'undesirable questions'

5/5/05 Feathered Dinosaur Found in Utah
Strange Creature Represents Transition From Meat to Plant Eater

5/4/05 Photo in the News: African Plant Grows Perch for Birds

4/28/05 Experts: Woodpecker feared extinct found
Ivory-billed woodpecker last confirmed 60 years ago (WOW!)

4/28/05 Lawyer one with toucans

4/27/05 Rare parrot receives special care

4/20/05 Scientists "rediscover" rare Angolan birds

4/13/05 Taller cell tower planned _ but parrots must go first

3/28/05 Breeding success for rare kakapo (great photos!)

3/24/05 Daily shower makes for a happy parrot

3/24/05 Easter eggs for world's largest parrot

3/19/05 Palm Sunday pact for parrot,,2-13-1443_1678928,00.html

3/17/05 Massey vets farewell Pearl (Kakapo),2106,3220331a6003,00.html

3/16/05 Efforts to save threatened parrot paying off

3/2/05 New species of parrot described! Parrot that eluded ornithologists for a century

2/20/05 Birds give writer something to crow about in dead of winter

2/20/05 Corella capers

2/17/05 Parrot nesting under way

2/16/05 Endangered birds to be released on Kauai

2/16/05 Baby Talk is for the Birds

2/16/05 ASU researchers finds novel chemistry at work to provide parrot’s vibrant red colors

2/15/05 He's unlocking the DNA secrets of birds

2/14/05 Valentine's date for 'love birds'

2/14/05 Sniffing out a lethal link between birds, beetles
S.F. researcher tracks poison over 9,500 miles

2/11/05 Drunken birds die en masse

2/11/05 Go out and count for the birds

2/9/05 The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, documentary film

2/7/05 Wildlife Authority Registers Parrots

1/28/05 The Parrot In The Bathroom

1/21/05 Baby birds in winter sound climate change warning

1/4/05 Report reveals birds' lengthy lives,3604,1382774,00.html

1/3/05 When animals and birds sensed tsunami

12/14/04 Bird warning: 10 percent extinct by 2100!

12/9/04 Crows as Clever as Great Apes, Study Says

12/9/04 Lost pet African Grey Parrot pining for "Ray"

11/9/04 historians wonder if DNA can save Carolina Parrakeet

11/8/04 lovebirds raise baby rat! I've heard it all now!,5583,2-1343-1348_1615648,00.html

11/7/04 Bird researchers hopeful about parrot release

11/4/04 man recovers lost African Grey:

11/3/04 Please be careful taking your pet birds to public places- SAD STORY!

11/3/04 another Teflon tragedy!

10/15/04 dinosaurs slept like birds:

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