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(updated 8/13/08)

We are often asked for letters of recommendation from people who have purchased our baby birds. Below please find a few of the e-mails we have received from our customers. We wish to thank everyone who has written to us after receiving our babies! We love the updates. It makes my day to hear that one of our babies has a wonderful home and that the bird has brought joy into the life of its new owner.
8/5/08 The baby pionus (Bronze-Winged Pionus) arrived safe and sound. He adapted to his new cage as soon as he was placed in it. Almost immediately he ate some fruit and nuts. He looks to be an outstanding specimen. Many, many thanks.
8/5/08 Pogo
(Hahn's Macaw) arrived happy and health at SMF at 10:40am. He settled right in, ate, drank and proceeded to explore his cage and play with his toys. He's a sweet little thing! Thanks so much!

6/2/08 He has arrived and is doing just fine he just want out of the crate so bad. Sorry it took so long to email you that he has arrived save and sound. He is such a sweet bird and every one loves him and he even went to everyone. will send you pictures soon.
2/17/08 Gail, I just wanted to thank you so much for the new little bundle joy you have sent me. Zoey
(Timneh African Grey) is so much fun. When I first had picked him up from the airport, he was making all kinds of baby bird noises and peeking threw the screen on his cage. When I got home he jumped into his new cage without a problem at all. : ) That next morning he was climbing all over the cage making birdy babbles and trying to get out. I proceeded to let him out and right away he wanted to play with me! He learned to step up in about five minutes! He still makes little growling sounds when I try to pet his back. I think he probably just needs more time. Well thanks a lot for a great little addition to our family!

1/25/08 Everything is great here. Pippin (Meyer's Parrot) is a blast! He is doing well and breaking us in nicely. He is such a joy and friend. I wanted to thank you again for sending him to us
1/24/08 I just wanted to give you a little update. The baby
(Hahn's Macaw) seems to be doing fine. She ate a little and drank alot of water. She's comfortable in her cage and is playing with her toys already. I let the two of them out together for awhile and they seem to get along fine. She's a really outgoing little girl. My boy(Indy) was a little overwhelmed by her, because she made herself at home right away. By the end of the evening she was perching on my finger and eating out of my hand, so I think all will be fine! She is a very sweet little girl! Thank you so much for everything!!! I'll call you and let you know how she's doing.
1/2/08 I wanted to let you know Jack
(Ducorp's Cockatoo) is a WONDERFUL baby bird. He plays all the time, is loving and sweet with everyone, throws his seeds and parrot food all over the place, can go through a new toy in one day, and we love him very much.
We just can't get him to take a bath! I have tried to let him shower with me. He has a nice bathing bowl on top of his cage with about 1/2 inch of water in it.
I have sprayed him and he hates it. I have tried the kitchen sink, the sprayer on the kitchen sink and he will not bathe! I know you have lots of experience.
Do you have any ideas? Thanks for any advice you can offer and for raising a wonderful bird.

12/4/07 I just wanted to let you know that I got my baby
Goffin Cockatoo this past week. My daughter, who lives in LA, just happened to be in Omaha and picked her up from the airport and brought her to me. We joked about my two girls from LA coming to town. She "Coconut" was absolutely precious and and just excited to get out of her crate! She has been eating good and likes a wide variety of foods. It has opened my horizons, I ate kale! Didn't even know what it was before.
She is extremely smart too. When I say "kiss" and make kiss noises, she comes from the other end of the cage to kiss. She jumps from branch to branch and looks for us to say "WOW!" She repeats this over and over. With my husband, the minute she sees him, she acts like a giddy school girl in love. She looks into his eyes and puffs her feathers up and sways back and forth, cooing non-stop. As you can tell, we have become mutually, extremely attached.
I would just like to thank you and your wonderful staff for your excellent care you provided to our baby Coconut. The more I reseach, the more I realize how lucky we were to have found Aves International.
Our prayers are with you and your family. Thanks again, and we will keep you posted on her latest endeavors,

11/14/07 Gail, I can't tell you how thrilled I am with Bailey (Magna Double Yellow-Headed Amazon). He is so beautiful and such a baby. He is eating and playing with all of his toys. He really enjoys eating apples. I just love watching him and his feathers are so soft when I scratch his head. I realize he is probably in a state of shock being at my place when he has had the security of you and your staff but we are doing just fine. I just love him already.
Thank you again for everything.

8/10/07 He (Goffin Cockatoo) is letting us rub him and came out of the cage for the first time yesterday on my finger. He has a really good appetite. I was just wondering when we might receive the paperwork and the photos? If you would like to see some pictures of Bud I will email them to you this weekend, as soon as I take them off the camera. Bud was the best decision that we have ever made. He's a great bird.

8/12/07 Sweatpea (Hahn’s Macaw) is so wonderful, thanks to you and your staff for raising such a loving companion! She's got a great appetite, especially for apples and green (her favorite color) zupreem pellets. She loves my sun conure, Hoagie, and he's slowly getting use to another woman in his life besides mom.

7/07 Cherokee, the Hahn’s Macaw is awesome. He just turned one year old this month. He is so smart!! I taught him to say PEEK-A-BOO in one day. Now you can hide him behind a door or curtain & pop him out & he will say Peek-a-boo to whoever he sees. He is a charmer!! He can say: Kiss-Kiss, thank you, yummy, Hello, how are you, I love you & quite a few more words. He is one smart little guy! He loves laying on his back & getting his toes kissed & belly rubbed.

Autumn the yellow sided green cheek conure is so sweet. She absolutely adores Cherokee. They are always together preening each other or just cuddling. Autumn is a little over 7 months now & she says; hello, up, mama, & is trying to say peek-a-boo. She is so precious. Thank you so much for these beautiful little babies. They have enriched our lives in so many ways. I will send pictures soon.

3/19/07 Thank you for following up on the event of the month "Arrival of the Cockatiel". You were right... it is a beautiful bird and it is now living in its new home. As expected, the first day it was a bit scared and disoriented. But it is starting to be playful (no singing yet), guess that is because it feels safe. I noticed it does not eat much of its "normal" seed food. Instead, it seems to like a bird treat (seeds coated in some sweet stuff) that I got. It eats a lot of that. I also noticed it drinks very little water.
I am back in Tampa and will be back in LA around third week of May for the birthday of the second grand daughter. Speaking of grand daughters they are so excited about the bird. They spend almost the whole day sitting by its cage. They also want to tell you personally how happy they are. So, below you will find few words from each one of them. Natalie is the oldest she just turned seven and Stephanie is the younger and will turn six in May.
Thanks again for all your help...........We keep David in our prayers.........
From Natalie:
Hi: I love the bird. I am looking for a name for it. it is very funny. I am now 7 years old and I want to thank you for helping Grandpa get me the bird.
he bird has started to eat from my hand and make lots of noise. and it bit my finger but it did not hurt. Love Natalie.
From Stephanie
Gail, I like you. You are nice. I am Natalie's sister and my name is Stephanie. I love the bird too. Love Stephanie

2/27/07 Great first day. She ate some corn and sweet potato and some seeds. Droppings were good this morning. Slept well on one foot.
She loves having her
(Ducorp's Cockatoo) head stritched and I held her for about 20 minutes yesterday evening and she seemed content.
My wife is very taken with her as well (if she is a she!). Thanks again for raising a very cute cockatoo!

2/9/07 I purchased an adorable little yellow thighed Caique from you almost three years ago. He is a complete joy to me, and while I know that
Caique's don't usually talk very much, this little guy talks in sentences. He is absolutely adorable and I dearly love and enjoy him.
Thank you for such a healthy and happy little guy.

2/6/07 Here are a couple of photos of Bozo, the Sun conure purchased from you folks in May, 2005. The "baby" photo was taken on her first day
with us, the other several months later. She is even prettier now, and has become a focal point in our family.

1/17/07 Cherokee, (the Hahns macaw) is so awesome. He is just a little angel. He is already talking. He says; mama, hello, up & a whole bunch of mumbles. He lays on us & plays. He lies on his back, to get tickles. We are so impressed with him talking at 6 ½ months. I am sprouting with no problem whatsoever. All my birds eat the sprouts with veggies now. I can tell a huge difference in the ones I switched to the same diet. They are much more vivid in coloration & the feathers are in much better condition. Thank you so much,

1/17/07 just wanted you to know that the cutest little baby is doing real good. He is so friendly and cute. He is eating and drinking and loves to me held. Thank you for a beautiful baby
noble (Macaw).

11/24/06 My new baby Timneh (African Grey), 'Rocky', is doing great so far. After a day of rest and recuperation, Rocky has already mastered step up and down commands and is settling in with his new family. Rocky is eating and drinking in a normal fashion. Thanks again for your wonderful service.

11/6/06 Hi Gail, our new baby
(Yellow-Thighed Caique) is doing wonderful, we named him Buddy, a name my son came up with. He is eating well and is getting adjusted to his new home. I do have a question, I noticed that he loves all the fresh veggies and fruit but it is hard to get him to eat the Avian Fresh Diet (sprouted), what is your suggestion on getting our baby to eat more of the AFD? He loves corn, apples and grapes mostly. Other that getting him used to eatting the AFD, he is all that we have hoped for and we are very happy.
11/5/06 Just a quick note from Indianapolis, IN home of the California
Panama Amazon, Maui. He is 5 1/2 now and what a delightful bird he is. Words cannot express how much joy he brings to our home. He talks a blue streak and loves to play both by himself and with us.
He is such a busy boy!!

10/24/06 Gail, Thank you so very, very much for this magnificent baby (Hahn's Macaw). I love him already. My family is in awe, we knew he would be beautiful; however he is so much more. I didn’t sign anything saying I received him, so I thought I would send this acknowledging I have indeed received him. Your husband was so gracious about us being 30 minutes late. Please thank him again for us & we will keep you & your family in our prayers.
We will be getting a Rose Breasted Cockatoo in the future. Right now I want to enjoy this little beauty. However when the time comes, I will be reserving from you. Thank you & bless you.

10/19/06 Morning Gail: Just wanted to let you know that the (Hahn's) macaw is here safe and sound. He is currently exploring his new cage and toys,
but looks to be getting a little sleepy. He is absolutely beautiful!
10/19/06 Hi Gail!! After flight cancellations from Atlanta, my baby
(Yellow-Naped Amazon) arrived 4 hours later than scheduled. Let me tell you, this baby is so beautiful!! He's very curious about his new home. He's enjoying "sight seeing" right now! He has eaten peanuts and bananas and has drank plenty of water. He is sooooo sweet....so loving!!! Thanks for such a wonderful addition to our family!!

9/24/06 Hi I hope you remember me. I bought a jardine parrot from you over a year or more ago! Much more. I cant remember whether I had him/her sexed. I thought I did but I don’t remember what it was. I have a broken arm now so I’m lazy about my typing not to mention being terrible anyway. I never emailed, called or wrote how wonderful the bird is.. Sooooooo here goes. This bird is terrific. We all love him (her). He goes to everyone and is a true character. He talks ,plays and is too brave. Bravery is a fault because I have many animals. He does only as he pleases and only bites when he doesn’t get his own way. These birds should be on the top of the list in popularity. Thank you thank you.I hope all is well with your birds stuff!!!!! I could go on and on but it is difficult with my arm..If you can look up what sex verdito is let me know. In the meantime I cant imagine buying a bird from anyone else.
9/1/06 We did receive our bird (Rose-Breasted Cockatoo) today! He is absolutely beautiful, we took him to his new cage at home just how you indicated me on your email, and he did prefer to stay inside his box for a while, we left the house and he was just looking around, but in the way home he was doing some noises and he look very friendly. We are just so happy; United Airlines was very responsible they called around 9:00 am to let me know that they were ready for us to pick up the bird, but we were just outside waiting for them, they have 2 hours recuperation time,
THANK YOU VERY MUCH, we’ll take care of him very well.
9/1/06 Our new bird 'Tini (Martini)
(Maximillian Pionus) arrived fine this morning safe and sound. My wife had no problem getting her. She was a bit hesitant to come out of her crate, but wasn't aggressive as she let Kristina pet her. She was just content eating her corn in there. Kristina used a perch to get her out of her crate and now she is in her cage eating happily and playing with her toys. Thanks so much for everything, she is really great!
We will send some pics when we get settled into our new home. Thanks again.

3/22/06 Just wanted to say Hi, today is Bailey's Third Birthday! He is still the sweetest little Yellow Thigh Caique I could ever hope to have. I put a set of Chimes in Bailey's window and when ever I open his curtains or close them the chimes sound off and I say, Pretty! When we look out the window together I hold him up to the chimes and say, Pretty! and ask him if he wants to ring the chimes. Sometimes he picks his foot up and hits the part that hangs down and rings the chimes and I say Pretty! and praise him. I am hoping to teach him to say the word Pretty and ring the chimes at the same time. Maybe by his 4Th Birthday I can tell you we have it down.
I have to say he is the best all around Parrot. Always willing to come out and say Hi and interact or content with just playing with all his toys in his cage when I am busy. I love to sneak peeks at ! him playing like a crazy bird and talking up a storm all the little words he knows. What a dear creature to share my life with. I want to Thank You again for doing what you do and making it possible for Bailey to be here with me. A dream come true!
Wishing you, your family and staff ( and crew-feathered and 4 legged ones) all the best.
3/14/06 I bought my sweet
Blue Front (specially colored Chaco) 1 3/4 years ago. She is fabulous.
I love her dearly. She has now figured out how to remove all the door locks to her cage so she
can let herself out to come find me.

I wanted to let you know, I have been updating myself on Dave's progress and want to say I'm thinking of you both & wishing you the best recovery!

3/14/06 I was sorry to read on your site that your husband has had complications. I hope he experiences a good and speedy recovery.
My mother is overjoyed with her
Bronze Winged Pionus baby, Browny. She loves him dearly.
He has become quite a talker and is an incredibly cute bird. Browny has brought her a lot of joy and everyone thinks he is a treasure. And so thanks to you for all the joy you've brought to
many people with your delightful baby birds.

2/14/06 I was looking up our website to send you a hatch day thank you. I was shocked to see what has shaken your family. I do see that thinks are going better than anticipated. Please know that you have my prayers for healing, stength, and guidence for the DRs.
As for my thank you, Nani is 2 years old now. It is hard to believe. She is doing great. Still turns her beak up at our sprouts, but I keep trying new ones and give them too her when she is hungry. It works for both my children and the bird. :-) I have found my
meyers parrot to be a great part of our family. She still sleeps in the childrens room. She is very affectionate. Nani now tells us she wants something to eat by saying "yummy yummy". This is particular great when she has plent of food in her cage, but sees us eating something she wants. She used to give a little meyers call for food, now she uses our terms.
We are working on two other good ones, water and bye bye. Nani really likes her water changed often. I am not talking once a day, I am talking several times a day. The more the beter. If she gets anything in it she will start trying to get me to change it. :-) I have been telling her water each time I am near her cage and with her water. Byebye is a litte harder as she is working on saying it as she waves with her left claw. So cute! We have also heard she murmering under her breath at other times. We are not really sure what she is saying, but she is most certainly
working up to something or maybe a few things.
Our biggest surprise is that Nani LOVES my husband. I am not talking about birdy mate love, but I am talking about her favorite person. He comes home and she gets so excited. SHe calls and and calls, trying to get him to come over. Once he gets near her, she starts chattering to
him. I think it is really cute, even though I am a little jealous. My husband, I think secretly he loves it, but outwardly he trys too look a little annoyed and talks sweetly to her anyway.
thank you again for this great gift!

1/27/06 I wanted to give you an update on Buford (my birds name, Timneh African Grey). I am assuming it is a male because he adores me and my daughter but does not have much to do with my son or husband. I'm sure it has a lot to do with the fact that they are afraid of him and he knows it. He is so wonderful! He sits at the top of the shower stall every morning while I get ready for work and makes all kinds of new noises. He is trying to say hello, Buford and pretty bird but only has the tone down right now. He loves hanging out with me and gets so excited when I come home from work. What a personality. Thank you again for everything!
I couldn't ask for a better bird.

1/22/06 We have been following Dave's bout with melanoma, I think he looks great without hair! We will keep him (and you) in our thoughts. Our Lilly bird (Rose Breasted Cockatoo) continues to prosper. She will be 3 in March. Lilly LOVES 12 year old Sarah more then anything in the world, that is the way it was supposed to be. Sarah is a very good Mom. In the morning Lilly calls for her repeatedly until she shows her face. She doesn't pronounce Sarah very well but we all know that word. She has many other words she can say clearly, and uses them apporiately. She is very smart! When the dogs bark too much she says, "No Bark." She does not know the word "no" like many birds I've meet. She is very sweet and we don't have to say no to her, well, rarely. If anything she nods her head yes and dances. Thank you for our enjoyable pet.

1/11/06 It has now been a month since we picked up the bird (Magna Double Yellow-Headed Amazon). We have named her Yashim, a Turkish name meaning Jade. Yashim is doing well eating everything we put in front of her. I believe she will be a good talker as she already says a few words. To my wife’s relief, Yashim has really bonded to her. She can hold her and touch her on just about any part of her body. Yashim had her first shower last weekend with my wife. Overall, the parrot has adjusted really well to our home. Best wishes to you and your husband!
1/7/06 I just wanted to let you know the moluccan (Cockatoo) pair is doing great. The famale loves to show off, while the male likes to stand tall and "guard" the home. They are absolutely beautiful and everything I could have expected .

12/29/05 Want to give you an update on the vosmaeri (Eclectus) baby I received from Adon on Friday. Her name is Rubi and she is very sweet, gentle, curious, smart, and adventurous. She loves exploring the entire cage and spends all her time in the upper 3/4. I have been making sure she is eating every day and today-monday is the first day she is eating from her favorite bowl by herself. She just loves yam- but I she also loves corn and spinach and a variety from the mix you sent. I'm trying to get her to eat more fruit-papaya, grapes, oranges, banana...she's not really loving it yet - but she will figure it out. She is very smart and already steps up and steps down from my hand. She has lots of energy and is already playing with toys.

Thank you for taking great care of her - she is a great, beautiful bird. She is very loved. I hope your husband is doing better and you have the chance to share some nice time together during this holiday season. Stay strong - you are awesome for holding everything together. Keep up the great work. I am sorry I never got the chance to meet you- I was looking forward to it- but appreciate you arranging for me to pick up Rubi sooner than later. Thank you. I want to wish you and your entire family all the best in 2006 and beyond. And even though I never met you I can see from afar that you are an incredible person. Rubi sends her love to both of you and your staff that helped take care of her.

12/17/05 The bird (Magna Double Yellow-Headed Amazon) spent her first full day with us yesterday exploring the cage, calling us when we were not in the room, and eating almost everything offered to her. I also got her out of the cage by stepping onto a stick. She is still a little hard on the hand with the beak pressure though that should disappear with time. This morning, she went directly to the food bowl hanging in the cage once it was provided. Right now, I give her a sprout, pellet, yam, and seed mix. I give her fresh produce pieces in another bowl.
I will give you another update after the holidays unless something comes up. Thank you again for raising such a delightful bird. Happy Holidays to you, your husband, and family!
10/29/05 Thank you so very much!!! We were hoping it was a female
(Maximillian Pionus), since my son has already named her "Lilo"...!!!! I have purchased a sprouting kit from the China Prairie Company, so we should be well on our way to providing a good nutritional base for her (thanks for the recommendaton). Thank you again so very, very much for this Pionus, Ms. Worth! She is such a sweet, loving bird and loves to snuggle! What a wonderful addition to our family!
Best wishes to you and your family.

9/15/05 I purchased an unrelated pair of
vos maeri eclectus from you. They are completely healthy & doing great, so there are no worries there. I wanted to let you know that these two birdies are the greatest ever, and I thank you so much! And when I getmore time I will send
some pictures of them, and their 8 week old baby boy!

9/8/05 The
jardine arrived in good health and spirit, she is really beautifull. We named her Peekebo. She is eating her first carrot in the picture. My other bird, a Meyers is very excited
about his new friend.

9/7/05 Jake
(Maximillian Pionus) is doing very well....and he is eating well. It took some time, but he has warmed up to me. I do have one question. I have read a lot in regards what to feed a Pionus, but nothing with regards to how much. How much should I be feeding him per day?
Lastly - thank you for a beautiful bird. I too own a D70 and plan on taking lots of pictures.
I will keep you updated.

9/6/05 My family & I would like to thank you for the beautiful
Goffin (Cockatoo) that you
selected for us. She is very sweet & she loves to be around us.
8/22/05 I wanted to update you on our
Orange-Bellied Senegal we received back in May. Yoda is such a joy to our family and we love him so. He said his first word yesterday( first clear word anyway), it was hello. Before that he learned the wolf whitsle and kinda would say step-up when he'll get on my finger. We are working on new words after we get this one down well. Thanks so much for this wonderful family member.

8/17/05 She
(Orange-Bellied Senegal) is just precious. Jibber-jabbered all the way from the airport. She nibbled a little on the "sprouts" you recommended, and seems to be adjusting just fine. I will be sure to watch her eating habits closely. Keep you posted!
8/17/05 My baby
(Yellow-Naped Amazon) arrived safe and sound and she is settling in very well. She finally ate dinner. I was worried at first because she didn't try to eat or drink when I offered some food and water when we arrived home around 2:00 PM today. I figured she had a long trip and might be thirsty or hungry but she didn't touch her food. At dinner, I brought my plate of food and ate in front of her cage. She slowly came towards me and watched me eat. I slowly opened the cage door and allowed her to come out. I offered some food again and she finally accepted it. She loved peanuts and rice. Actually, she wanted some chicken too and attempted to steal the chicken bone on the side of my plate. I let her climb on top of the cage and she stayed there for awhile. Although she couldn't keep her eyes open, she tried not to fall asleep. I finally put her to sleep around 8:00.
I am really surprised that she seems to be well behaved than I expected. She did not squawk or made loud noises as I expected. She did not bite me nor bite my fingers when I was feeding her. She did try to nibble on my long finger nails but she was very careful when taking food from my hand. I am pleased with my baby's behavior. It shows that you and your staff spend a lot of time with your birds in your farm.

8/17/05 Just a little email to thank you for the
Senegal Parrot (which I have now named "Pepe") - a very beautiful little bird, which I picked up today from Adan and his wife. (A very nice couple.)

8/16/05 Buster
(Ducorp's Cockatoo) is doing unbelievably well. He says "hello" all-the-time. He is now working on "I love you". He now spends a lot of time on the couch with us and he does that
whiney-cry thing when he wants to be pet. So, I'm trying to work on that (not petting him when he starts the whine/cry). It's cute because one minute he's bouncing around saying hello and being a real "buster", then the next minute is a fluffly little white ball with his mouth open and moving slowly from side-to-side whining.
Just so you know, we had to go to New York for two days on business last week. We had our favorite dog-sitter (and a bird owner/parent) come 3 times a day. I don't mind telling you I was really, really nervous to leave Buster. We came back and he was GREAT! In fact, he had LIPSTICK on him! Apparently, he cozied up to the sitter so much (a retired sr citizen)
that she got lipstick on him! She's learned not to wear her lipstick around Buster anymore. Anyway, he's obviously adapting well. Anybody that comes in the house gets the "hello" and
he's ready to step-up and greet them. He's great and we love him.
Oh, and showers are hilarious now!

8/7/05 Thank you again for Timmy
(Congo African Grey), he is soooooooo beautiful!
He is happy and already munching on food and playing with his toys. Even in the car, when
we drove home, he was so calm, and keep peeking at me from his kennel, that was so cute!
By the time we got home he was already preening his feathers, like no big deal, I’m just going home…..little field trip. Right now he’s asleep and I needed to let you know how he was doing
and that I can't thank you enough!

8/7/05 My baby
(Bronze-Winged Pionus) is doing real well. He is now eating enthusiastically and is getting used to my handling him. He likes to be out on a little playgym. He has a very nice personality and needless to say is very cute. He will be going up to Napa to be with my mother the first week of September. She is real excited about it. Thanks for everything.

8/2/05 Just wanted to let you know that we received the papers and photos in the mail today, thank you very much. We have not named him
(Goffin Cockatoo) yet because we do not know if it is a girl or a boy yet. Today he was a totally different bird. Instead of trying to fly away from us and hide we couldn't get him to leave us alone. When my daughter went to put our eclectus in her cage the goffin ran behind her and then climbed on her feet and waited for her to pick him up. As soon as we open his cage he puts his head down so we can scratch it and he is now stepping up. I love this bird. Please let us know when you find out the sex so we can name this sweet adorable bird. Thanks for everything

7/31/05 Thank you for everything with my bird
(Solomon Island Eclectus). She is beautiful and is adapting well so far. Thanks for all your help and advice. I am sure that she will be fun to have around our family.
7/29/05 I picked up my
Panama Amazon this afternoon at SFO, all went well. He was a little hesitant to come out of the crate but you could tell he wanted out of that box. He settled into his cage within 5 minutes, chewing on his toys already. He's so much bigger and heavier than my Hahn's LOL something I have to get used to and a bigger beak too. He's such a sweet bird, not scared of me at all. Thank you so much and please thank all your staff for taking such good care of the birds.
7/29/05 Baby Eclectus
(Solomon Island Eclectus) arrived safe and sound this morning...she is doing great! She is so sweet and just beautiful. Just wanted to let you know. She is very SWEET and has allowed me to hold her and stroke her face and generally “love her up”. You have done a wonderful job with her, she is not at all nippy. We’re working on “Up” and “Down” because she’s a little unsteady on my finger.
7/29/05 We picked up our little baby this morning and he/she is so beautiful. He's a little scared but not nippy, and he stayed on my daughters chest snuggled uder her chin while I got the cage ready. He didn't eat before I left but I will check on him after work before I go to the party. I'll let you know how everything goes in the next couple of days. Thank you so much for this beautiful sweet
goffin cockatoo.
7/23/05 We've named him Buster
(Ducorp's Cockatoo) after Buster Keaton, the silent film star. Mostly because Buster the bird makes us laugh without being saying anything (just like Buster Keaton). He took his first shower today... I was SHOCKED. I took him in to the shower and the minute the water went on he clammered all over me to get to the water. I was worried the drops were going to be too strong... but, as you can see in the pictures on the website... he
was content to sit under the water. He's amazing. We love him very, very much.
7/22/05 Just got your e-mail today and wanted to let you know that our new baby, Paco
(Hahn's Macaw) is doing just fine! The first day he only ate fresh fruit by hand-feeding but the next morning he started eating and hasn't stopped! He loves grapes the best! Paco is a pleasure for our family and he is learning to step-up! He is very busy exploring his new cage and all of his new toys. I want to thank you for the care and loving that you put into your birds. It really shows! Paco loves to be petted by everyone!
7/22/05 Just a quick note to let you know we received "Elvis"
(Hahn's Macaw) without misshap last night. He was very scared, and didn't come out of his box until this morning (with a little help). He was so tired, and it was past birdie bed time when we got home, so we just talked to him and pet him for a while, and let him stay it the box overnight.
We did get a few finger nips, but nothing serious. He didn't mean any of them (just little pinches), he was just nervous. When I took him out of the box this morning, he went straight to my shoulder, and snuggled under my hair. He has been fine ever since. He is a very huggie kissie little guy, and we're happy to indulge him.
He is starting to play with his toys, and vocalize with his little squaks. He is letting everyone pet him, and so far he has not nipped anyone since he got comfortable. With as fast as he is adjusting, I expect he will be jumping on whoever walks by pretty soon. We couldn't be happier with him. He is wonderful. I do have one concern, I have not seen him drink from his water dish yet. I am going to give him plenty of fruit & greens today, so he should get fluids from those. I will email if it seems he is going to be stubborn with the water dish thing. I may need direction as to how to get him to drink. Thanks for all your time and help, and for raising such a wonderful little guy to add to our family.

7/20/05 I am writing to say hello, and to let you know that my
Orange-Bellied Senegal (hatched 12/2/04) is so very marvelous! We've had Buster for a little over 4 months now and he is a joy! I can't thank you enough for my little friend! He's learning to speak: "hello, pretty birdie" is his favorite phrase, and we're working on others! Thank you so much!

7/14/05 I picked up my Rosie
(Rose-Breasted Cockatoo) this morning everything went well. The crating was fantastic, he already started eating broccoli sprouts. What a gorgeous bird. I have nothing but the highest regards for yourself and Aves Int. I will highly recomend Aves to anyone interested in purchasing a companion bird. I will write if I have further dietary questions.
7/12/05 Just a quick note to let you know how Cheyenne
(Meyer's Parrot- blue subspecies)
is doing. She's just a great Bird. We love her to death. Cheyenne is excellent with ALL CHILDREN. She will not bite them ever! She's eating well. One of her favorite's for breakfast
is Special K with pieces of Apple in it and she also loves those Nutri Berries, tropical fruit is
her very favorite.
Cheyenne is with me as I write this e-mail. I bring her in on her Parrot Tower (Table Model) with her toys and she may play about 5 - 10 minutes if I'm lucky and then she just wants to be with me. She is a real love bug and very curious of everything around her. She also loves her showers and baths. She looks so funny when she is wet. But I do put her in the window with the sun on her and if need be, I dry her with the hair dryer. She is fine with that.
I would just like to thank you again for such a great pet. I hope to have her for years to come. Again, if and when we are ready for another addition, we will certainly come to you!
I would love to hear from you. My Friends, Family and I really, really enjoy your web site.
It's very interesting, educational and entertaining as well.

7/12/05 Our
Ducorps (Cockatoo) (we still don't have a name) is doing really great. He's learning to navigate his cage and has just started squawking... and squawking. We have his area (the entire family room) fenced off from our three dogs. Yet, every time he sees them walk buy, he gives them a shout. They stop to look. He's mastered the "shout at the dog" game quite well. And, he stepped up on my wife's hand today. So far, so good.

7/10/05 The babies
(Blue-Headed Pionus and Hahn's Macaw) are beautiful and doing fine! As expected, the first day they were somewhat traumatized and wouldn't eat. After some coaxing and trying every fruit, vegetable and nut known to man, the baby Hahn's caved in on papaya and the pionus decided to like apples. Both are now eating more variety, but still like hand feeding.
The baby pionus spends a lot of time perched with fluffed feathers, as if sick. He/she eats well and has normal feces. The pionus babies at the local Omar's do the same thing. So I think its ok, just a baby characteristic. Let me know if you think different.

6/19/05 Our
Meyers baby we got from you is doing very well. (hatched Feb. 13 2004)
"She" has been doing lots of molting and is becoming even more beautiful.
I have included a recent picture so you can see her head.

She has learned a few phrases, the one that is helping the most is "yummy yummy" as she uses it now to tell us she wants some of what we have. Initially we were saying it when we were offering a special treat. Then she was saying it when we offered her a special treat. Now she says if it she wants what we have period. This is great because it has cut out some of the calling she was doing.

I cannot express to you how happy I am with Nani. I think that without you and your staff,
I would not be nearly as happy. Nani came to me so lovable, gentle and ready to be played with. That is not something you can find just anywhere.

6/18/05 I would like to say thank you for the beautiful
Grey Congo that I had pick up from Adam ,she start bonding to me now and less afraid,wonderful !
Thank you so much Gail, Take care.
5/31/05 Our beautiful bird " Baby "
(Hahn's Macaw) has adjusted extremely well. She has mastered " Step Up and down " already and has really taken to my daughter Tessa, which is what we had hoped for. She easily goes to every one in our flock. The only time she shows stress is right at dusk before we cover her cage to go to sleep. After she settles herself in she doesn't stir until we start our day early in the morning.
We have taken her to our Avian Vet who was very impressed with her quality and temperament. We are maintaining the same type of diet you have introduced her to. She is a very healthy eater. The quality of breeding parents, diet, and the amount of love you show your babies is apparent. Thanks again for raising such a beautiful, healthy member of our family.

5/23/05 I'm sure I've read every page on your website, especially those pertaining to conures. The new bird
(Sun Conure), which I refer to as "he" even though I really don't know the sex, is doing very well. He seems to be completely adjusted to his home, and spends hours playing with his toys (when not eating <grin>). I guess my only question relates to the often-heard advice about taking any new bird to a vet for a checkup immediately. Based upon the professional manner in which you manage your "bizniz," I doubt this precaution will be necessary, but I await your advice. This isn't my first bird - I have a red-rump parakeet that who is my constant shoulder buddy (small beak!), but the differences in the two critters are sure obvious. Bozo is already well on the road to living up to his namesake, but the parakeet ("Squeak") isn't much for playing around.

5/23/05 TUPI (Too-pee) is doing great. He's eating like crazy, squawking like crazy, and loves to sit on me and my wife's head ! He's very spoiled, and doesn't like being confined to the cage.
He's sitting on my shoulder as I type this. Thanks for our new stepchild
(Hahn's Macaw).

5/23/05 Sorry I didn't write you sooner we have are having a lot of fun with our new baby
(Senegal Parrot). We picked him/her up Thursday evening, it took a little extra time getting
him off the plane plus we got there really early so it felt much longer :) We named him (we are
just saying it's a boy) Yoda since we got him the same day has the 3 Star Wars came out. We are really happy with him and he is eating very well. He is very sweet and loves to cuddle right under my chin. Thanks for sending me such a great baby and I will email updates and pictures in the near future :)

5/3/05 It's almost been a year since I received my
Jardine parrot from you. She is an absolute joy and she has quite an attitude (queen of the household). I can’t thank you enough for such a great bird. Ash will be 1 year old on June 10th and she has started to get her orange feathers.
4/3/05 Cheyenne
(Meyer's Parrot- blue subspecies) seems to be doing very well. She is eating very well. She'll try anything. Today she ate Broccali, Millet, Rice and Nutra Berries (tropical fruit) and apple. She did try but didn't seem to like fresh red pepper, cucumber, carrot and califlower. I gave her her first bath and shower with a spray bottle. She was messy I guess from her trip. She really didn't seem to mind in fact at one point when I was drying her with the hair dryer (On low of course and also dried her with a small towell) she fell asleep.
She is "Stepping Up" on my finger. She does bite every now and then. Just something I will have to keep correcting her on. I just say "No Cheyenne" with a little louder tone in my voice and she will just look at me. Some people have said to tap her a little on her beak. I don't know about that. Any advise, I'm listening.
Thanks again, she is beautiful and I'm looking forward to having her for a long time.

4/1/05 Yesterday afternoon was especially riotous. Lucy
(female Solomon Island Eclectus) was screeching, Ricky (Rose-Breasted Cockatoo) was yelling the only words he knows, "Sure, Sure," and Frijole was (Panama Amazon) blasting forth with loud laughter and renditions of I left my heart in San Francisco as well as the ever favorite, "Get up Ricky" and the dog was howling like a werewolf. The occasion, of course, was the fact that the weather was finally good enough to leave the front door open. As the world passed by everyone aboard our ark felt obliged to entertain them at the top of their voices in celebration of the good weather. I don't know what anyone within earshot thought about the multi-voiced cacophony coming from our living room, but I for one was put in brighter spirits and for about an hour the world was as good as it can be.
3/22/05 Today is Bailey's 2nd Birthday! He is the little
Yellow Thigh Caique you sent me back in Sept. of 2003. He is such a wonderful little guy. He always puts a smile on my face when I am around him. What a great little talker he is and speaks so clear. His favorite sayings are " I love you, Bailey" and "Baila, Baila Boo I love You!" He says "good morning" when I uncover him and "nite nite" plus kisses when he is ready for me to "tuck him in". He tells me "bye, bye" when I tell him Bye, bye Mommy is going to work. He also barks and wines like the dogs, whistles for the dogs when he sees them, does the wolf whistle, imitates different sounds and calls back and forth with my 2 Cockatiels and budgie. Oh and when he sees other birds outside does his warning call:) He still has a few black feathers on the side of his head. Gail, he is so beautiful. His feathers are so brite and colorful. He loves to play hard with his toys and splash in the water. Does his little piggy squeal when we play wrestle and loves strawberries and blueberries.
I want to Thank you and your staff for raising and sending me such a dear, sweet bird.
Good Luck with all the new babies this time of year and take care.
3/21/05 Frijole
(Panama Amazon) is an unbelievable mimic. I've heard him repeat things almost instantly and with the person's voice. There are times I'm upstairs working and I swear my wife is downstairs talking. The other thing I am struck with is how utterly calm the bird is. Very mellow, loves to be handled, never nervous, you can carry him around upside down. In fact, he thinks that is just about the best way to travel...a bird handbag.
3/16/05 Our 1 year-old
African Grey, Matilda, has picked up some very interesting phrases and habits these past few weeks that have left us in awe of her intelligence. It seems that she enjoys calling our miniature pinscher "China" over to the cage and tossing some snacks out of the cage for the dog to eat. Of course this sometimes leaves us with quite a mess to pick up in the afternoon but we enjoy seeing them communicate in their own special way.

Aside from "China" and "hello", she's also picked up "Come here" and "Tilly, (her nickname) you want some water" fairly quickly (I'm amazed they learn words this quick). She also likes mimicking our coffee pot in the morning and has learned her set of whistles (the good the bad and the ugly whistle being her favorite).
Once again, thank you so much for such a wonderful companion!
3/6/05 Just to let you know, I am a returning customer, and I am so pleased with Corky the
Ducorps Cockatoo. Corky is doing very well, he is now starting to talk, by saying Hello, and I love you--it sounds so funny when he says I love You, he say I love you, you, you. Must like the word you. Corky did go through a little whinnying stage, but as of today, very limited. He's starting to talk. Corky loves his showers, towel dry's, and being blown dry with the hair dryer. His feathers are beautiful, I swear he's getting more Salmon color in his down feathers though, very becoming. Corky did get into mischief once,.............. so far, :),???? Ma ma, place cage to close to the window, with vertical blinds closed, Corky on cage decided to redecorate, we now have lacy vertical blinds. Oh well, I was planning on replacing those down the road anyway, just looks like it might be sooner. Corky seems to like toys best that he can hold on to, we now have a little toy box at the bottom of the cage. Unfortunately, I can't get the idea to him to put his toys away, go figure. I put the toys back in the toy box, and he's right there getting them out, definitely gives him something to do. I'm getting smarter, by stuffing them in that toy box a little tighter, he has to work at it, a little longer, maybe 2 minutes longer ha! ha! Corky keeps me smiling and laughing, and I can't Thank-you and your staff enough for the bundle of joy.

1/26/05 Am so pleased with this friendly, gorgeous bird
(Sun Conure)! He (calling him he cos I'm not sure yet) came out of his box after about 15 minues and was ready to be held and nuzzle our ears and hair. He is a truly incredible bird, as you promised and more. Thank you so much.

1/19/05 Yes, our little baby Morgan
(Sun Conure) ….seems to be doing just fine… She was a birthday/Christmas present for my husband.. but I think I’m more attached to her than he is.
Even though we’d read up on everything and talked to friends who have a Conure as well, when we brought her home and she wasn’t eating or drinking… we were really concerned…. I was home and not working the first few days…. So I spent a lot of time acclimating her. …and now, she’s eats constantly! In fact we’re a little worried about that….. =)
She was so afraid when we first brought her home… The first night, she slept clinging to the side of her cage… and it took a day or so for her to start perching, but I’ve already taught her to step up or “stand to” on a finger… She’s very smart…
1/19/05 Just wanted to give you an update on our new baby
goffin (Cockatoo) we picked up on Monday. He (we are guessing it's a boy!) is just adorable and we have named him Melbourne. He jumped right out of his crate Monday night and we could tell right away that he has a great personality. The kids love him and he seems to get a big kick out of them. We couldn't be happier with him.
We were so impressed with your website and we have heard so many good things about you! I would refer you to anyone who is interested in purchasing an exotic bird. We can tell that Melbourne is very well adjusted and I am sure it's because he got alot of attention as a baby!
Thanks again for helping us to bring us together with Melbourne. He is such an important part of our family already!

1/8/05 I bought a
blue Fronted Amazon from you a few months ago. We love her like crazy and she is a wonderful bird!! I tell everyone to contact you if they are interested in purchasing a Parrot of any type.

12/31/04 Just a little note that ULYSSA is doing great! She is the little
Moluccan Cockatoo we got from you...just incase you forgot. Her temperment is just awesome and she is so lovable.
Also she is a very good eater.

12/30/04 Hi Gail - I picked up the sweet little
Hahn's (Macaw) on Wednesday 22 Dec in Corona and we are VERY HAPPY with him - he's a little 'chow hound' - eats very well and is very sweet and tame and we have named him Chu Chu - you can tell Aden that he's "bien manzito y un comelon!" Many Thanks!

12/27/04 I purchased Diego
(Green Wing Macaw) from you almost two years ago. He will be three years of age this coming July. He is very healthy, happy and says about 30 words and phrases.
I coulnt be more pleased with my boy.
12/27/04 i recieved my
senegal parrot fron you about 4 months ago.she has since been named jada. she is a wonderful bird.she loves when i put her in my hand and pet her head for hours on end.she just relaxes with her eyes closed.she is a very sweet bird.
12/23/04 Bleu
(Bronze-Winged Pionus) is a wonderful bird. As I come through the door from work he screeches for freedom. The dogs than echo his screeching with a chorus of barking, and me, I want to run back out the door. Bleu will bark before he talks! All and all it is a blessing to have all three of them to come home to.
Butter and Simba are quite use to Bleu now and Bleu has never seemed to care about them either way other than to occasionally peck their noses. I still do not allow them alone together and use extreme caution when they are all in the same room.
Bleu is my constant companion going with me from room to room. While I was wrapping gifts the other night he had me chuckling. He would grab the extra bows, ribbons, pens, name tags (and anything else he could get his beak on), run back and forth with them on the dresser, and occasional observe himself in the mirror as if to say, "A little help building this nest would be nice buddy".
He is still not too fond of the shower but seems to try and vocalize words more there than anywhere else. I am his comfort zone; my son is his fun (he loves to climb up his shoulder and try to pull his glasses off his face) and Alex he identifies with. Alex will sit and whistle and coo to him and Bleu will mimic his every coo. His eating habits have much improved, he eats all veggies I put in his cage but is still not to crazy for fruit. We all thank you again and wish you and yours a Safe Holiday Season and a Healthy, Happy Prosperous New Year.

12/16/04 I just wanted to let you know that our female
Senegal, "Baby" (hatched 12-04-03), is doing very well. She's now a year old and has been with us for 9 months. Initially, she bonded with only myself, spending 8+ hours a day climbing on me and following me throughout our home. This fall, my husband and I worked abroad for a few weeks. Rather than bonding with our live-in birdsitter, she finally bonded with our 15-year old female Senegal. We thought our older Senegal might be a male, but then she became egg-bound soon after Baby's arrival into our family. Baby is now willing to hang out with my husband as well. Baby and our older Senegal now share a multilevel "jungle gym" in our home, which takes an entire wall. They also have a 5-ft tall wooden tree house for when they want to spend time in the bedroom. They spend their days chewing towels and wood, climbing ropes and ladders, throwing around bells and other toys, and hanging out with myself and my husband. Baby has recently been learning to fly (she has not flown all year - her wings took a long time to grow back in). She wants to fly room to room with the older bird, but it will still be a long time before that happens.

Thank you for doing a great job in her early weeks. We will definitely contact you if we decide to add to our flock in the future.

12/16/04 Both of the caiques arrived safely home. Diesel
(black-headed caique) was the first to come out of the box, while Sherbert (yellow-thighed caique) was too scared to join him. Once Sherbert saw Diesel playing with a ball, she came running out. Sherbert seems to be attached to Diesel, every where he goes she follows him. Diesel loves to find adventure, he has already climbed our heads and tasted everything in sight. Sherbert tends be more vocal and very timid about everything, but they only been home for half a day. She does play "dead" (on her back), hoping you won't notice her. But I think once we get Sherbert more comfortable she'll be a lot more active than Diesel. I'll have to send pictures later of their first day home on a different computer since this one takes forever to upload. Thanks so much for our new family members.

12/10/04 Just wanted you to know we picked up the WCP
(White-Crowned Pionus) without any problems in Denver. He/she was glad to be out of the shipping crate and is slowly getting used to her new cage and surroundings. Tomorrow will be a better day for him/her after all the excitement of today!
12/9/04 I thought I would drop you a note to say how happy we are with "Honey"
She is a
blue fronted amazon and sweet as can be. This must have come from all the love
you showed her. Keep up the great work and I wish you all the best for the holidays!
12/9/04 Well the BWP
(Bronze-Winged Pionus) arrived in great health. He walked right out of the box as soon as I opened it. He does not seam like a wild bird, but I don’t know him yet so I was very alert to his moods. My hen was not happy with a new arrival. Her tail was fanned out and her eyes were dilated. I hope they will get use to each other. She has been with out a male for over a year/almost 2 this march. He is a beautiful bird I love the colors on his chest, my hen has a soft pink mixed with white, where his is a dark pink. If they do have babies they will be beautiful. Well thank you so much for all your help. He has a good home here with us even if him and my hen do not work things out, I can always find him a new mate and just leave my hen as she is now pet/breeder.
12/9/04 I'm just writing to let you know that "Milo"
(Umbrella Cockatoo) got here just fine. He is so sweet and very loveable. He seems to be settling in. I think he is going to be a wonderful bird. Thank you!

12/8/04 I just wanted to let you know how much we have been enjoying Solomon, the male
Ducorp's Cockatoo, that you sent us over a year ago. I must be watching too much "Cops" on T.V. because his latest mimicking is a siren. He makes a sound much like:"weewho, weewho, weewho" while excitedly bobbing his whole body to the sound. He gives us so many laughs! Solomon no longer just wants to be pet under his wings, but he rolls over on his back so I can pet his stomach too. We have had no health problems with Solomon, he is very vibrant. Along with his sprout based diet I still like to give him warm cream of wheat with baby food before sunset each day. We usually eat dinner in the living room where Solomon's cage is and I give him a nibble from my plate. Solomon has truely become part of our family.
Thanks again,

12/1/04 Our
Hahn's macaw-Bubbles is doing very well, he's been with us for 2 weeks and has completely adjusted to his new home. When I am home and he is outside of his cage on his perch he would glide down trying to follow me around the house, he's so adorable and I am totally in love with him!

11/28/04 Just a note to tell you "Clover"
(Bronze-Winged Pionus) is doing fine. She (and she is a she) has settled in nicely, eating well and just as sweet as can be. Thanks again.
11/25/04 The trip went well, thanks for asking. I named my parrot Timba
(Timneh African Grey) and he loves traveling with me in the RV. He has already learned to mimac my chuckling. We have a lotta fun playing together and he enjoys my grandchildren. You did a wonderful job socializing him; he isn't a bit afraid of anyone. Thanks!

11/15/04 We just wanted you to know that Parker
(Timneh African Grey) arrived safely. He was very tired from the long journey but he never hesitated to eat and drink. He was a bit shy at first. After just a day and a half he was letting us pet him. He is a very sweet boy! Thank you for the sweet addition to our family.
10/28/04 Okay, Gail. I'm not sure if this is normal...I have never heard or read anything quite like this so here it goes... Pecan
(Panama Amazon) is talking up a storm - Every morning when I leave for work, I always tell the birds "I'm going to work now - Bye bye." Last night, the family was sitting/playing/talking in the media room when Pecan says "I'm going to work now" - ?!?!?
The other day, I was sitting at my computer doing some web browsing when he said "Up, Up! Good Boy!" Yes, he does know the 'up' command now and that's exactly what I tell him. When he wants attention he'll get on top of his cage, fluff his feathers, bob his head, and say "Up, Up."
I leave the cages open for the birds to climb and play on while we are home. Since I have alot of toys and a play top on each cage, they usually stay there without any problems. Sometimes, when I go into another room, one of the birds will try to find me. When I hear the clicking of their nails, I always call out "Who is that? Where are you?" - Then, this morning, I was taking the food/water dishes into the kitchen to wash and get breakfast. As soon as I left the room, Pecan called out "Hello - Where are you?"
Is this normal? He's still a baby - I've only had him for two weeks - I just wasn't expecting this - don't get me wrong, I think it's WAY cool but it's a bit astounding.
(Ducorp's Cockatoo) is finally chilling a little on the crying. One of my 5 yr old sons loves her to death. Gabby will get on the floor and Zebediah (my son) will get on his hands and knees chasing her around. My husband kinda freaked about it but I told him to watch. Gabby scuttles with her crest fully erect and will pause from time to time looking back for my son. When my son stops, she will start crying. I LOVE my expanded family!! This is SO fun!

10/27/04 On the whole he
(Bronze-Winged Pionus) is well and thriving. His acclamation period was over within the first two days and he has taken over the house. He lets everyone who enters know he is there and wants their attention. He rubs noses with me first thing in the morning, and comes to the door of his cage as soon as I arrive home from work. His new thing is comically trying to stop me from covering his cage when it is time to retire (I only cover three sides). When he is in a mood I am not allowed to touch anything within his cage, he squawks and will BITE! When I vacuum, he is not fearful, instead he must think its singing and tries to out chirp the machine. He succeeds too, my son came running up from the basement to see what was going (He) because we have several different names for him; Jabber, Buddy, Bubba, and my favorite Sir Poopalot. One day, one of the names will fit and become permanentI am amazed at the curiosity levels of this little guy, and even more amazed at the intelligence he displays. On the whole I am more than pleased with him, he has come into my life at a much needed time. He is my buddy and my ray of sunshine. I have been visiting birds all over New Jersey and he is the healthiest looking Pionus I have seen to date. Once more I am grateful that I found you on the web and more than grateful that Buddy, Bubba, Jabber, Sir Poopalot, has become part of our household. I will keep you updated with pictures of his progress.
10/27/04 I just wanted to let you know that she
(Jardine Parrot) arrived safe and sound last night. I’ve named here Ashaki which is a West African female name meaning “beautiful”, and she is absolute gorgeous. I went home today are 1:00 and it didn’t look like she had touched her food so I offered her a few pellets from my hand and she took them and starting to eat. All is well. I will definitely keep in touch regarding her progress.
10/27/04 my
scarlet macaw arrived safely.....i was at the airport at 6:15 to pick up my new baby. haven't given her a name yet have seveal in mind....also she is eating very well....plently of fresh vegetables and peanuts and some dry food... her feces is a nice color of dark green, she is such a loveable girl, she has tried to mimic a word or two.....have to run now will call or email latter in the week....thanks for all the work and making it possible for me to have a wonderful new macaw in my life.....god bless

10/27/04 Tahnk you for your email we call our new baby
(Jardine Parrot) susie Q she was fist named square dance sue bacause she scratched her feet on the bottom of the crate all the way home. Now she is Susie Q she is eating very well and likes the China (I forgot the name) parrot sprout mix and she loves it and so does my yellow nape amazon, they are in different rooms but they each know that the other is there. I have only one question she squaks a lot and I don't lmpw if it is I'm scared, I miss my other bird friends or pick me up and hold me but she squacks for hours sometimes unless we cover her up. Any advise you have would be greatly apprecieated. It's been over 17 years since we've had a baby parrot in the house. Have a great day and thank you for sending me my beautiful baby.

10/27/04 Thank you for the email concerning my new baby
Timneh African Grey. I arrived about an hour early that day and was pacing back and forth ready for my new arrival (I had a 22 year flash-back from doing this once before). When she arrived at the cargo office and we looked at each other through the opening on her crate it was love at first sight. I took her home and opened the door on the crate and waited for her to come out. She stuck her head out, looked around, then stepped out and started walking toward me. She seemed to be trying to run at the end before her feet got all tangled up and she fell over. That's when I decided to name her Cuckoo. I put her in her cage and she started eating and drinking right away. We have been together for 5 days now and I can tell I made the right choice, going with your company. Cuckoo is always looking to play and be around whatever I'm doing. We play with her toys and towel everyday. Just cuddle and play all day. You and your staff did a great job getting her ready for her new home!

10/26/04 Just wanted to let you know my
sun conure arrived safe and sound. Flight was on time. I made him some warm beans and rice and he ate well. He is such a sweetie, sitting with me as I type this.
10/23/04 Thank you for our new addition
(Hahn's Macaw), he is a sweetie-pie. Chelo told me that the two of you picked "Hank" out special for us. That is sweet in a huge way! I love him so much. He is wonderful and sweet. He is still begging just a bit but as soon as I get him to his food dishes he does fine. He is already trying to talk and mimic. I just wanted to update you and tell you thank you. Chelo is such a wonderful lady. She is very special and I can see why you have her and Adan as your main staff. Iwill send pics as soon as I get them developed. Many thanks.

10/23/04 Our baby
(Hahn's Macaw) is doing well. He is friendly, active, eating more than we expected and lots of green feces : ) His nails are very sharp, do you have any suggestions?

10/22/04 With only minor confusion at the airport I recieved my Pionus
(Maximillian Pionus) in perfect condition. He spent the 2 hour drive home happily chewing on the newspaper covering the front of the crate and eating apples and sunflower seeds. He was reluctant to come out of the crate but made it eventually and into his new cage. The first night went well and this morning he is eating more apples and drinking. He is, however, very timid. Just sitting next to his cage causes him to flap his wings and run to the other side. So far he has shown no interest in what's going on around him but like I said he is eating and climbing around his cage. He is a beautiful bird and I look forward to recieving his hatch certificate.

10/21/04 Our little girl
(Jardine Parrot) arrived the flight was late but she was fine, we named her "square dance Sue" all the way home she scratched on the floor of her crate. So the name square dance Sue, she is beautiful. Thank you for all your hard work and we appreciate all the work that goes into hand feeding a bird. I had bought the china praire sprout tower and had some sprouts ready today for her first meal in her new home. My amazon thought it was pretty good too. Thank you for educating me about the care and feeding of the birds. I'm sure when my chilren are a little older we will probably get another bird that they can handle. Talk to you soon
10/18/04 You are going to get tired of hearing from me but I just had to let you know...
Our oldest son (we have five kids and the oldest is 13) has a Green-Cheeked conure named Maestro who has totally fallen in love with Pecan
(Panama Amazon) - They spent the entire day snuggling and preening each other. It's such a hoot to see them together - especially with the size difference. I'm starting to figure out Gabby (Ducorps Cockatoo). Her crying is most prevailant when she feels uncomfortable about her surroundings so I just take her to a play area in a different room and she perches quiet as can be. She is definitely a pig when it comes to eating while Pecan seems to be a little shy yet. They are both investigating toys already (with my Ekkies, it took over a month!) Needless to say, my husband and I are truly astounded with their incredibly sweet demeanors & their ability to adjust so quickly!
I did have a question about Pecan - In the evening he will take our finger in his beak and act like he's regurgitating or trying to hand feed from it. The first time he did it, I thought that he might be wanting to hand feed so I took a syringe with food but Pecan was very insulted. I am not familiar AT ALL with baby parrot behavior like this and wanted to know how to respond.
Pecan IS talking - he says "hello" which he had to pick up at your place because he says it with the inflection at the end - almost like it's a question...This morning my husband and I swear he was trying to say two of our children's names. My Female eclectus keeps saying "What's going on, huh?" while my male keeps saying "Peekaboo" "Whatcha Doin'?" and "Good Morning" to Pecan and he tries to immitate them in response. It's So Cute!!!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!
10/14/04 I picked up my babies yesterday...I was early in getting to the airport, the babies were early, but I still had to wait. Ugh, it was killing me! When I had to show my ID, I was frantically searching my purse when the gentleman with Continental Airlines just started chuckling and said "Mam, it's right here. You've been overlooking it the whole time" - Once we got in the car, Gabriele Bianca
(Ducorps Cockatoo, aka Gabby) started this mournful cry while peering out at me. Pecan (Panama Amazon named by my husband because his wife is "such a nut" for filling the house with birds) was trying to chew his way out, not a peep was heard from him. Anyway, I couldn't drive the two hours back home listening to Gabby's crying so I stopped at a gas station and had two gentleman help me pry open the crate to get her out. BEAUTIFUL!!! I had a Perch with a safety harness ready, naively thinking these babies would calmly perch while I made the drive. Well, Gabby ended up on my shoulder and Pecan perched on the lower half of my Steering wheel - While Pecan slept the whole way, Gabby Cuddled and preened me. I LOVE IT!! Their calm demanor didn't last once we got home. My five year old triplets were so excited that the babies were quite overwhelmed. I also have a one year old Eclectus pair (Bess and Blu) and the male wasn't too happy that Mom brought home some competition. I had some Sprouts ready along with some fresh veggies and Zupreem - With all the excitement, I wasn't expecting them to eat much but they did! The veggies were chopped fairly fine but it seems Pecan likes to hold food - I'll make sure to provide some whole veggies to satisfy that instinct.
Gail, Thank you so much!! I knew from seeing your website that you and your husband live your passions. You have passed that on to my family through our new family members. I have never disclosed to you my full intentions for these babies - My husband and I own a medical practice and I wanted to implement some sort of pet therapy program. Thus was my intention with my Eclectus babies. Although they are extremely gentle and loving, their personalities are not one to elicit much interaction. Once Gabby and Pecan are comfortable with their new home, I will be taking them to the office with me for our patients to enjoy as well. See, your passion will touch many lives - just through the sale of two beautiful babies. Again, Thank you!!

10/14/04 The new addiction to our family
(Hahn's Macaw) named Calvin. Is doing excellent.
Every morning he lets us know when he is up to uncover his cage and can't wait to get out and be held or put on our shoulder. He is starting to play a lot more and just enjoys to snuggle. Its funny when he is on our shoulder he coos like a cat purrs, and likes to tickle my neck. I think he is getting a little more comfortable here. He is not much of a talker yet. But i'm sure that comes with time. I would like to thank, you and your staff for taking excellent care of your birds and i'm sure Calvin thanks you and sends his love.

10/13/04 I really like my cockatoo
(Moluccan Cockatoo). I named her "Nawlins Beignet". I was born down there and really liked the beignets. What does it mean when she goes up and down with her head? I am teaching her the up word to get on my arm. I also tell her stay and then I tell her down to get back on her perch. I feed her the china prairie seed with fruits and vegies. Beignet is a good eater I think. She spills alot on the floor of her cage. How can I tell if she is getting enough food? Can I teach her to talk? Thank you for my lovely friend,

10/13/04 Thank you Gail for the beautiful baby
Maximillian (Pionus) we got today!
He is scared right now, but, he's going to be great! xo

10/13/04 She's
(Black-Headed Caique) home in her cage and sleeping on one foot. She ate a little on the way home. What a brave little girl. I feel better now that I see her, she is beautiful, of course, but she is also much larger than I thought and does not seem so fragile as I expected......Yeah! My husband loves her!
10/12/04 Just checking in to give you an update on Frijole
(Panama Amazon). He's talking. Clearly and with gusto. His first words were "Holy Frijole" followed by a loud round of laughter. The laugh he picked up from Lucy the eclectus, the words he learned from us. The interesting thing is how Lucy is reacting. Put her near Ricky the Rosy and a fight ensues. But next to Frijole she calms down, mumbles a bit, eats and seems to enjoy his company. With her plucking history we were prepared to deal with what we call the "red buzzard" effect, but having the Panama around seems to calm her down. We're talking a night and day difference. No more screaming, no more feather plucking. How's that for strange?

10/11/04 I just wanted to let you know that the new baby
(Moluccan Cockatoo) is doing great. We are very happy with her. We ended up naming her ULYSSA. Just a cute name we kinda made up...she is so beautiful. Thank you again and take care!

10/11/04 Here is a picture of Squiggy, the
Maxamillian Pionus I received on the 17th of September. He was a little timid and unsure of me and his new home for a little while but now he is a bundle of energy and a little dare-devil! He is starting to explore and sample more of all the different fruits and veggies I give him, but grapes are by far his favorite treats with unsalted peanuts in the shell a close second. Thank you for such a wonderful bird!

10/9/04 Lilly
(Moluccan Cockatoo) arrived just fine. As you can see she enjoyes playing on her basket which I sit on the kitchen counter. She watched me prepare dinner for my husband's birthday party this afternoon.
I took one of the perches out of her cage. She now sits on one that forces her closer to the food and water. She does some baby bird crying but not anything to stressful. She enjoyed a light misting of warm water opened up her wings and was totally comfortable. I think we are off to a great start. Thank you Gail..

10/4/04 The new family member, christened Frijole Guacamole
(Panama Amazon), is doing more than well. A very calm and well adjusted bird who loves to be around the action in the house. Never had a bird who ate greens like this one having just polished off an entire lettuce leaf and a pile of chopped veggies. Frijole is currently residing on my shoulder as I type this. Great bird!

10/4/04 We made the pick up with no problems. He
(Leadbeater Cockatoo) made the trip VERY well. I must admit, I was worried. We took him out of the box, checked him out and put him back in for the ride home. He held on to my finger all the way home. He adjusted to his new cage immediately. He ate the minute he entered. We thought we’d keep him in our bedroom until he adjusted to our home and his new surroundings. He would have no part of this and screeched until we brought him out…
He is eating just great. I make new mixtures once a week and give fresh veggies daily. Please know that this bird will never be lonely, board, or want for anything. He has a beautiful stainless steal cage, tons of toys and most importantly lots of love. At this moment, he is hanging upside down from the top of his cage playing. I will watch him very closely and call you if I see anything questionable. Thank you so much, it was great doing business with you!
P.S. We named him Angel!

10/3/04 I received the pionus
(White-Crowned Pionus) just fine from the airport. He is eating, but I do wish he would eat more. He doesn't really like the veggies or fruit that I give him, but he picks at millet, the little seed he's allowed and the pellet formula I feed him. He's very curious about everything and very outgoing. He does, however, try to feed from my fingers like he did from the syringe. He's calming down about it though. He's learning quickly, I'm very pleased with him. He is beautiful.

10/2/04 He
(Yellow-Naped Amazon) is unbelievably beautiful. He's not shy at all and took food from me the first night. The second night he was here, he was climbing out of his cage on his own. He seems to come to me when I call him and likes to be out of his cage in his play area. Thank you so much for a great bird.

9/25/04 Jim and I wanted to let you know we picked up our lovely girl
(Yellow-Naped Amazon) today without a hitch. I have read a few of your articles in the past and was familiar with your reputation but still, there is always a bit of apprehension involved when buying over the internet, especially when it involves such an important purchase as a companion animal. Imagine then our sheer delight upon meeting one of the most beautiful Yellow Naped Amazons either of us has ever seen. Her beauty literally took our breath away. Often baby birds tend to look awkward and a bit scrawny. Not this green beauty!!! She is amazing and perfect. It was a very smooth and uneventful ride home. 'Lola' (as she has been dubbed) was not in the least hassled by the drive. She sat happily in her crate 'tasting' the grate with her little black tongue and giving me sweet looks.
Upon arrival to her new home, we let her out into her cage. She was slightly nonplussed by the other furred denizens who share our abode...but her reticence lasted about 10 minutes. Amazons are indeed resilient creatures! Within the hour she was exploring her new cage and completely hamming it up for us big time. We played Puccini for her and just to be sure we covered all the bases, followed that with a shot of Neil Young. She loved it! Bird's got great taste in tunes! She is Miss Personality plus and not exactly what I would call a 'shy' parrot. She seems very trusting and very sure of herself. Jim handfed her some yummy organic apple slices which she ate with relish, then she continued to entertain us until we made her go to bed. Long day for her!
We are both firm believers in a healthy whole foods diet and I have to say, whatever you and your staff are doing works. We will certainly keep her on the China Prairie and follow your recommendations. Did I mention, this is a GORGEOUS bird!?
Thank you so very much for everything.we could not be happier. Within the next couple of years, circumstances permitting we would like to add a Hahn's Macaw and I can honestly say, we will continue to patronize Aves. :)
I also want to thank you for the beautiful informative website. I can't tell you how many hours I've spent surfing through it. It's a feast for the eyes and amazingly informative (not to mention funny; I do love 'Attacked by the Hornbill".
Wishing you and your husband and your staff the very best,

9/22/04 So far, so good! This Saturday we have a vet appointment. Mostly to get familiar with an avian certified vet because I'm confident that my new bird
(Citron Cockatoo) is in the best of health. I'm providing sprouted seeds, a pellet mixture that has *some* Zoopreen in it, fresh vegetables and fruits. 'He' is eating very well and we are very impressed with how well he settled into his cage and surroundings.
My mom has been calling me every single day for weeks to see if I've heard anything about when the bird will be ready. She seems unusually excited about meeting him. So, don't be surprised if she orders one from you next year.

9/18/04 She
(Solomon Island Eclectus) arrived safely last night, albeit 1 hr late. She is indeed a beautiful little girl, whom, by the way, we've named Bijou. By the time we brought her home it was past 11:30 and it took me an additional 2 hours before I could coax her out of the cage. Picking her up in my hand didn't seem like a good idea as she seemed intent at inflicting a nasty bite. So I used slices of apple and what seemed the patience of a mule to get on her good side, with not much success .:) Once I had her out of the box and given her some time to roam around, I had to resort to using a stick to tranfer her to her cage. I guess it's all part of the trials and tribulations of having a new bird in the family.
As of this morning she has made no attempt to even approach her food dishes containg all sorts of vegetables and some fruit, but she has spent quite a bit of time exploring her toys and, in reading her posture, she appears somewhat content. Unfortunately, my hand still seems a little too interesting as a delicacy to her, finger food perhaps; I tried offering her a leaf of arugula as a peace offering but once again she lunged at my finger, although I do believe she did manage to eat a bite of the arugula. Any advice you have to offer in terms of handling her, would be greatly appreciated! Perhaps I'm being overzealous in anticipating "love at first sight" but I presume you have dealt with many more similar situations and would love any hints about how to approach the situation while continuing to build trust. Regards and many thanks for this beautiful creature...

9/14/04 Thank you again for this wonderful baby
(Rose-Breasted Cockatoo) whom I truly adore. As told you, he was also love at first sight for the cargo personnel at Dulles International. When I arrived at Dulles, the clerks had him on the counter and said he was talking, saying hello, and cried when they walked away. After I left with him and walked to my car, one of the clerks came running after me asking where he was from and what he cost. He had them captivated.
Sidney is settling in well, eating, talking and as of today, quite active. For the first several days, he was fairly sedentary and called and cried for whomever he is missing very much. Today he seems more settled, is moving about his cage and eating very well. He is happy to see us and no longer cries when we leave (as he knows we will not be gone long). We see the vet Thursday and with his blessing will have Sidney in with some of the other birds which I think will make him very happy. Perhaps in a couple month he can share a cage with our Goffin.
I am really sincerely happly to have this bird and thank you for whatever it is you do to make your birds so exceptionally special. Can you let me know Sidney's hatch date so that I have this for the vet on Thursday. And thank you for the name! It fits him well. I will send you a picture soon. It is pleasure doing business with you.

9/8/04 Gail, I love this bird
(Hahn's Macaw) he is so fun and outgoing. I named him Gigi, he is just so beautiful, definately worth the wait. he is eating great hasn't drank any water yet, but talking alot. he says hello and haha, and he also does this funny laugh. He is playing with all his toys, he has this cube that has little cubes in it, and he has manage to get most of them out and throw them at me. he won't stop talking to me, he's a great addition to the family. i've taken several pictures and i will email them to you asap. Thank you so much for everything
9/8/04 This is an update on our baby girl, Koko,
(SOLOMON ISLAND ECLECTUS) that we picked up from Adan in Lake Elsinore/Rancho California area, three weeks ago. Koko did very well on her ride home and ate her apple slice that you had sent along with some fresh corn on the cob that we had brought with us. Once we got her home we introduced her to her new cage and she checked it out by playing with some of her hanging toys and eating some millet and a mixture of vegetables, fruit and sprouts that we sprouted using China Prairie's mixture. She is adjusting quite well and that can be attributed to the care that you and your staff gave her during her first 4 months. Every morning we open her cage door and she flies down to the floor turns around and walks back into her cage and repeats the process. We don't know if that was an "exercise" routine that she did when she was with you or not. She had her first shower last Saturday and seemed to like it just fine. She is learning to step up on our hand and has made some "baby sounds". She loves to eat her vegetable, fruit and sprout mixture and we have given her the nickname "Mush mouth" when she's eating. She is a love and we thank you and your staff for all that you do to raise healthy and loving birds! I have attached some photos of Koko. Thank you again, Gail.

9/8/04 We wanted to update you on our
(specially colored) Female Blue Front Amazon who we have had for exactly 4 weeks now. It only took a few days to break the ice after she arrived. She’s quite a character! I call her “Sweetie” because we haven’t agreed on a name. She just LOVES us ALL! For anyone trying to decide between a male or female Blue Front Amazon, I must say, our female is very sweet, very colorful, and very smart. She bites fingers, but not hard, we’re putting her in her cage for short time outs when she does and we try not to give her our fingers, the bites don’t scare my 9 & 11 year old into not picking her up (supervised of course), and she now understands “no” means “stop” while she is going for a finger and usually stops right when we say no. AMAZINGLY, after 4 weeks here, (she’s now 23 weeks old) she already CLEARLY says, Hello, Hi, Good Bird!, Yea!, Gimme a Kiss, Come Here, laughs, and mumbles I Love You & other unknown things to herself when we aren’t looking! I think we are going to have to be very careful about what we say around her. She has such a sweet voice and sounds all squeaky when she is “practicing” new words. She just loves our kids and runs across the table to them to be picked up. She loves to be sprayed with the water bottle and is showing us she is very intelligent. When she wants to be picked up and her stick is lying nearby, she runs over to it and steps on it until we pick it up & move her to a new location. When she eats she tries to balance her food on her perch to reposition it for a better grip rather than just dropping it and getting another piece from her bowl. When I get out the water bottle, she immediately gets on her perch where she gets a bath. She now lets us pet her down her tail, back, legs and on her neck, head, and cheeks, she doesn’t even squirm when we pet her back. I’ve heard many Amazons aren’t comfortable getting pet on the back, but ours is ok with it. Next, we’ll work on handling her wings and filing toe nails! They’re sharp! We are thoroughly enjoying her; she brightens our day, every day. Thanks so much to you and everyone who raised her!


8/30/04 So far, so good. Siegfried
(Hahn's Macaw) is enjoying his new home, lots of attention, and a big cage. He snuggles in my forearm daily while I pet his tummy, and he's getting used to the whole family day by day. Great fun and lots of work. Thanks very much.

8/30/04 Just wanted to let you know that the male
Senegal that you sent me arrived safe and sound on Friday, and is doing fine. He's pretty well adjusted to us now, and is a very sweet little guy- cuddling into my neck right now! And BIG compared to my female Senegal! Thanks for everything, and I will recommend you to anyone that I find that is looking for a parrot!

8/26/04 This is just a quick note to let you know that the
Maximillian Pionus arrived safely last night. He is a bit stressed out right now from the journey so I'm going to give him a little time to get used to his surroundings. One look at those gorgeous eyes and I could tell right away that we're going to have a long and happy relationship! Thanks a million

8/20/04 My bird
(Maximillian Pionus Parrot) is doing great! He was not at all afraid when we picked him up at the airport. He did not eat much the first day, but I do notice that he is not eating as much fruit as I think he should. He likes dark green leafy veggies, but when I re-read your page on diet, I think I am not cutting things up small enough. I will try to make his food look more like what is in your picture. He is a very good and loving bird. He is doing very good in the daily step ups that we do twice a day and he loves to just be with me. I did let him on my shoulder and he loves it there, but I make sure that he is good with his obedience first because I have had parrots before that I did not the right things with. I have never seen a pionus parrot before and am not sure of its sound. He makes a funny baby crow noise raises his head when he does it. He opens his beak a bit also. Is he begging for food? He did eat some fresh plum and the grain, but I want to see him eat more of the corn and apple. I love him very much and named him Igor. He is so kind and gentle. Thank you for raising these birds. If you can suggest a way for me to get him to eat corn and apple, let me know. I will try to cut things up smaller, too. All the best to you! You are very kind.

8/16/04 I have been meaning to write you a note over the last couple of weeks, but am glad that I waited since there is something new to tell you. Since my little boy
(Yellow-Thighed Caique) arrived, he has been a little doll. His personality is A+, and he seems to be so very intelligent and full of energy. It took me about one day to fall madly in love with him.
I also have a 1.5 year old female Timneh (Tilly). When the new little bundle arrived, she seemed very curious, but also a tad jealous. I tried hard to make sure I did everything for her first, and to allow her to see the new baby throughout the day. Their cages are right next to each other. My original note to you was to simply say how pleased I am that I bought the Caique from Aves, and how happy I was to get such a healthy, happy baby boy. Since I waited, I can tell you something else ... My Tilly (TAG) talks a lot. Since I couldn't think of a name for the Caique, I got in the habit of calling him my "Little Boy." Well, Tilly heard me saying that, so she started talking to him and calling him "Hey, Little Boy." She also says "Tilly, Tilly, Tilly," quite often throughout the day. Much to my amazement, a few days ago, I was holding "Little Boy," when I heard him say what sounded like "Little Boy." I immediately decided it was my imagination, but since then I have heard him say it several times. I have also heard him say "Tilly, Tilly."
I had never expected "Little Boy" to talk, so I thought this should be shared with someone ... especially you. I am so surprised, and wondering how much Tilly will teach him. After all, he is only 5 months old. By the way, his name is now what Tilly decided it should be ... "Little Boy." It seems to fit who he is.
Thanks again for providing me with a healthy and very intelligent Caique.

8/16/04 Hi Gail, Our little
Jardine boy (Skipper) is settling in just great! I certainly appreciate your extra caution in regard to weaning. I believe that this truly made the difference with all his flight delays in route to Alaska. He is already stepping up from any location for both my son and I on a stick. He talks to me (in bird talk) when ever I enter or leave the room. Today, when we returned home after four hours of fishing he just danced with excitement! Being a novice, I was unaware that a bird would be so thrilled to see you. I Love It!
He is just so sweet! Thanks to you and your staff for a great bird!

8/13/04 Our little bird
(Jardine Parrot) had quite the trip. He missed his first flight out of LAX. He was put on the next one to Seattle. In Seattle they say they forgot to load him. So several flights and hours later he finally arrived home. (At 4:00p.m. Today!) He seems to be fine. He is eating! He does not want me to handle him so I guess it is probably best to just let him rest. His does talk bird talk back to us when we talk to him or whenever my son leaves the room. He is very beautiful! I can hardly wait to play with him. I will e-mail you with our progress once he rests a little and settles in. Thanks for a beautiful bird.
8/13/04 Our new
specially-colored Baby Blue Front arrived safely at the San Francisco Airport and is so beautiful! We all love her very much! We put her shipping crate in her cage and let her come out on her own, (then removed the crate). It took her a while to come out, and then she couldn’t stand it any longer and had to go investigate a toy hanging nearby! She is calm, yet nervous, so we are just giving her space to get used to her new surroundings and cage. She is eating well & takes treats from me through the bars of her cage and very gently mouths my fingers. When I open the cage door, she calmly moves to the corner, so we’ll give her time before we pick her up. I’ll update you when we break the ice! Thanks for raising us a real beauty!

8/6/04 Just wanted to let you know that Jesse
(Rose Breasted Cockatoo) is doing well. He is quite a character. We have owned Cockatoos before, but never a Rose Breasted and I am amazed at what a personality he has. Since the weather is nice here he travels lots of places with us and loves the attention. This past week we took him to cheerleading practice and he just loved yelling while the girls cheered and who could argue with all the love and attention after practice. He absolutely LOVES to be sprayed. We haven't tried the shower yet, but I can't imagine he won't enjoy that too. Jesse is already saying hello. I am amazed! Its still mixed in with lots of squaking and baby noises, but he says it as clear as day. Think we may have a chatterbox on our hands if he continues to pick up words this quickly.
Thanks again for a great companion. We are already putting together our wish list for next spring. My husband is holding out for a Scarlet Macaw, but I'm leaning towards one of the mini Macaws. In any case we will be back for another bird. When you list all your satisfied customers, make sure you put our name at the very top! Will email pictures soon.


7/25/04 Just wanted to let you know that the new baby
(Tres Marias Amazon) (she doesn't have a name yet) is doing great, she's adjusting well in her new home. She eats up all her food and is still playing with everything. She is really a cute and beautiful bird. You and your staffs did a awesome job raising her. You are such a good breeder and I am glad to refer you to everyone who want a parrot. I am really enjoying having a new baby in the house.
Thank you so much!

7/25/04 I picked up my baby girl
Moluccan cockatoo this afternoon from Torrance and I have her here at work with me. She is sitting on a perch that I use for Donovan, her brother. As expected, she is relatively shy and quiet. She seems content just sitting there. When we get home, she'll tour her new digs and I will keep you posted on her progress! She is, as you said very peachy, much more than Donovan was! She is more petite as well (being a female). She is absolutely beautiful! I looked up names and the name Calista means "most beautiful", very befitting! So her name is Calista. Thank you for such a beautiful baby!

7/25/04 He
(Solomon Island Eclectus) is doing very well. I was a little concerned because he wasn't drinking and as if reading my mind, he found his water bowl and starting drinking a lot. We started with the sprouts from China Prairie so those were ready for him. He is the sweetest bird! So quiet, taking in his new environment. Thank you so much. We are already planning our next bird from you!

7/25/04 Well Shady
(bare eyed cockatoo) is doing really great.He is going on 8 month now, My middle son little michael has trained him to do alot of tricks, like the turn around, wave, nod yes, nod no,roll and are favorite the dance. he is talking just a few wrods like hello and of course little michael. shady knows my son everytime he comes arond Shady will say hello little michael. we goes to work with me every other day and gets a bath when he stays home, sunday thats when he stays outside. We our so happy what you and your staff has did with shady. Every day there is something that shady does that makes us laugh. again thanks for your great work with shady

7/10/04 Corkey
(Ducorp's Cockatoo) is doing great!!!!!! Corkey is eating well, likes trying a wide variaty of vegetables and some fruit and sharing my oatmeal in the morning. Corkey went to avian vet. last Tuesday for a complete check-up, Corkey was friendly with the staff, ended up with alot of scritches from the staff, what a ham!!! Corkey's CBC was normal, gram stain was all positive, a very healthy baby!!!Again I want to thank-you and your staff for raising such a beautiful and healthy baby,Corkey is a bundle of joy!!
P. S. I seem to be smiling alot more lately, I wonder why????

7/9/04 We got the little
Jardine yesterday morning. I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with him so far. He is already trying to squawk words and he learned the "up" command faster than any other parrot I have ever had or trained !! (and that is quite a few!) Nick went with us to pick him up and he also said he thought that was a very nice looking Jardine. I played with him most of the night last night up until bedtime and learned that he wants to be a shoulder bird. He is already playing with his toys. The most impressive part is his ability to want to talk. My other Jardine was talkative but nothing like he is. My only concern is that he wants to play more than eat. I cannot seem to get him to eat very much so far. Of course we will give him time to settle in, he was overwhelmed with us playing with him and new cage and toys and other birds I am sure. I have handfeeding supplies ready if he refuses to eat tonight. Thanks again!

7/8/04 Just a quick note to let you know that the baby
(Rose-Breasted Cockatoo) arrived safe and sound. He seemed perfectly content in his little box and does not seem the least bit stressed by the trip. He is already preening and eating. He seems to be navigating the cage very well. I moved the perch from near floor level to its normal height since he seemed a bit annoyed that it was so low. Guess he is more grown up than I imagined! I must say that the picture you emailed last week does not do him justice. He is quite beautiful. By the way, the family named him Jesse James. Lets hope he does not live up to the name! Will email you pictures and more news as we settle in. We're off to the farm stand for some fresh veggies and treats.

7/6/04 Greg and I picked up our new baby
Caique (Yellow-Thighed) last Wednesday. The plane was a bit delayed so we waited and waited. He finally arrived - YEA. He was very curious to see the new people he was with. Once we got in the car he started eating and didn't stop until we got home which took just over an hour with the traffic in San Francisco. We opened the create door and let him come out on his own, which took a while! Finally he did with a bang. I let him hop and fly around, actually I couldn't catch him! Finally I got him in his new "house" and he settled in and started eating again! No problems with eating!!! And, he checked out all his new toys and played and played. He is very happy and confident. We got him a stuffed toy that he loves and between that and grapes which he loves I got him to come out of the cage on Thursday. He absolutely would not get on my finger... I think he's the boss (or he thinks he is). We did that for a couple of days and now he comes out to me. He loves to be held and loves to play. We got him some little (cat) balls that he likes to chase and "kick" around. It is just too cute. I have been able to rub his head and ears, which he has been scratching a lot, and under his wings. He can be touched all over and is OK with it. I wipe his beak when he eats and he likes that too. He is fearless. It is obvious he has been very well taken care of and loved. Needless to say I feel like he has been here and part of our family forever. We are so happy with him and I think he's pretty happy with us too! It's a match made in heaven. You are a wonderful mother Stork!
Thank you so much for everything. We have been and will be singing your praises.

7/2/04 Chelo
(Panama Amazon) was giving me the sideways "eye" all the way home in the car. She is just too cute for words and she definitely knows her name! She/he ?? is so very beautiful and precious. Had a quiet afternoon and evening and she settled into her cage with no problems. She is very gentle and seemed happy to hear the birds in the rest of the house...and I do mean the rest of the house. If my new birdroom for the breeders doesn't get finished before long we're going to have to move to a hotel and let the birds have our part.
Seeing Chelo today was just a dream come true. She is every bit as gorgeous as her parents and has the same impish and coy qualities that your Panama pictures show. I know we are going to have so much fun with our Chelo bird. Thanks once more for sending another healthy, happy and sweet baby. The devotation that you and your staff have for your birds shines through with every baby we have received from AVES. I will try to send pics of Chelo and others from time to time and when I DNA her I will let you know the results. (Sassy Y-T Caique, Zoe BE2 and Chelo Panama Amazon)

7/1/04 I just wanted to let you the baby
Jardine made it safe and sound. He/she seems to be adjusting well and eating. This baby is the sweetest, gentlest bird with such a wonderful little personality. I'll keep you posted. Thanks so Very much,

7/1/04 Well Corkey ( male
Ducorp's Cockatoo) finally made it home, unfortunately the plane was running 25 more minutes behind schedule, so received him at 6:30 p.m. I have to admit Corkey is a real trooper, he was calm, wasn't shaking or quivering or nothing, like no big deal. Me I was pacing thinking that poor bird cooped up in that crate. When I opened the crate he walked out ever so gracefully, like here I am, ain't I the cutest thing you ever seen!!!Corkey has big beautiful eyes, beautiful feathers, overall in great shape. Except his tail feathers did get somewhat soiled from being in the crate, How do you clean those to make them white again? I introduced Corkey to his cage, he climbed up it to the perches on top, and proceeded to the hanging play gym. I thought ok, no problem getting around I see. I then placed him in his cage, oh boy! whats this, and this, he was checking out all his toys. I was quite impressed that he wasn't afraid of any of them. I was truly amazed at his confidence, and your right I haven't heard him whine once. Corkey is truly a amazing bird. Haven't seen him eat yet, but its still early, he wants to play with his toys. I want to thank-you so very much and your staff for raising such a confident, amazing bird. He will be very much loved.

6/27/04 Aurora
(Blue & Gold Macaw) is doing beautifully well!! She is the most fun, sweetest, snuggliest (is that a word?) macaw. We are having the best time with her. Her playful antics keep us all cheerful. Not only that but Archimedes (Panama Amazon) is helping to teach her to talk! She is starting to say things that almost sound human and when she and Archimedes get going it's pretty comical. Then Slim, our Timneh, will pipe up in a grouchy voice..."Quiet!!" That's from my husband telling our dogs to be quiet.)

I'm so happy I got Aurora. Please tell your staff that she is a happy bird and that they should be proud of the job they (and you) did in raising her. I'm very, very pleased with her and I say this very seriously.

6/21/04 I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how well Tesla
(Timneh African Grey) is doing. The fact is, we just love this new feathered family member and can't imagine how we got along without him. He's just a little affection sponge; while he's taken a special shine to my husband, he allows scritches from anyone in the family including our children. He thrives on attention and makes sure to check on our whereabouts with a Timneh squawk. We always answer back. No words from him we recopies, but plenty of vocalizing and there is no mistaking his tone. He's willing to eat a wide variety of goodies and shows no favoritism towards anything in particular...no bad eating habits to undo or work on. He willingly steps up and behaves like a charm when we have to get firm...sometimes walk abouts are just not a safe thing for a little gray parrot to do!

When I see and hear the problems my friends have with their pet chain birds, I'm so thankful to have had you recommended and to have held out for this wonderful baby. He's literally twice the bird and at half the price. You've done a wonderful job and we can't thank you enough.

(Meyers Parrot) We could not be more happy with her. She responds great with me- her primary caregiver, and VERY well with both children (10 mon and 2 years). She allows both children to pet her, while perched on my hand, she perches on my two year old's toweled arm and takes food freely from his hand or finger tips. Thank you so much for the information you put on your pages, you encouraged Meyers as a great choice for our family and it was.

Thank you so much for you time, both times. I have done nothing but sing your praises, for your help, your website, your support to those of us who have your birds, and most importantly for what a wonderful job you did with my baby.

6/18/04 Chico
(Maximillian Pionus) arrived safely about 9:00 this evening. He is just fine, very curious, and ravenously hungry. He is eating anything we give him. He has also had a drink of water and has pooped, so everything seems normal. He is bigger than we expected. I thought he would be more baby-sized, and would grow after he got here. Is he full-grown now?
6/17/04 It's been almost a year now since I picked up our little girl Pua
(a Solomon Eclectus Female) from your husband in the parking lot :-). I can't begin to tell you how much she has become a central part of our lives. The first month she was a bit scared, but now she's settled in and become a perfect little ball of fun! I have never met a more gentle bird. She has never bitten anyone and uses her beak with the greatest of care when playing. And, she's quiet and polite. Quite a contrast to our Sun Conure who likes to be the boss!
She mumbles a lot and seems like she is trying to learn to talk. That will be interesting. However, if she never says a word, that's okay. Pua is such a wonderful addition to our family that our neighbor is going to contact you to order one. You indeed raise wonderful little birds. Whatever you are doing, keep it up. It is obvious that much love was put into her in the first three months of her life and we can't thank you enough!

6/3/04 Gail the
Sun Conure arrived safely and got to its new home abot 11:30 central time. It is really cute and I look foward to working, training and playing with it. You all are wonderful people to work with and to possibly getting another bird from you in the future. Once again thanks you very much and I will try to get some pics of its new home sent to you after it gets settled in. Have a good day.

6/1/04 I would have contacted you sooner, but the whole family was so excited about the new arrival. Just wanted to let you know that the bird
(Yellow-Sided Conure) arrived safely to New York. You are right, Connor is BEAUTIFUL/HANDSOME (not sure of the sex). Thanks for shipping Connor very carefully. Connor seemed fairly okay with the flight; perched on the window grate of the crate was the most comfortable position apparently. Connor seems to like the new cage and the amenities.

5/21/04 Our
Senegal, Drumstick, is really doing well. She started eating right away. Not a lot but definitely nibbling. This morning she was eating a bit more. So far so good.

Drumstick is cautious, but not overly fearful. She fell asleep while I was petting her on my lap in a towel last night. Very sweet. She learning to step up and seems interested in what's going on in her new house. We seem to be okay thus far! Thank you so much for our wonderful little baby!

4/27/04 Just a short note to thank you for the beautiful male
Solomon Island Eclectus you sent last week. The bird arrived in good feather and is eating well. And while I am at the issue of eating I must tell you that "his mama forgot to teach him how to clean his beak after eating"?!

I made my first serious attempts yesterday to interact with the new arrival. He stepped on a stick as if he had done it many times before and allowed me to carry him outside for a breath of fresh air. While he was soaking in the sights and sounds of country living, our resident (and very
tame) pair of roadrunners made an appearance and inspected the new kid on the block. Should have had the video camera set up! It was quite comical. Again, many thanks for the gorgeous baby and feel free to use me as an excellent reference.

4/17/04 Aurora
(Blue & Gold Macaw) is doing wonderfully well! She's eating like a champ, playing with a few toys, chewing alot on her bottlebrush play gym and seems to be settling right in. She's incredibly sweet and everyone just loves her........even our other birds are pretty matter of fact about having a new bird in the house. So all is well with Aurora and her new family.
Thank you!
4/1/04 Hi Gail. Just a quick note about my new friend
(Senegal Parrot). She is even prettier in real life than in the pictures. Photos just do not do justice to the iridescent sheen in her feathers. She is a little nervous yet, so I have her in her new cage, so she can calm down. She was nippy at first, but allows me to hold her and pet her. I figure in a few days, she will be comfortable with me and her new home. She has not started to eat yet, but I am watching. If she doesn't start to eat by tomorrow afternoon, I will call you. Thanks, again.

3/11/04 Just thought I would update you. The Timneh I got from you last week is very beautiful. She is stepping up and letting me scratch her head ,etc. She is eating and drinking very well. My Hahn's Louie is a bully and a little jealous, actually a lot jealous. She doesn't seem to play with her toys much and is not real active yet but I think she keeps one eye on Louie. She's a little touchy when I scratch near her wings. I wondered if that could be from the wing clipping cause that's Louie's favorite spot. If I can borrow a digital camera I'll send pictures.

2/23/04 Thank you so much for your help concerning my new parrot
(Meyers Parrot)! I can already tell that I love her...and will have many happy days ahead of me. She is a real sweetheart...which means that you and your staff did a superb job socializing her. She is eating the Millet spray. She doesn't seem too interested in the rest of the food as of yet. But I am happy she's eating something. She is currently resting in my pocket...getting a little sleep. I will be sure to call if I have any questions as I'm sure I will. Again...thank you for your help. I am truely glad I decided on the Meyer's...What a doll! (Still un-named)..I'll let you know when i decide.
Thanks again

2/23/04 I received a
Jardine parrot from you on February 4, 2004. We named him Jordon or Jordie as we call him. Jordie is such a charmer. Since the first day he came home he was a loving bundle of joy. At first I was very concerned about him eating enough. So I set up my web cam on his cage so I can watch him all day while I'm at work. I was happy to see him eating very well during the day. I can even see what bowl he eats out of the most and what toys he plays with when nobody is around. His favorite thing to do is to snuggle up under my chin or to sit with my husband and preen his beard. I spend time with him every morning before I leave for work. Jordie loves his morning bath time with me. We sing our ABC's and 123's, He jumps into the shower spray and loves to play in the water. Then he sits on the bathroom counter on his perch as we dry off and get ready for work. Jordie loves to spend time with the whole family. Now when I open his cage door and ask him to come spend time with me. He'll climb around the cage until he reaches the front door where he "steps up" on my hand. Then he spends the next several hours roaming around or playing on the top of his cage.
We are so incredible happy with the newest family member. Please extend our greatest appreciation and gratitude to your nursery staff and everybody evolved who made our baby the best he can be. Thank you!!!

2/21/04 We are having such a wonderful time with our female
eclectus (Vosmaeri)! She was slow to come around and warm up to folks and she definitely lets us know what she wants or doesn't. Now when I come home from work, she flies from her cage to meet me, finds me in the kitchen when I'm making something, or stomps her way into the bedroom if I'm on the computer.
She loves music! She didn't 'speak' to us at all in the beginnning until one evening we were channel surfing and came upon a PBS special featuring the renowned violinist, Andre Rieu. She began to sing right along with his violin in the most beautiful of chortles. Stewart and I were amazed--two concerts in one! Ever since then, we've bought different types of music and play during the day when I'm gone and then at dinner. She'll sit on her little perch on my desk while I'm on the computer... that's Jimmy Buffett time. We're having a ball. She goes with me on weekends,when the weather's been nice, to tiki type restaurants with friends and just sits on my arm, the perfect lady.
She's learned to make a sound like a laugh-like ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. She often does that appropriately when someone else has finished speaking. She did that the other night when Stewart and I were out, she was laughing after the ladies next to us were talking. The lady said, "Did she just laugh at me?" I smiled and said, "Yes she did!" "How amazing!", she said... Stewart and I just cracked up.
I know this is long, but I just wanted to give you an update on how beautifully she is coming around. Quite aloof in the beginning and still isn't sure about going in the shower, but is interested and sits on the towel bar and watches.

2/20/04 I picked her
(Catalina Macaw) up a few hours ago. She is beautiful and very sweet! Until I sex her I'm calling her a girl I guess. She is settling into her new cage quite nicely. It's very funny to watch her be so clumsy. She is preening herself, which I know is a good sign of comfort. She is eating here and there. I will keep you informed on how she is doing. Just wanted to let you know she is home and safe! What a little darling!

2/20/04 Thank you for this lovely and friendly little
Meyers. She arrived on time and safely and was eating, playing and taking a bath within the first hour in her new cage. She will have many friends here - birds and people - and I promise you she will have a good home.

2/14/04 About a year ago I bought a
Noble macaw from you that I named Toego. I just wanted to tell you that he is doing great! he's so wonderful and loves everyone. He is such a good bird and isn't demanding at all. He is absolutely beautiful and makes little cooing noises when petted. I just wanted to thank you sooo much for giving me such a sweet bird.

2/3/04 We are enjoying George
(Noble Macaw) very much. He is doing well. Very active. Eating like a pig. He gets yams all over his beak. He loves attention, almost demands it. He squawks, dances and bobs on his perch. He was a little shy at first, but now steps right on your arm. He wants you to pet and scratch him continuously on the head and under his wings (he lifts them up), or he will nibble on you until you start scratching again. How do you stop that? Thank you for getting him here; he is a big hit with the whole family.

2/2/04 Hello, my name is fabrizio and I live in Brazil ... I just would like to thank you for all
the help you have been giving me through the informations from avesint.com ...
I really wish there were more people like you.
Best wishes for you and all your family, including your wonderful birds.

1/23/04 After a week, Sparky (
African Congo Grey) is doing really well. What a sweet boy he is. You and your staff did a awsome job with him. We had a longer then expected ride home. Took us all a while to settle in. Your telephone support was a huge help that evening. He has adjusted to the family well. He is not as shy as I expected. Always up for a new experience. He enjoys spending time in the bathroom with me in the mornings. We love him so dearly. You and your staff have done a awsome job raising him. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

1/19/04 I picked up my
Male SI Eclectus from your husband back in July. Anyway, just wanted to let you know he is doing great. He is very sweet just like you said he was. He warmed up nicely to us... He's adjusted well and is just quiet as a mouse. Not a peep out of him its amazing. He likes
to watch T.V. and mumble to himself quietly. The forcing him to sit on our lap thing didn't work well with him. I ended up winning him over by hand feeding him Veggies... Once he associated the hand with food all was well. He has trained quite easily and will come to his name now and go into his cage on command. The Eclectus are very smart. I've worked with Hawks and Falcons in the past and I think the Eclectus trained even faster than they did... You guys must have done a great job with him at your aviary because he has never bitten us one time... Even in the beginning the worst he would do is wrap his beak around your finger or hand and lick you to death. He never clamped down at all.. Anyway, thanks again for the fantastic bird. I know on the phone the day I was going to pick him up you had said he was very sweet and let you handle him without incident. You were very correct he's a very nice friendly little guy. Thanks again,

1/18/04 Just happy to report that Pepper (the
African gray Congo) is doing great. He has been with us for a week and 3 days. His appetite is very good. He loves his vegetables and fruit. He is also very well socialized with every member in the family. I just want to say thank you for such a wonderful bird! I love him to pieces! You and your staff do a great job in socializing the babies, please thank your staff for a job well done on my baby I truly appreciate the care that he received while at your facility. I do not have enough words to thank you for the new addition to our family. May God bless you, your family and your entire staff. Also, thank you for your call when you received my e-mail about Pepper not eating, your concern and call was greatly appreciated.

1/15/04 I want to let you know that the flight to Juneau for Calico
(Catalina Macaw) and the Noble Macaw baby went very smoothly. It was very easy coaxing Calico out of her carrier, as she was desparate for a head scratch, and a hug. She's easing in very well, and is so big, and beautiful. There is no problem with her eating, either. She's chowing down. So, is the Noble baby, although he was a bit more reluctant to leave his carrier, and a little more shy. But, he's doing very well also (don't know why I'm calling it a "he"). They are both very nice birds. I love the carriers they come in. They must feel very safe, like in a nest. Their plumage is so vibrant and full, and they both have sweet, dear personalities. You can certainly tell they have been carefully handreared.
Thank you for the two beautiful babies!!

1/8/04 Maya, my
Panama (Amazon), is incredible. My husband told me that she was imitating the sound of a sax "on the fly" on a new CD he was playing. While she can be feisty, she still allows multiple people in my family to hold her. We all love her very much.

12/30/03 We named him KIWI
(Yellow-Thighed Caique). He is doing just fine - good appetite , plenty of energy and loves attention!! We kept him isolated from our African Grey for the first 10 days and know their cages are in close proximity but no direct contact. The African Grey (3yrs) is curious but nervous so we are going very slow to introduce them. We bought plenty of toys and I'm home most days to give attention. Kiwi is a great addition to the family , thanks very much

12/29/03 Our "Kiki"
(Timneh African Grey) is doing great. She has adjusted to her new home and family. She loves attention and really love to interact with the family. Every time we walk into the room she calls for attention and wants to be held. She is eating well and seems happy in her cage. We got her a play stand, which she loves to spend time on. She is also fond of being on my shoulder and will stay there as long as I will allow.
Thanks again for the wonderful addition. Have a great new year.

12/29/03 I wanted to give you an update on Gizmo’s
(Hahn's Macaw) progress, and thank you for all of your help over the last couple of weeks. I have often been told that the real measure of a business’s value to its customers lies not in how good they are at preventing problems (though that is obviously important), but in how they respond when problems-inevitably-do occur.

When Gizmo first arrived, and refused to eat, my wife and I were very worried about him-and doubting our ability to care for him. We didn’t know what was wrong, and had no idea of how to fix it. From the emails that you sent over the first couple of days checking on his progress, to your sense of concern and immediacy when it became clear that there was a problem, to walking us through the process of hand-feeding him long enough to jump-start his appetite, we both feel that you went beyond the call of duty to make sure that Gizmo was well taken care of. He is eating constantly now. He has gained all of his weight back. He is full of energy and curiosity. And he loves to be loved. If we ever decide to purchase another bird, you can be sure it will be from Aves. Thanks for everything!!! Please feel free to share this email, or to put anyone looking for a customer reference in touch with us.

12/24/03 We just got home with our new Grey
(Timneh African Grey). She did fine with the drive home and is adjusting well to her new home. She started eating as soon as I put food in her cage. I've held her and she seems to love being petted on her back and neck. I didn't think she would be willing to let me handle her so much at first. It's obvious you get the birds off to a great start. Thank you for the wonderful addition to the family. We couldn't ask for a better Christmas gift (she is mind and my wife's gift to each other).

12/22/03 I picked him
(Jardine Parrot) up at the Denver airport and he looked great! He is settling right in....and you are right, he is absolutely sweet. I put his perches only mid way up the cage and padded the bottom of the cage with several layers of towels because I knew he would be falling. And he has fallen a few times, but doing an awesome job of learning to climb already. And yes, he is courting me...he is just soooooo sweet. I haven't come up with a name yet...I've been addressing him as Hello Beautiful. I'll keep you informed of his progress. You have raised a beautiful Jardine.....thank you!

12/20/03 She
(Bronze-Winged Pionus) was very perky and eager to get out of her crate. She has taken a number of "cat naps" today -- obviously yesterday was stressful, but she is eating and letting everyone hold her. She is happy to tour the house on my 19-year-old daughter's shoulder. Thank you. We love her. (It looks like we're naming her "Baby")

12/18/03 Everything is going just GREAT! We have named the baby Sonoma
(Bronze-Winged Pionus). We feed him all the yummy stuff you suggested, lots of veggies and fruit and seed mixture. He is very curious about his surroundings and is already stepping up to fingers, plus giving sweet little kisses. Thanks again.

12/18/03 Hi Gail! "Trail-Mix" (our
Maximillian Pionus) is wonderful!!! He's our new best buddy. I will send you some pics. After only a couple of weeks he was showering with me on his shower perch. One time I took a shower without him and while I was in the shower he jumped off his cage and walking in to the bathroom begging me to let him in. We've discovered that he really loves plain Cherios, and little bits of naturally sweetened granola, as well as almonds in the shell. These are his favorite treats. He's amazing!! When Chris and I are in the other room and call his name, he gets real excited and tries to ecco-locate us! Everything interests him, mostly the Christmas Tree. :) We love him with all our hearts and want to thank you for our new buddy. Happy Holidays and best wishes for 2004.

12/18/03 Just wanted to let you know that our
Solomon Island Eclectus arrived just fine about 8:00 HST. He was a little frazzled from the long journey, but loves his new cage and has been eating with enthusiasm. We have decided to call him Radar. I will keep in touch and let you know if anything changes. Thanks so much for our beautiful baby. We will send pictures when we get a chance. ;)

12/17/03 Hemingway
(White-Crowned Pionus) is AWESOME. THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!! Specially for putting your trust in me. You were right, your baby birds are very sweet and tame; after a couple of hours, my little guy ate apples from my hand and now lets me pet him under his wings - what an awesome baby.

12/17/03 Sir Echosalot (Echo)
(Timneh African Grey) is such a cute pie. He is soo friendy and I'm already loving him, so is the hubby. Thanks again for everything.

12/17/03 Thanks so much!!! “Kiwi”
(Hahn's Macaw) arrived around 11:00. delayed flights and what not. He is so sweet!! Stepped up from his crate to my hand with no hesitation. Our lovebird, Brutus (you have no idea how appropriate that name is), is more than a little jealous/unsure about his new little brother. The bar spacing has him a little off kilter right now, but I am sure he will be movin’ and groovin’ in no time.

12/17/03 I've attached a picture of Moo
(Noble Macaw) helping my daughter Julia do her American History homework. He is a jewel! He specially loves my daughter' hair. He nestles down in it and sits. He is eating and pooping (they look normal). We love him dearly already! What a snugglebug.

12/16/03 Little Moo
(Noble Macaw) is doing great. Eating just fine and has had an adventure outside his cage to inspect my children. We haven't officially named him yet, we just call him moo right now because he makes a little noise like those toys that you turn upside down and it moos. It's hilarious! I happened to meet another of your clients picking up an African at the same time. Both birds are beautiful. The only question I have is on quantity of food to give at a time. I've guestimated 1/4 cup and I'm watching to see how much he eats. Thank you so much for all your help and for the wonderful bird. I'll certainly be getting my goffin's as soon as our aviary is ready this summer. I love your site. Photos shortly!

12/14/03 She
(Solomon Island Eclectus) is doing very well, thanks for asking. She has a very healthy appetite and generates lots of healthy stool, too--ha ha! I'm feeding her China Prairie sprout mix and fresh fruits and veggies. I did do a whole lot of research in preparation for her arrival. She is such a sweet and beautiful little red head! She is already perching with confidence on my hand. I'm so glad I read "Guide to a Well-Behaved Parrot" for the tips on gaining a parrot's trust by using the right kind of body language. I also found Susan Blanchard's "Companion Parrot Handbook" extremely helpful, too. And there is an excellent web site all about Eclectus-- http://ekkiechat.com/-- it includes recommended diet, recipes, and is also a general forum for eclectus owners. My sweet little red and blue baby has a large stainless steel cage, a variety of toys, and even a separate sleeping cage. I'm very, very happy with her, as is the rest of my family! The excellent care she received at your bird farm definitely shows in her sweet-natured personality! Thank you so much for everything!

12/9/03 I just wanted to let you know that Daisy the
African Grey I bought from you is doing wonderful. We love her to pieces. She goes to work with me and has a play-gym in every room
of the house. I have her extremely well socialized and she loves everybody. I bought her a travel cage type carrier called a poco pack (www.pocopack.com) and it is a great to have if you take your bird with you a lot. Take care and thank you !!

12/9/03 I just want to take a moment to say, "thank you" for a pleasant business working with you and your staffs. You guys have done a great deal of raising the bird. We got our
sun-conure 12-08-03. This morning we were playing with him and name him "LUCKY". He was great. Thanks and I will pass it on if anyone wanted to buy a bird. It will be from you guys.

11/13/03 Hello Gail, I just wanted to write you to let you know that I love the birds. (
Maximillian Pionus & Hahn's Macaw) I have named the Pionus "Max" & the Macaw "Kiwi". The Pionus is very much to herself and doesn't want to be bothered to much. I don't know why. The Macaw is a mad man. He eats nonstop, his alias is piggly wiggly. Ha Ha Actually he is such a riot. The 11th of November he took his first bath in his water bowl on top of his cage, so very funny. They have tons of toys and play with them all. The Macaw loves me to death and will not let me leave his sight. If I go in the other room he will try to come after me. He has been found wondering around the living room when I went into the kitchen. I have taught him to give me kisses and he does it. It cracks me up. I love him so much. They both are spoiled rotten and I think Kiwi (Macaw) knows it. He has got the best personality in the whole world and makes me laugh every night. I have already used up 3 rolls of film on the birds. I have ordered their food from the China Prairie Company, waiting for that to come. You did a great job in raising them from babies, I can definitely tell with Kiwi. He loves people.

11/11/03 Your babies
(Noble Macaws) arrived safely at our house around 10 a.m. they are absolutely adorable. They are so inquisitive (or is it friendly?) I can't wait for my son's to get home from school to see them! I will watch carefully that both are eating.

11/6/03 Oscar
(Meyer's Parrot) is doing great. He is so cute. I love to hear his little chirps.
He likes coming out of his cage and helping me with my homework.
Thanks again for an adorable little parrot!!!!

11/5/03 We were at the freight office when our baby
(Meyer's Parrot) arrived. I spent an hour on the couch cuddling him, and he gently nibbled on my ear and lip making the sweetest noises. Our son, our daughter-in-law and our lovely 3 year-old granddaughter came over to meet the new addition to the family. They were all smitten as are we. Jordan, our granddaughter, christened him Zazu. So Zazu it will be. Zazu has now met our cat, Everest, and our Alaskan Malamute, Kai. This is a very centered bird. After an initial eek! at seeing Kai, he came over to the side of the cage and started talking to him -- such a dear. He actually took a nap on our daughter-in-law's shoulder. She has had birds most of her life and is very good with them.
Thanks so much for this lovely addition to our family.

10/29/03 Hi Gail, Lily
(Rose-Breasted Cockatoo) is doing sooo well. She has been with us about six weeks now. Lily is a very loving, friendly, sweet bird. Today she said "Hello". I can tell she is trying to say some other things, but not sure what. We have Hispanic cleaning ladies who love her. She really responds to them. They speak lovingly to her in Spainish and Lily bobs her head in approval. Now I want another bird! My sister, who has Ben the Ducorp wants Lily, but she is our baby! Will send photo's!

10/29/03 She
(Bronze-Winged Pionus) is beautiful !! Thank you so much and take good care..I will keep you in mind for any future purchases...it went very smooth and she and my male are already snuggling together :>

10/29/03 Thanks for your concern. You weren't the only one. We had a good trip home except for the fires which were quite bad around Magic Mountain. Joey
(Meyer's Parrot) sat in the back seat with my daughter, Barbara, who occasionally cuddled him and talked to him. We seem to have a very well adjusted bird and I have handled him several times last evening and again this morning. He is eating well. I do hope the fires are not endangering your birds. Nothing in the news to indicate just how close the fire is to your ranch. Thank you for providing such a sweet little guy. I will do my best to see he has the best of everything, including loving. I will send an e-mail update from time to time.

10/15/03 We are really enjoying the company of Kaheli
(Hyacinth Macaw) and Tiki
(Hahn's Macaw). There is a new picture of both of them at : http://www.5hm.com
Thanks again for everything !

10/8/03 we will read all instructions carefully. he
(White-Crowned Pionus) made it home well. my daughter is realy pleased. frnklin is very handleable and is now sleeping in his tall cage covered. we have many different types of fresh food just as the instructions detailed. we will be in touch, by phone, making sure everything is going smoothly

10/8/03 Everything went very smooth, Florence
(Umbrella Cockatoo) is her name, Floccie for short, we named her after a very dear family member of our passed recently. And Freddy (Umbrella Cockatoo) after my father.Anyways she was tired once we arrived, pass her bedtime. She is extremely sweet, even the mannerism of a young lady. She snuggled up with Mike for about an hour,we cant get over how your birds go right into bonding with us. He came home for lunch to spend time with her and he made the comment to me this is why we will never purchase another bird from a pet shop again, there is a world of a difference. Thank you so much , for giving the very best to your birds, we appreciate there wonderful dispositions & Beauty.

10/3/03 Freddy the
umbrella cockatoo has been doing extremely well ever since we made our pick -up in Torrance. He began bonding with me at our 1st pit stop. He ate all The way home and touching me with his tongue, trying to see how I taste. He loves to be rocked everyday in the rocking chair, cooing turning his head from side to side making all kinds of loving noises.
My husband wants to purchase one of your sweet female umbrella cockatoo if there any left.
And I want to put a deposit down on a male Mollucan Cockatoo on your next availability.
I didnt see anymore available right now. Maybe this fall? You can see were very happy customers. Your birds have beautiful lines and most of all the SWEETEST disposition ive ever come across. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

10/2/03 My new babies arrived at 11:00 pm last night. The eclectus
(Solomon Island Eclectus) was very quiet. In fact, I couldn't even see her in her cage until I got home. The sun conure (we named her Soleil - "Soe laay" - means sun) on the other hand, was climbing all over the front grate, telling me to take him out. He went right into his cage when we got home, and crawled into his fleece tent. The eclectus (no name yet) is sitting on her food bowl and hasn't moved for a whole day. She is a very mythotical bird, and I can tell, she has an old soul. I have offered many different types of food, but they only seem to want a little corn and our cockatiel's seed mix. It will take some time, but I'm sure they will soon feel a part of our flock. Thanks again for putting up with all my nagging, and thanks for sending me two great babies!

Aloha Gail,
10/2/03 We just arrived home with the baby blue front - she's
(Blue-Fronted Amazon) beautiful. She's preening and feeding and extremely alert yet calm...all great signs given the the experiences she's had getting here. I wanted to especially thank you for your professionalism, advice and assistance with bringing this together for us given the permitting and quarentine issues in Hawaii. We'll watch her for the next couple days and see how she's adjusting, for now I figure I should let her rest in her new home. We'll drop you another line this weekend and let you know how things are going. Once again, thank you for all your help.

10/2/03 Gail: my baby
(Sun Conure) seems to be doing great. He/she is eating millet and some seeds. Seems to be a very calm bird. I am very pleased! Thanks so much

10/2/03 I am just giving you an update on the
meyers parrot you sold to me. I named him Oscar because I call him Oscar meyer. He likes to come out of his cage and sit on my shoulder and when he gets brave he climbs on top of my head. He really loves apples. I take Oscar out of his cage everyday. I always take him out of his cage every morning and say goodbye to him before I go to school. Oscar is doing great! Thank you for a great little guy.

10/2/03 I just wanted to send you a quick note telling you how Kara
(Hahn's Macaw) is doing, she is just terrific. She is so friendly and loving, she loves to snuggle and has never even attempted to nip at anyone. Thank you so much for sending me such a wonderful baby. I am attaching a picture of her taking her first shower which she really enjoys. Thanks again.

10/2/03 Solomon, my baby Ducorp's
(Ducorp's Cockatoo) arrived just fine. We "talked" all the way home from the airport, about a two hour drive. I would say sweet nothings and Solomon would kind of curdle a reply. Once we got home I offered him some baby food carrots but he just tasted it and shook his head no till it flung off his beak. I hadn't bought any cream of wheat but I had a hot multi-grain cerial. After it cooled to just about room temperature I offered it to him and Solomon ate a lot of it. After supper he decided to try tasting my fingers, then he let me rub against his neck feathers, I would pause when he decided to softly nibble (kiss like) me back. Solomon raised his wing & stuck his head under his wing. He let me rub his neck under his wing and then his soft feathers under his wing. He really liked that! He wanted more cuddles but after half an hour I put him back in his cage. That's where he is now. Giving me a friendly one-wing stretch (looks like an invitation to more cuddles but I told him it's too late, night-night). Solomon is a charmer. Thank your staff for me, and thank you Gail!

9/22/03 The Pionus
(Bronze-Winged Pionus) is really terrific ! Many thanks for sending such an outstanding specimen. I'll contact you in the near future in regards to a baby male Tres Maria.
9/19/03 My new
Yellow-Sided Conure baby arrived at Bradley International Airport in Hartford CT, safe and sound. I am enchanted. I was expecting that it would be quite tired and stressed and a bit afraid of me but found instead that it was curious and intent on exploring everything around it. The baby is settling into its new cage in a quiet and calm part of the house. It is amazing to me though how much, even in this strange situation, it seems to enjoy quiet company and will even take food from your hand. The baby is eating well and did right from the start. I am waiting to get to know it a bit before settling on a name. It seems to have quite a lovely personality so it shouldn't be long. I read your page on feeding and caring for the new arrival and found it very helpful. Thank you so much,

9/19/03 Lupe
(Bronze-Winged Pionus) made it just fine. She was peaking out her crate window all the way home. I spent some time with her yesterday and allowed her to come out on her own. She spent the nite in her new Florida "condo." Today, she let me hold her and ped her, but I don't see her drinking any water. I put the crate in and she began eating the corn and some food. Don't really know if she ate from what we had for her. What should I do if I don't see her drink? She is active, even playing with some of the toys. Please get back to me at your earliest convenience, and once again thank you for Lupe...she's just beautiful....

9/18/03 She
(Ducorp's Cockatoo) arrived fine and is whining as you said she probably would. She is so pitiful because I know she misses her friends back there. She is beautiful and wants me to constantly scratch her head,etc. She is soooo tame. She has messed around with her food dishes so I am pretty sure she is eating. She has everything to choose from. Louie, my Hahn's is sort of jealous and wondering what is going on. Of course I would never let them alone together but I have let them interact to see what happens. She doesn't like to step up yet but it won't be long.

9/18/03 Getting my
meyers parrot ( I still haven't thought of a really good name for him) at the airport was easy because we got there early. I let him out of the crate and put him on a towel on the way home in the car and he liked to be petted on his back. Right now he is in my room in his cage and he has been eating. I put some apple, yam, beet and a peice of raw corn on the cob in his cage. He likes the millet spray alot. I am so happy to report that he is doing great! Thank you so much for sending me such a sweet and beatiful baby!!

9/18/03 Well, the baby now known as Bailey
(Bronze-Winged Pionus) has arrived and he is gorgeous and so very sweet. I'm amazed that after what had to be a very puzzling and even frightening experience he is very gentle and willing to try new experiences (like having a number of airport employees peek in at him and talk to him and being handled by a stranger talking a continuous stream of baby talk to him). It's a real tribute to your breeding, rearing and socializing philosophy and program. He did eat some of the corn in his crate while we were completing paperwork at the airport, but has not yet eaten here at home - he's taking a bit of a nap now. Thank you so very much for Bailey. I'm so happy I waited for him!

9/11/03 Thank you to you and your staff for raising such a sweet baby
Maximillian Pionus. I met Adan today in Corona and brought him home, we shared a strawberry on the way, which he seemed to love. I also got to hold him and share some more fruit after he calmed down a bit. He is in his cage exploring around and checking out all the toys. I put one of my stuffed
animals and a cardboard box with shredded newspaper in it and he checked those out too. He is eating very well, both the fresh and the mixed seeds. I'll have to send you a picture of him in his new home.

9/9/03 Thank you so much for our beautiful baby girl!!!!
(Vosmaeri Eclectus) We wanted to let you know that she is doing very well; she is eating on her own and is pretty comfortable with us already (she is so sweet!). Our boy (Kramer) caught a glimpse of her from a distance (she is being quarantined) and is very excited that she is home! We will send you a picture of both of them soon!

9/8/03 Hi Gail, I can't tell you how wonderful little Smoky
(Timneh African Grey) is. I thought CoCo (Ducorp's Cockatoo) was the greatest but this is the sweetest little bird I have ever seen. I know I am in the honeymoon phase. He is so quiet, he is a little pig. I have been chopping up greens, carrots, squash, adding his sprouts, baked sweet potatoes, a little low fat yogurt and a little oat meal made into a mush and he gobbles it up. I have been feeding him off and on all day and before he goes to bed. I have never heard him cry. He just gives me those little peeps and looks up into my eyes while I am feeding him. You all did a wonderful job getting him ready to come home. I did introduce him to my other birds, they were not too impressed. Coco raised her crest and let out a good yell, then turned her back on him and completely ignored him. Coco is still so sweet, likes everyone and has never bitten anyone. I would certainly recommend a Ducorp for a family bird.

9/8/03 I am really happy with the 1 y/o yellow nape hen
(Yellow-Naped Amazon) you sent me (named her Shianne). I am even happier now as I recently put her with an 8 y/o male and they are already allowpreening. He is the mellowest nape I have ever seen, especially for a mature male. I am glad I waited to find a perfect boyfriend for her, this guy (shamu) is the prettiest nape I have ever seen and HUGE. There isn't anything for her not to like. He is probably so happy to have a girlfriend that he was willing to take some attitude from her at first. Hopefully he won't get impatient to breed as she is only one.
:-)Anyways, thanks again for the great bird.

9/6/03 hi gail !!!!!! i have to tell you that this
(Maximillian Pionus) is the best little pet i have ever had. i have had birds in the past and after many years they still were not even close what she allows......in just 5 weeks this is where she is in her relationship with me: she lays her chest down in the palm of my hand, spreads her wings and just about turns herself upside down to bathe under the sprayer in my kitchen sink. then she fluffs and drapes her wings over my shoulder for the hairblower while giving me kisses.she has gone to my classroom and let 20 kids stand around and touch her back, she is calm and chirps away. she goes with me to local stores around town playing with the toys i pin to the little towel on my shoulder. she eats with me at the table, we also take turns with bites when she is on my shoulder and grooms my eyelashes. i dont know how to thank you for this little girl. my late father used to call every new little one in the family Mucki (mooky), hungarian for little chipmunk ( i remained mucki to him even at 56) ...so, that is her name. a very grateful customer!!!

9/4/03 I wanted you to know how one of your "baby" birds has done. Three years ago, in July 2000, you hatched my much loved Miss Scarlett O'Timneh
(Timneh African Grey), and sent her to me here in Idaho. I had spoken to you by phone a couple of times about the accidental death of my Meyers, and you were GREAT! I really appreciated your kindness, and help, when speaking to you. Miss Scarlett is one of your timneh grays, and she is just a riot! I have made sure she knows what is, and is not, proper manners for a good little parrot, although she is pretty sure she should be allowed to run the house at times. So I just wanted you to know what an excellent job I know you did raising and weaning her. Your doing such a good job gave her the background to be an excellent pet, and I just wanted to tell you an overdue Thankyou. I was very glad to see tonight that the shipping quarantine has been lifted, as I am sure this has been a very difficult time for you. Again, much thanks

9/3/03 I just wanted to let you know that I did pick up the eclectus
(Solomon Island Eclectus) last night, Sept. 2. Thank you so much for picking out such a wonderful bird for me. She was shy for a little while but it didn't take long for her to get used to me, as well as my mom. She was tasting us pretty much right away, with which I was very surprised. She is only eating small amounts right now, but I know that is normal. I have named her Maia. I will keep you updated as to how she is doing! Thanks again :-)

9/3/03 I am sending this note 13 days after receiving my baby
(Timneh African Grey). I am amazed at how well socialized he is, which is a direct result of the excellent care he received at Aves. This baby is so happy to be alive; he eats, plays with his toys and makes his sweet sounds all at once. He has a bath with the other 2 parrots daily and loves this. He has no fear of my 2 large dogs and actually seems entertained by them. My other grey is already telling him “ Stevie is a good boy”. He learned to step up quickly, happily goes to strangers, likes going to other people’s homes and has no problem trying new foods.
Thank you so much for such a happy and well socialized baby. He is very much loved.

9/3/03 Gail, Thank you for sending me such a beautiful, wonderful bundle of joy! I just love him. He
(Yellow-Thighed Caique) is so sweet and full of life. I am very happy with him. He is settling into his big new cage nicely and checking out all his new toys. When I was getting ready to leave for work early this morning he was enjoying a snack and was very calm about letting me reach in and take out his old veggies I gave him last night. He seemed fine and very, very interested in what was going on around him when we picked him up from the airport. When we got home he came out of his box to say "hi" then ran back in, but came right back out and let me pick him up. Enjoyed a bite to eat and wanted to check things out. I think Bailey and I will be okay and get along great together. Thank you again!!!

9/3/03 Zoe's
(Bare-Eyed Cockatoo) top beak was poking thru the wire when I picked her up. She talked to me the whole way home. I told her that I was sure this was the only time she had been in a crate and would be out soon. She ate some warm oatmeal and bananas and fell asleep with her beak in the spoon! It was too cute. Very shortly after that she went to bed. My husband adores her and she is indeed another sweetie from Aves. At first I greeted her with "Hello, baby Zoe" and then thought a minute and said "Buenos dias" (sp??). She perked up immediately. When I put her to bed tonight I told her about the library and pencils in Spanish( remnants of seventh grade Spanish class), and then told her how pretty she was and Good Night...all in Spanish and she leaned over and kissed me. It was too precious. Can't wait to snuggle with her tomorrow and introduce her to the flock here (but gradually). She will be camping out in our bedroom for a week or so until she gets used to hearing the others and then I will put her cage in with them. I will write more about her later Gail, but thanks once again for another sweet, healthy, beautiful bird from AVES. She was definitely worth the wait!

8/27/03 Just wanted to drop you a short note this Wed. Aug. 27. My son and I picked up the Eclectus
(Solomon Island Eclectus) and Sun Conure last night around 8:00. The birds are better than expected, It's very apparent from having birds that you are as your web site indicates. These are the most beautiful birds, and I can tell you take great care with much love with them. Their condition is super!!!!!!! They were very timid last night and this morning as expected. Something happened very surprising this morning, the birds were together in the bottom of their large cage being very confused about everything. My son and daughter was sitting at the cage and my wife came down. She sat on the sofa, when she began to speak, both birds (ecletus) started to look around, they both climbed up to the perch, started to drink and play with the toys provided. I can only guess they were comforted by her voice and maybe because she was female. Once again I thank you for all your help! We will be doing business again !!!!!!

8/26/03 Smokey
(Timneh African Grey) arrived a little early, like 5:28. It took them until six o'clock to bring him to the desk. We finally got him and he was a little hyper. We are an hour from the airport and with the traffic we finally got home and was able to let him out. He is in another room from the other birds but they were all calling so I guess it made him feel at home. I fed him some sweet potatoes with some oatmeal which he immediately went for.. He is just adorable, he stepped up on my hand and nibbled for awhile and it was a good time for him because we put him to bed, and have not heard a peep out of him. I've peeked in and he is sitting on his perch and seems very content.

8/24/03 Peepers
(Hahn's Macaw) is the sweetest bird ever! He was a little stressed coming off the plane, but he calmed down quickly once we got home. He has been easy train and friendly to everyone. He took to his food and water dishes immediately and quickly learned the ropes in his new cage. He has been extremely fun to watch, he is such an acrobat!

8/24/03 Luna, the
Hahn's macaw, arrived safely at the airport. Luna is a real sweet heart. She already learned a word, it's up and she is learning hello. She is doing fine in our home. I found Luna's favorite fruit is a watermelon. She is a real talker. I have got a new cage for her and she is just getting use to it. She has tons of toys that she loves to play with.
Thank you for such a kind loving bird.

8/22/03 He
(Timneh African Grey) is absolutely fine. Slept all night, and is now eating, which thrills me and he is playing with toys. He's very curious and a beautiful baby. I love him!!

8/13/03 I received Zoe
(Hahn's mini macaw) from Adan (our livestock manager). She's lovely!!! She is not shy at all like many birds I've seen. She's really sweet too. Her favorite thing right now is to climb up my shoulder and sit there. She makes this soft noise, and I guess it means that she's content. Thank you for such a wonderful bird! I'm falling in love with her!

8/12/03 She's
(Rose-Breasted Cockatoo) sitting on my forearm as I type this to you. She's out of her cage mostly unless we're not home. She likes to be on the play top on the top of her cage. When we say "give me kisses" she just loves to molest our faces. What a cutie. She's going to the vet this coming Saturday and I don't think that will upset her too much as we've had her all over our house and she even likes to sit on the back of our bench on the front porch when we're out there. When the crate arrived, my husband and son let her go in it and she seemed to like that too. Monte's going to take a picture of her right now. We'll attach it! Thanks a bunch for a wonderful bird! (by the way, we've named her Sydney)

8/11/03 Our
Panama Amazon, Archimedes, is a continual source of good humor, entertainment and amazement! He's a pirate one minute..."Argh, where's me grog!" or "Avast ye swab!". Then he's an opera singer! Then he's a sweet kisser....then he's a cool dude....then who know's what! We just love him. We are able to have him cage free all day. He only goes into his cage at night when it's time for bed. Otherwise he's on his play gyms all day. He's quite a happy bird. We've had him for almost a year now and hope for many many more. Thanks for a wonderful, healthy, happy bird.
7/28/03 Just wanted to drop you a line thanking you for our baby
catalina macaw,
she was 1 yr old on thursday 31st july . When we received her last year we named her amhran [pronounced are-ron ] witch is irish for song, she is undoubtable the best thing to ever
to come in to our lives .

7/28/03 I just wanted to let you know that we love Tookie our
Bare-Eyed Cockatoo that we got from you 2 weeks ago. Like your Poopy she is up to some crazy things already, but we haven't been able to catch it on the camera yet. We would be interested to know if Bare-Eyed Cockatoo's naturally make a sound like the bark of a small dog. Because Tookie will display and bark like a small dog frequently along with some other things. She has also learned to step-up, go in the shower and enjoys the peek-a-boo game in a light colored towel. Tookie is in love with her China Prairie sprouts but is a bit fussy with her fruit and veggies right now but we're working on that. She is fearless of new situations like the trip to the Vets, new toys and new people.
We are so happy with Tookie that we have just placed a reservation for a Timneh Gray. We would like to say thank you to Gail, Dave, Staff and family pets for an outstanding job in providing us with a well adjusted healthy Too.

7/27/03 I just wanted to let you know how my pair of
Solomon Island Eclectus are doing after one week in their new home. The female came right out of her box and began to play and eat. The male was some what more cautious, he finally came out of his box, but didn't eat much until the second day. They are both very friendly now and after one week they will now perch on my hand. They have adjusted to life in their new "flock" quite well. They get along good together, the female is now trying to regurgitate and feed the male, but he is not sure what to thing of such and aggressive mate. They have separate cages, but I take them out for a few hours every day and let them play on the play tops or on a perch in the living room or kitchen. My daughter loves the female and they have become good friends. We are having a lot of fun training them and look forward to many years with the newest members of our "flock".

7/25/03 Just wanted to update you on our daughter, Lily
(Hahn's Macaw). She is doing well. Her vocabulary increases daily and is now at about 35 words. Please see some pictures of her in the zipped file. Will send more pics in the future. Again, thanks for letting us have this wonderful gift. She is the light of our lives and is the BOSS of our house.

7/25/03 She
(Rose-Breasted Cockatoo) has settled in so well. I'm already getting kisses! She is chatting at me and bobbing her little head, right now. She ate right after seeing where
the food is!! I know I'm going to enjoy her. My only concern is getting her on the right
diet. I'm going to try to do the sprouting adding the good stuff I see you include. I'm sure it's not as complicated as it sounds.

7/25/03 Roma
(Congo African Grey) is doing very well. She was frightened at first and not wanting to eat or have us too close. After about 2 days, she fit right in. :) She steps up readily, eats like a little PIGGY, and gives kisses abundantly!! ;)) Our next adventure will be taking her in the shower. I wanted her to get comfortable with us first and I believe she is now at that point. I catch her playing with toys and swinging on her ring all the time. She is my sunshine! I just love her to pieces!! She peeps at me when she sees me and loves to explore my face!"

7/21/03 The baby
(Bronze-Winged Pionus) is doing just great! His name is Cody and he is really very sweet. My husband, who doesn't care for my gray, just loves this little guy. He didn't do any of the funny breathing that pionus do when upset. He's eating well and playing w/the toys in his cage. He responds vocally when we talk to him and loves his out of cage time already. Thanks so much for raising such a nice baby!! If I ever decide to add a 3rd bird to my clutch I'll certainly contact Aves.

7/18/03 I thought I would take a moment to relate a funny story about Maya, my
Panama Amazon, we adopted from you last year. She has an incredible ability to mimic not only the words and sounds of my family but also my other birds. The other day, my husband, Bob, told me that he was looking all over the house for me, because he thought I was calling him. In fact, I had not even come home for the day. Maya was calling him from her cage in our family room!
Both my Panama and Bob's Ducorp's are doing great. We love them a great deal. Thanks for breeding such wonderful additions to our family and being a great resource to us, when we have questions.



7/15/03 I just love this little guy (Orange-Bellied Senegal). He is just gorgeous too! I am sorry I did not call or e-mail you sooner but we are having such a good time with him which makes it hard because I am trying to write a paper for school! . Believe me, I am very appreciative. He just loves toys and playing around. He acts like he has known me the whole time. It is just so funny. He is eating which is good. Thanks again. I really do appreciate you going out of your way to find me a special little bird. I think my blue front is happy too. She finally started making noises again. It’s a win/win situation all around!

7/11/03 The baby (Yellow-Sided Conure) is doing very well. It seems to have become adjusted to its new environment. It has a good appetite, and has already begun to experiment with its new toys. He also loves to sit on my shoulder and watch T.V. Though they are in separate areas, the baby has already developed a communication with our Senegal (whom we also got from you and is also very well). My daughter and I are enjoying the new edition very much. Thank You.
7/9/03 I named him
(Congo African Grey) "Nani," which means "beautiful" in Hawaiian, and he is. He has adjusted very nicely and everyone oohs and aahs over him. He is very entertaining and I just love him, and lots of fun!!! Spoiled too!!!!

7/2/03 She's (Congo African Grey) doing very well. She's very sweet and is taking food from me. Her balance is a little off, probably because she's still a baby. She tries to get on the swing and ends up hanging from one leg. She looks so cute and funny. Thank you for giving her such a great start in life. It's very apparent that she was well cared for and played with. Her name is Nilu-Fa (Nilu for short). My dentist is Iranian and I asked him if he knew any good Farsi names for a parrot and when he said Nilu-Fa I thought that was nice. It means flower, but I don't remember if it's a particular flower or flower in general. Again, thank you very much. Maybe one day I'll order a Senegal Parrot from you. I think they're very cute. But, for now, I'm devoting my time to Nilu.

7/2/03 We have our Hahn's (Macaw) home now, everything went fine. Traffic was a bit heavy but manageable, he was quiet for the entire trip. I put food in several places and water in a large bowl on the floor of the cage, he rested in his cage about a hour, but hadn't eaten. After resting he started fussing and hanging out the cage door I had opened so he could climb on top. Instead of the top he flew down to the floor, walked over to us sitting on the couch and climbed up! :) He eat a little apple sitting with us, then he went to check out more of the house. He was getting a little adventurous so I got him to step up on my hand and put him in the cage; with the door closed!

7/2/03 Just wanted you to know that we picked up Roma (Congo African Grey) at the airport cargo this evening. She seems to be a bit nervous, but is doing well. She is so adorable!!
Chris and I both cry when we look at her. She is shining a new light in our eyes and hearts. Thank you so much!!


6/23/03 I got the Sun Conure for almost a month, and he is such a good bird.
Thank you for providing such good, healthy, and fun bird to us.

6/14/03 She is absolutely the most beautiful creature I have ever seen!!! We picked Tango (Rose-Breasted Cockatoo) up from the airport yesterday and you could tell she wanted out to play with everyone. She is so tame and wants to be scratched, every time I open the cage door she comes to me and sticks out her neck and puffs up her feathers to get a scratch. She is not quit sure about the family dog yet but they will get use to each other. Thanks so much for doing such a wonderful job with her. She is everything I have always wanted. Worth the wait!!!! Thanks again!

6/13/03 Much to my surprise, "she"(Meyer's Parrot) is very active and I too thought female. She's at home in the cage, she has found the water, and crawling all over and already has been on my shoulder twice. She loves nibbling -- not bitting. I will have to cure that habit, but it is actually quite funny! Rest assured. All is well.

6/13/03 I was able to have my friend pick him (Rose-Breasted Cockatoo) up this morning, and I just got home at 9:15 tonite to finally see him. He is beautiful! I am just going to your website now to see what to do with him..as far as diet. I wrote down what you said, butt need to double check things. He let me clip his toenails alittle, and begged to be scratched, and even my 5 year old was able to hold him, so he was ecstatic about that! Thank you again for all that you did for me and hope I will work with you again in the near future!

6/13/03 I just wanted to say how much fun 'Lucy' has been this past year. She's an African grey and she's about 14 months old. I have a friend, Cheryl, that is buying an orange bellied senegal parrot and I recommended her to get her bird from you since Lucy has been such an easy bird. Thanks again for sharing your photos and your love for animals with us. I believe that the reason why Lucy is such a great pet is because she started out with a great, loving individual who cared. Thanks.

6/5/03 Just wanted to write to say thanks for my little guy "Mr. Pickles"(Maximillian Pionus). He is such a character!!! It took a couple weeks to calm him down but now he does everything with me around the house. All my other animals don't seem to intimidate him one bit. In fact, my Saint Bernard is scared of him!(They are on opposite sides of the house unless I'm holding Mr. Pickles(kids picked the name). I get so many compliments on him, mostly about his sweetness and people are supprised he is so quiet. The only time he is noisy is on the weekend mornings when we are sleeping in but I don't mind, I think his chattering is pretty cute.

5/29/03 Hi Gail, I just wanted to let you know that "Julia" (Female Solomon Island Eclectus) is Great! She is incredibly sweet, super intelligent (I can tell she listens and tries to connect words with meaning), and beautiful. Right now, she's trying to adjust to her huge cage and the 1" bar spacing. She isn't traveling it too much right now (she parked her butt by the seed bowl (or whatever Carlos gave us), but I suspect she will be more active soon enough. Now, she spends her time begging to come out of her cage. She clumsily fell once, but I hear that happens a lot. She's not the slightest bit scared of anything, in fact, she's very interested in her humans, and will actually crawl to a part of the cage that is near us. I still cannot believe how smart she is. I didn't think her intelligence would be so noticable, but it is. Thanks a ton. Everyone is absolutely estatic!!! We can't wait to spoil the heck outta her. Right now she only has one toy, a swing -- which she can't get to, a large smooth perch, a small nail trimming perch, and a medium sized real life REPLICA perch. I'm hoping to get her a few thing that'll keep her busy, but for now, she doesn't seem too interested in playing, not quite yet.

5/29/03 Just wanted to let you know that the Hahn's (Macaw) we purchased from you a few months ago is growing into a wonderful little bird. We have named him Habanero. He is just incredible. He is just now starting to really vocalize and learn to talk. I wanted to thank you for the fantastic job you did shipping him to us and thank you for the advice and help you gave us after the sale. Please feel free to publish this on your website. I wouldn't buy a bird from anyone else but you!

I have attached a picture of him laying on his back. He loves to roll over on his back and play or just have his head scratched. He will even fall asleep laying on his back sometimes when we are holding him. Another one of his favorite things is to be scritched under his wings. He will raise his wing up and stretch it way out so we can rub it under there. He has the sweetest disposition and will climb onto anyones finger. He is also super smart. Sometimes when he gets really wound up playing and hopping and running around he gets us in tears of laughter. Just incredible little antics. It seems like he learns something new almost every single day. Thanks again for sending such a wonderful little bird. He has really brought a lot of joy into our lives!

5/15/03 I wanted to share with you some wonderful information. When I first ordered my Male Vos, I read all about the diet information. I wanted to share with you that I did in fact switch all of my birds to China Prairie and follow much of what you do. My Blue and Gold and my Vos hen are both in the middle of a full molt and their feathers are more beautiful then I could even possibly imagine. Thank You!!
And my Vos hen has also mellowed over the past few months to the point where we can do almost anything to her. It's nice to see her without any stress...the diet makes all the difference.

5/7/03 I just had to send you an email to tell you how much the whole family loves Kai (Maximillian Pionus). He is coming up on his first birthday in June, we got him from you in October of last year. He is starting to mimic, he turns the lights on and off at command, does a wolf call (My husband taught him that one). He is the most loving and gentle little guy, everyone that sees him is just in awe of how intelligent and gentle he is. You gave us the perfect bird. Kai and my daughter Lani (7 years old) watch Animal together each night, she says she is going to get her very intelligent little bird on TV. I am recommending you to everyone who wants a loving pet.

4/25/03 We picked up Munchkann our baby Yellow-Thighed Caique on November 20th, 2002.
She will be 9 months old on May 1st, 2003. Munchkann is doing great and what an appetite she has.....my husband refers to her as an eating machine (smile). We choose Tia as Munchkann's middle name. Tia is Greek and means Princess. She has the sweetest personality and we all adore her....including family & friends. Munchkann has brought a lot of joy and happiness into our lives. Everyone is amazed to see her tumble, roll & hop like a wind up toy.
Helping with the mail is a favorite for Munchkann.....she steals the unopened envelopes and hops triumphantly across the desk. Munchkann is a fast learner...she was with us 6 weeks when she started doing the wolf whistle. Currently she calls my husband "sweetie" and then does the wolf whistle and she also whistles Pop goes the Weasel and says "pretty bird
& what cha doing." Thank you again for such a sweet & loving baby Yellow-Thighed Caique.
She is truly our little Munchkann Princess and words can't describe how much we love her.It was a pleasure doing business with you. We will keep you updated from time to time.

3/26/03 Gail - We LOVE him
(Sun Conure)! It was such a fun surprise - My new husband was very worried why I was dragging him to a Texaco station in Torrance! This bird replaces a maroon bellied conure that was my treasured bird for 15 years that died last year. It is nice to have the happy chortling and clucking sounds in the house again. He joins the family of 2 house rabbits, 1 cat, 2 cockatiels plus 8 finches, with more eggs on the way!
So trust that he will be well loved and taken care of. If we can just get him out of our armpits, where he is enjoying burrowing. He is eating well, learning his way around the perches, etc. Thanks again for raising him with such good attention and care.

3/20/03 I love her (Green-winged Macaw) more than you could ever imagine. She got here at 10:25 I arrived at cargo @10.27. The vet arrived @11:45 I kept my pinkie in the little hole and she just held onto it the whole time. We arrived @ her quarantine place @ 12:45 Finally the State Veterinarian @ 2:10 let me open her crate after she went over and over the quarantine rules with us. Keyta got onto my hand and into my chest and said I wuv ou. It all worked out and I brought her toys and cage and fresh food and she jumped into her food and chowed down and played! Then I held her and she fell asleep until I left, then back to play time. The Dr. was told Greenwings bite and to be Leary, not any more. She had never seen or held a parrot before, she did today. Her first experience has altered her view. Her comment was Gail really knows how to socialize birds. I said I know that is one of the reasons I chose you.

3/20/03 I just wanted to let you know what a beautiful bird Diago is (Green-winged Macaw). He has been home for three hours and has already tried to feed me. He also has taken food from my mouth. He was frightened at first, so I placed some apple in front of the open crate and let him come out on his own. He has adjusted very quickly and is soo sweet!! He is everything I thought he would be and more. He has already fallen asleep on my shoulder while I was at my computer desk...he likes to sit on the back of the chair and pick through my hair. He knows who his momma is. We went to the vet today as required and he was not a happy camper about that...once they were done and gave him back to me, he couldnt get close enough! Just wanted to cuddle into my chest. He will pretty much let me do anything with him. But I'm also not intimidated my his beak either, maybe thats why...I have no fear.
Thank you very much, he is a true sweetie pie and soo beautiful!!!

3/17/03 Hi Gail, I am happy to report that our baby grey (Congo African Grey) that we purchased from you is doing very well and has started babbling- very cute! We love him so much. Thanks again for all of your help with Zeus- he's the best!

3/15/03 I purchased a greenwing (Green-Winged Macaw) from you about three months ago.
I took delivery while you were away on a trip and I just wanted to say Thank You. COCO is incredible. Huge. beautiful extremely loving personality and is starting to play like the happiest bird in the world. I just wanted to say thanks and tell you we made the right choice buying from you.

3/5/03 I just wanted to give you an update on our Solomon Island Eclectus (Bella). She is a wonderful bird. She is full of personality and ATTITUDE. She loves every male she comes in contact with. The men in our house have that effect on females HA HA. She eats like a pig and her feathers are beautiful. She is a little over 6 months old and is just saying her first words. Hello and Pretty Bird. We love her. Thanks again

3/3/03 I can't believe how much I love Archimedes, our Panama Amazon. He is so much fun and a real love. He is so full of character! We have our birds set up so they're out of their cages all day. They have various gyms to play and swing on and lots of toys to chew and play with. Watching and listening to Archimedes is priceless. He is so full of himself and thoroughly enjoys life. It's contagious! Thank you, thank you, thank you for breeding these birds!

2/22/03 Its been a long time since 1998, but here it is nearly 5 years later. I just wanted to thank you again for Peepers (Goffin Cockatoo), she has been such a blessing in my life. Even though she had a hard time in shipping originally, it was probably for the best. All of those two hour feeding days and nights really bonded us together. These days, she eats everything in site!! Her favorite food is usually my breakfast :P And if I have a cup of coffee... she's totally my buddy! Sometimes I think of her as my live diet program, since usually she gets more of my food than I do. However she has a regular birdie diet as well, a mix of Harrisons and Seeds, some fruit. She likes to dance and sing, and I play in the church worship team so when people are over practicing.. she's right there in the middle (demanding the attention) and singing and dancing right along with everyone. :)
2/22/03 Gail, Everything went fine with the transfer. She (female Vosmaeri Eclectus) is beautiful! She is still getting used to us, but we have handled and petted her. She is beginning to get comfortable (grooming, eating) so things look real good. Thanks!
2/18/03 Hi, Gail. Remember me? You sold me Babaloo (Double Yellow-Headed Amazon) 4 years ago. If you recall, I had reserved a Mynah, but you weren't able to find one for me so I switched to the Amazon and you sent me Babaloo. I did get a Mynah 2 years later from Don Swaim in Texas. Babaloo and Max talk to each other. I love to hear them early in the morning before any one else is up in the house. Max is more of a talker than Babaloo, I never know if the phone is really ringing or if it's Max doing the sounds. Please let Carlos know that Babaloo is doing well and is spoiled rotten. He has a car seat for rides in the car and goes with me to drop of kids at school. He always reminds them to take their They're by the front door and have a window to see everyone coming up. I have a home realty office, so we have lots of visitors. Sometimes, Babaloo flirts with the ladies, he puffs up and struts around. He yells "come in" "how do you do". People have actually walked in when he yelled out! I'm forever grateful to you for bringing Babaloo to my life.
2/18/03 Just wanted to thank you for the Bronze-winged Pionus, it is the sweetest bird and loves to be scratched on the neck. He's really smart, you couldn't have picked out a sweeter one for us. What a wonderful bird!
My Daughter has named "him" Tico and he has already become a part of our family in just a few days. I would highly recomend them for family pets- he even gets along with our dog and other parrot (a conure). Thanks Again :)

2/10/03 I’ve been meaning to email you about Mia (Meyer's Parrot), to give you an update about her (I enjoy reading the updates that you have been posting on your website). She is doing absolutely wonderful. We have so much fun with her, I can’t even tell you. She is the funniest, most acrobatic, and playful little bird, and she has become a huge part of our lives. This weekend she got her first yellow feather on her head. My first reaction was a bit of sadness that my baby’s colors were changing, but now I think it is fun that she is growing up and getting her adult Meyer’s coloring. She is so precious. We talk often about what a great upbringing she had with you, and how lucky we are that we found you. We could not be any happier!

2/8/03 You have the best birds anywhere. They are so well cared for, loved, and socialized. Maui (Panama Amazon) is doing just fantastic. We enjoy him sooo much. He continues to be gentle and loving toward all. Please tell Rosita and Mario that they would be very proud of the son, Maui.

2/8/03 I have a DuCorps cockatoo, Benji, from you, he's going to be two soon, and he is a wonderful addition to the family. We just had him out doing his dance routines to music. We tell him "fly" and he lifts his wings up, he says "hi Benjamin!" and tells the dog "No!No!No!" He is really lots of fun and is not hard at all to take care of. To all appearances you do an outstanding job with your business.

2/5/03 I just wanted you to know that Toego our noble Macaw has arrived to his new home safely. He is a beautiful bird and I can tell that he has recieved a lot of attention and love from you. He's very friendly and loves to nibble on my finger. I was a bit worried that he would be loud but my worries were for naught. He talks in his quiet voice and only calls out
once if he wants attention. Whenever I am near Toego makes little talking noises. I just wanted you to know that he is doing great even if it's only his 2nd day. You don't need to worry if he's not eating because he always has his head stuck in the food bowl if he's not playing. He hasn't begun to let us hold or pet him yet but then again it is only his 2nd day here. It's really amazing how much he has improved in 24 hours.

1/28/03 I just wanted to let you know Bianca our Ducorp's is doing wonderfully. We purchase her from you and took delivery on October 1st, 2002. She has very much bonded to us, as she shows with her loud sqwaks whenever we leave the room (we are training her to not do that :). She is very tame and loves to play, hang up-side down and "wrestle". She hasn't mimic'ed any words clearly yet, but she is starting to.

The amazing thing is she has _never_ whined. This, as you should know is an expected trate of a baby Ducorp. For the first year or two, they have a fairly constant whining sound they make most of the day and night. Literally, from the time I opened her crate, to this day, she has not whined once. I am told by many Ducorp owners that I should feel extremely grateful for this!

1/24/03 Just a note to let you know our baby (Solomon Island) ecletus parrot, Makira, (after the largest of the Solomon Islands) became one year old last month and is maturing beautifully. Thank you for raising such a wonderful bird. She is very gentle and already says hello, whistles (wolf call) and makes the sweetest cooing sound. She certainly fills my empty nest (my kids are older now)! And, we all love her!

1/14/03 I picked up our baby (Meyer's Parrot) at the airport no problem, although I was a little bit miffed with the airlines, as they sent her on an earlier flight which got in a little after 4 pm vs the 703pm, as was planned.
We got her home, and she was pretty stressed...by mid-day next, she was coming around, and seemed to prefer being held and stroked...she ate, but only if I hand fed her, which was fine.
She had a good night last night, and seems much better today...very outgoing, curious, very, very affectionate. A real charmer! We're so happy with her, and appreciate all the wonderful help you and your staff provided...

1/14/03 Just wanted to drop a line to tell you about Tikki, our funny bare-eyed cockatoo (hatched at Aves Int. on Feb. 10th, 2001). She's just wonderful. Her antics are simply hysterical, as are the things she says - or tries to say. She seems to love to make people laugh! What's more hysterical is sometimes she laughs and gaffaws right along with you! I have allergies and one of her favorite things is yelling "That's enough!" during my sneezing fits, which comes across as sooo funny. (This is something we tell our dog when she barks too much.) She just leaves you in stitches. And for a two year old baby, she has quite an impressive repertoire of sounds and words.
What I'm most amazed about with Tikki is her willingness to just entertain herself with her toys and not demand constant attention, the way many species of parrots do (like Senegals and my grey!) I'd always been under the impression that cockatoos were needy, demanding and often annoying with their loud calling. While she does partake in the typical afternoon yell-fest, that's not Tikki at all. She does love a cuddle anytime of day, but she's actually quite independant. I think that could be due in part to the attentive, careful hand raising she obviously received at your facility. She's the most secure, confident little parrot I've ever known! We love her.
So, great job and keep up the wonderful work!

1/14/03 We just wanted to tell you how happy we are with our new baby Meyers.
She is such a beautiful and sweet girl. We named her Miami. We thought she may be a
bit shy at first but not at all! Miami is very inquisitive and loves her head rubbed.
Thank You for our new addition to our flock.

1/12/03 Just wanted you to know that Mojo (Hahn's Macaw) went to the vet today for his well bird check up. They looked him up one side and down the other, inside and out. They said he's a perfect speciman and VERY healthy. And they were very impressed with how friendly he is. Thank you so much for doing such a good job with him.

1/12/03 Well, we named the new Caique (Yellow-Thighed Caique) baby Sassy. She/He is so precious and calm. Loves to be held and scritched. She is just the best girl (or boy). Please tell Chelo that I know her TLC has the most to do with that. I will eventually have my Vet surg. sex her but we love her no matter what she is. Thanks so much for sending me another sweetie; so healthy and beautifully feathered and adorable. She is definitely the funny one in my flock and I know now that I will never be without a Caique (or two!!). These birds are just heart stealers and keep you on your toes. She loves her playgyms (4) and is just perfect.

1/9/03 Max the Jardine is INCREDIBLY healthy and playful. Vocab of about 6 words.
Best pet I have ever had! Jardines rule, yeah!
Happy New Year!

1/5/03 I have to tell you that when I was looking for Jade (Hahn's Macaw), people told me it was a mistake to buy a bird from a larger aviary because she would not be as sweet and tame. They could not have been more wrong. She obviously was well cared for in your aviary because from the moment she got off the plane, Jade has been the sweetest, most gentle bird I have ever seen. She's been great with my children as well as my other bird, and has really made herself a part of our family. I just want to thank you again!

12/24/02 Morgan (Timneh African Grey) is doing very well; eats well and is a love (of course).
And I wanted to let you know how very IMPRESSED my vet was with him, his temperament, feathering (not a single stress bar and lustrous feathers) and physical condition.
Just thought I'd pass that along; I of course, told him that he could refer clients your way if
they were in the market for babies, especially since he had the chance to see one in the flesh.
Have a wonderful holiday season, Gail.

11/26/02 I just wanted to write to you to tell you that my vosmaeri eclectus are such a joy to have! They are absolutely gorgeous, and are becoming unbeleivable sweet. The female is starting to talk, saying "hello", "I love you", and "give me a kiss smooch smooch smooch". Her higher pitched voice is just darling! They both make quiet chattering noises that are indescribably cute, and bring warm fuzzy feelings to everyone that hears them. They are rarely loud, and are very well manored with children!
I once told you that I beleived there would be no visible difference between birds that are fed all natural diets and those that are fed primarily on commercial parrot foods. I was so wrong ... and you were so right! I have been to a few parrot shops here to buy toys for my birds, and have seen several eclectus that have been hand-raised on commercial parrot formula and maintained on pelleted diets. They look terrible in comparison! Their feathers have little sheen, with dull and drab colors, and just look worn out. I just had to see the difference for myself to beleive it. You are right on with the natural diet!
I was in a parrot shop today, and I told one of the 'experienced' staff, when she asked, that I don't feed my birds a pelleted diet. I thought she was going to hit me, she was so mad! I simply told her that I will continue to follow the obviously superior results of the sprouted diet. My birds look fantastic, and hers look just ok. All of her birds (not just the eclectus) were really heavy and had really pudgy feet. Many of them also had what seemed to me to be unusually narrow, under-developed beaks that lacked the strong curvature that hookbills usually present.
My female is going through a molt, and her new feathers are significanty more vibrant than her first feathers. Night and day difference! Her new colors really kick out! I can hardly wait to see what she looks like when she is finished molting! The male is just now starting to molt. I have thought a few times that it would be so much easier to just feed pellets than to sprout grains and chop fresh produce every day. Now that I know how HUGE the difference is, I know that it is worth every bit of effort! Thanks again for the best eclectus anywhere!

11/26/02 I can't believe the change in our Pionus' (Maximillian Pionus) attitude in one night. We named her Lola by the way. I put Lola on my sofa with my T-shirt nested around her. She didn't like it at first and squirmed out a couple times. I was able to finally calm her down and scratched her head, and she was loving it. She got out of her nest but stayed on the sofa so I can rub her all over. She even let my husband rub her everywhere too, without her biting us at all! She eventually climbed on my chest so I can pet her and give her kisses. Lola is now at peace with us and is snoozing on her cage. She even voluntarily stepped up a couple times but would rather have her feet firm on the ground. Thank you Gail for taking your time out for me today. Your advice means a lot.

11/26/02 We made the connection with Carlos just fine and I am impressed with him being on time and such a loving man with our bird
(Meyer's Parrot). We love the bird already and will be working with him closely to get him to eat. He'll be spoiled. We named him Dayo.
I will give you an update later. Thank you so much for all you do.

11/02 He
(Hahn's Macaw) arrived right on time. We are very happy with him. He is a true miracle of life. He was a bit stressed because of the flight last night but is doing great this morning. He ate and drank quite a bit after we let him out of his carrier. He was sleeping on both feet last night which concerns me a little.We are going to get some different perches for him today. He was eating sprouted seeds and some apple last time I looked at him and he has already learned to step up for my Mom and myself. He is also drinking his water. He is very attentive and alert. He wants to get out of his cage anytime we walk by and go with us. He is a fantastic little bird. Thank you for all of your work in raising him and getting him to us safe and sound.
11/02 We are so pleased! Zico
(Noble Macaw) has really settled down over the last 24 hours and steps up and down for everyone in the family--even my 2 year old! My wife was a little nervous about getting a bird, but even she is now so happy that we did. Right now she's preening my (almost nonexistent) hair and squawking softly. I have been amazed at how quiet she is. Maybe I was overly concerned (or maybe I'm in for a shock) but her noises are not a problem at all so far.
Last evening she began eating in earnest. The sprouts from China Prairie seem very appetizing to her and she also loves spray millet, broccoli, carrots, apple slices and almonds (just a couple for fun!). I'll go to the produce market tomorrow for a supply of other veggies for her.
She's still a bit uninterested in the toys I bought and made for her, but she loves the aspen tree gym I made. I'm sure as she gets a bit older and more steady on her feet, she'll begin playing a bit more with the toys. It's hard to remember that she's still a baby! Thanks so much for giving her the great start to her life--we'll try to make a good home for her.

(11/02) Thought I'd update you on Archimedes, our Panama Amazon, whom we received
from you in August. He is turning out to be quite the character and a quick study when it comes to talking. He's also learning some tunes. Everyone who comes in the house enjoys
him and he will "step up" on anyone's hand. I'm really taken by the Amazon personality
and am very glad I got him. Thanks!

(11/02) We picked up "Dewey" (Hahn's Macaw), the newest member of our family today, at the airport. He arrived right on schedule. What a cutie! He is more than we expected! He was a little nervous at first, but seems to be adjusting great! You have been more than helpful to us in attaining such a great pet! You people at Aves really know your stuff! Thanks again, and you never know, you may be getting an order for an African Grey soon!

(11/02) What a difference a week makes. From the beginning Noble (Noble Macaw) loved his toys. He'd start playing on them before I could finish getting them up. I had gotten him a swing and when he tried to get on it, it flipped in every direction but the right way. It's a lousy swing. The next day when I walked up to his cage to say Hello, he immediately went to the swing and after a few acrobatic tricks, he conquered it and started swinging. I bragged how smart he was and when my husband came in to say Hello, he went back to the swing again, same thing when he brought a friend to see him. It finally registered Noble was showing off for us. When I'd put my hand/arm inside to see if he wanted to get on, he wouldn't. I'd finally get him and let around a little while I cleaned his cage although he'd simply walk up my clothes and sit on my shoulder and watch. It has become easier each day. Now he quickly jumps onto my finger and hangs on whenever I stick my hand in his cage for anything. Now he cannot wait to start taking his rides. I wouldn't mind if he didn't drop poop with each step. I'm running out of clothes! He rubs his little head against my cheek when we're looking in the mirror for pretty bird. He whispers sweet nothings. He hangs on to the side of the cage when I go to say Nite-nite so he can rub his beak against me. I was wondering how long it'd take him to warm up to us and feel secure. I didn't expect him to so soon. I'd swear he's talking love talk by the sound of his chirps. He's such a sweetheart; we couldn't be happier. I know Noble is extremely smart! A good blood line I guess.

(10/02) Well, Cricket
(Yellow-Thighed Caique) has exceeded my expectations. She is sweet,
precious, smart, cuddly and oh, so beautiful. She learned to give kisses in 10 seconds
and gives them freely altho she would rather be checking out her new house.
We have spent some very good quality time together (alone) and she and I have bonded.
My husband is intrigued with "her" and I passed on your funny stories about the beachball
and toilet paper cardboard hat. That was before she was out of the box, so he was sold
from the beginning. Many thanks Gail for such a wonderful bird who flew all the way to
her new Mom in Arkansas.

Thanks for the great service and this precious bird.
Who can have the Winter Doldrums with birds around?

(10/02)You really have a great site. I love all the in-depth info. My bird Pickles, an Indian Ring-Neck I bought from you 9 years ago, is doing great. He gets a varied diet including lots of vegies and fruit. He also loves chicken, pasta, and lots more. The Dr., Barry Dohner, says he is looking great and his weight is good. I cannot thank you enough for such a good friend. One of these days I will have to get in touch with you about a Macaw. I had one for years before Pickles, and am thinking about getting another. Not right now, but not too long a wait either. You guys are awesome.
(10/02) I've been saying since I woke up that I was going to email you; but my new man has been distracting me. Noble (Noble Macaw) cried all the way home, but after I got him here and showed him his new cage, toys, and food; he soon became happy. My little Japanese Chin is so excited. Curious I'm sure and happy because he thinks he found a new friend. I held Beau up to the cage and they nuzzled pretty close so I do not think Noble's afraid of him and Beau loves everyone. I think he is Noble's protector.

He has discovered all his toys and I think he likes the mirror the best. His cage is really large and I did not want him to feel lost. I covered his cage (partially) last night and he went to sleep and slept all night. It's almost miraculous how he has adapted to his cage so fast. Today he has walked every inch of the cage using the vertical bars, horizontal or both. I had put several toys hanging from different locations and he has discovered every one! He's such a smart boy. And a good boy too. He'll call if he wants company -- just one loud scream and then he returns to his talking voice.As far as we're concerned, we are delighted with Noble!! We were afraid he'd be unhappy or uncomfortable with his living quarters. But he seems to be adjusting fine to it, to my husband and I, and to our other children -- Nikki our Yorkie and Beau our chin. The mail just came and we got our Hatch certificate and other documents. Thank you for sending them. I have already ordered the kit from China Prairie and I order 20 lbs extra of the Diet-Micrograin. Thank you so much for our baby. I think he grows prettier by the minute.
(10/02) Our grey (African Grey) is wonderful. She always has her head in her food dish eating away. She's going to be the fattest bird around. To my amazement sometimes when I come home I find her on my green wing macaw's perch. I named the grey "Huffle Puff". She seems very content.
(10/02) This is a picture of Dexter (Maximillian Pionus) and I thought you might like to see what he has turned into, He turned 1 year old on June 4th. He is so spoiled. (but very happy). I took this about three weeks ago, He is an amazing little thing!!!! I just want to thank you for such a great bird!

(10/02) I pickup the bird (Magna Double Yellow-Headed Amazon) at the airport about 12 noon on Thursday. I still didn't have a name picked for him. Once I got him home, opened the box I started using the names that I had picked out. None of them fit. As my family and I we're watching TV last night, he made his first sound. It just happened that we were watching Will and Grace, he made his first sound when the character Jack began talking. From that point we named him Jack. It seems to fit. I've been showing pictures of him all day to my co-workers, just like a proud father. Jack is beautiful. His colors are bright, vibrant and stunning. He seems very content. He is eating like a little horse. My sister was amazed at how tame he was, walking on our arms and not afraid. I thought for sure he might be shy near our dogs, no chance of that. I think the dogs are more afraid of him. I'm sure by next week I'll have some questions but as of right now things are going well. You and your staff have done a great job!

Hi Gail,
(10/02) I just couldn't wait until tomorrow to write to you. He's
(Yellow-Thighed Caique) beautiful. Thank you so much. Just what I expected. By the way, the people at air cargo like your crate. Very sturdy. I borrowed a hammer and got him out of the crate even before I paid the freight charge. He tried to fly a few times but then calmed down and I was able to pet him. We got home, I cut his nails and now he is sitting on my shoulder pruning my ear and the hairs on the back of my neck. He still tries to fly away a little when I try to move him but that will change in a day or so. I left him on the back of the chair while I was finishing this letter and guess what? He just climbed off the chair and to the top of the drapes. I have 12 foot ceilings. I guess I'll be getting the ladder out of the garage before I go to sleep. Thanks again for a wonderful bird.

(10/02) Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that my Sunnie (Sun Conure) arrived safe and sound. By the time I got home with her she was very happy to leave her box. She seems to be adjusting very well. She is such a sweet bird, thank you for taking such good care of her because I know that has a lot to do with her personality.

I just want to thank you again for this wonderful little bird! Merlin (Senegal Parrot) is the sweetest, most loving, and entertaining character! He is so much greater than I even imagined! Thanks so much & take care!
Just wanted to let you know that I successfully met up with Carlos today to pick up my Senegal baby boy. What a fun and happy moment that was. :) Carlos, as I'm sure you're aware of, was very nice and helpful. It was an overall pleasant experience, I must say. After a rather fun and entertaining ride home to the Central Valley (he very much enjoyed coming out of his carrier to play with my passenger and watch all the sites go by), he is now settling into his new "home". He does, of course, seem to prefer being held and crawling all over one's person, but he is enjoying his time in the cage as well. :) I just wanted to say thank you for a pleasant experience and I appreciate all of the information that you've provided over the last few months. Thanks so much! :)

(10/02) We both absolutely love her (Timneh African Grey), she has taken right to her cage and to running around our living room exploring. What was most amusing is that every time my wife tried to pet her, she would come running right back into my lap. I thank you so much, we absolutely love her. I have yet to name her, I'm learning her personality first =)
Thanks again!

(10/02) Nikki (Hahn's Macaw) is settling in very well, and eating nicely!!! she is such a sweetie, and has taken to me quickly. such a curious lil thing.....laffin......we have been giving her a variety of fresh fruits/vegies/ and seed. she scarfs up everything. then *quacks* at me in contentment. noticed today that she is perching on one leg and looking over towards me, then hollers out.....ATTENTION....chuckles

Hi - just wanted let you know that we received Spanky's (Maximillian Pionus) Hatch Certificate. We also received our China Prairie order and have now started sprouting the
new seeds. Everything is going well! Thank you again and if you ever needany references, please feel free to use me! It was a pleasure doing business with you.

"Spanky" the Max. Pionus we purchased from you last month is doing spectacular - we couldn't have asked for a better bird. He is very friendly and entertaining. (update 10/22/02)

Picked up Max (Jardine Parrot) at 5:30am this morning. Brought him open and wedged open the box. What a magnificent specimen! Wow! Max is everything and more. He hopped onto my hand and it was obvious just how he tame he his. Ate some food and settled into his new cage and started playing with his new toys.
We are totally delighted and wanted to thank you for doing such an outstanding job with your birds.
We picked Wasabi
(Hyacinth Macaw) up this morning at Delta Air Cargo and took him home. He was very happy to have somebody to talk to and pay attention to him. He had to stay in his shipping crate for a while until the cage came. We put it together and let him in with fresh coconut, water and hard nuts. He is in heaven!
He loves his cage (he can't even begin to dent it or whatever). He has plenty of room, new toys, and a beautiful window view of the lanai, pool, and golf course. He has met Goldie, our Blue & Gold Macaw, and they can communicate (I think it's the same language). He as been introduced to our cats, Kitty and K2 (they were as enthralled with him as he was with them). Gail, your bird is beautiful! We can easily tell how well you and your people have done in bringing him up and exposing him to humans and other birds. It turns out what he really wanted was for us to pet him and scratch behind his "ears." Each time we stop, he squawks (with delight, of course) for us to come back and do it some more. We'll let him adjust to us at his own pace, but it seems like he wants to do it fairly quickly!
I picked up the little one.
(Timneh African Grey) Thanks for sending me such a beautiful little bird. She had no trouble adjusting at all. The first thing she did was play with her toys while I fixed her something to eat and gave her some water.
She took a couple of sips of water and attacked the food bowls. I gave her a variety of good stuff to eat, including what Carlos brought and what I prepared. I think she likes boiled yams the best, although she likes corn, kale, broccoli and grapes too. I guess she's not going to be a fussy eater, and I'm glad you started her off on a nutritious diet. She bonded very easily to me. She knows the "step up" command and perches on my shoulder (only a couple of nips to the ear). And of course she follows me around. She's very intelligent and curious so I'm not letting her out of my sight. She's had a long day so now she's asleep on my bathrobe which I left on the bed. Guess I'll put her in her cage for the night. Just wanted to give you a brief update and thank you again for the beautiful bird.

Hi Gail he
(male Vosmaeri Eclectus) is doing wonderful. I can't believe how quick he has adjusted to us. He is eating very well. We are very happy with him. He truley is a beautiful bird! I want to take him to the vet for a check up when it gets warm again.
Thought you'd like an update on our baby.
(Red-Bellied Parrot) She is now nearly 6 months old and growing like crazy! She has decided that all food is good food, and selects favorites for the week (one week grains, another broccoli, etc.) She is beautiful and her feathers are extremely shiny. She whistles a few tunes and tries to talk, although we can't quite understand her. She adores me and sadly, has a tenuous relationship with my husband. She sings to him but does not want him to touch her! Actually, she'll hop right on his finger, but does not want him to pet her, prefers just to sit there. With me, I rub her neck, cheeks, belly, etc and she falls into a trance. I figure they'll work it out over time. She's a great companion, plays like crazy, and is always happy to see us. A cutie, I'll send pictures. Her name is Rascal. Thanks for raising her to be the beautiful youngster she is.
Thought I'd let you know that my
Panama is really eating pretty well. I followed your feeding instructions when I got him home and once he got settled in he tried all the different things to eat. He's busily preening himself right now and seems very calm about things. He's tried the different perches and really likes the big bottlebrush knot I got from waynesparrotstuff.com in Florida. I really like this parrot already and I must tell you I've wanted an Amazon but with some of the stories I've heard I was a little apprehensive. I know he's not mature yet but I think we're going to get along just fine. My Sun keeps saying "hello" to him. My Timneh is a little put out that there's another bird in the house...he'll get over it!
Thanks again for a very nice bird.
I love my new baby Pionus.
(Maximillian Pionus) He was very frightened the first day and bit the heck out of me when I went to get it out of the cage. I could tell he missed home. But every day since then I have been getting a little more love and affection from my baby. He is eating well and adapting nicely to his new home. He loves to venture out on his playtop and roam around there. I am very happy with my Maximillian Pionus. He is much more beautiful than I expected (pictures do not do these birds justice) and much quieter and more sedate than I expected. I am in total love with this bird and will probably buy another one from you in the future. I also was very impressed with how healthy my bird was. Thank you for giving my baby a nice beginning and I will do my best to continue with the great care and give this bird a happy life.
This little girl
(Senegal Parrot) is absolutely wonderful and I just wanted to let you know that you do great work! We are completely taken by her and her antics. Her name is Nikki - just seemed to fit her.
We do have one question - I've identified many of the items in the bag of veggies, but some are a mystery and I was wondering if you could give me a list of what is in it so we can continue to give her a proper diet. She started eating and drinking right away and she looks a little lost in the cage we bought her, but I'm sure she'll grow into it before we know it! She is very social and I am very happy that she has no qualms about being handled! She is particularly enamored with my son who is 14 and he didn't like birds much until today, lol! Well, thank you again for what I'm sure will be a love affair for many, many years to come!
I purchased a
Orange Bellied Senegal parrot from you last April, and I just wanted to give you an update to let you know just how much I adore my littlefriend. Squeak was hatched on April 2nd so we just celebrated his first birthday and I was just reflecting how happy I am that he is with me.
He is a handful for sure and has soo much personality. I have two boys that are ages 5 and 10 that really adore the bird as well but Squeak just tolerates them =) and they know to give him his space. My five year old has pretty much given up on Squeak. He will talk to him really nicely and ask Squeak about his day..and Squeak will just give him that "Do not come any closer look" so my 5 year old will just leave him be. But the moment I am in the room he is trying to get to me any kind of way...(Such a mama's boy)...but I love having a little "baby" in the house. I could go on and on about how he plays with his toys and the words he can say but then this email would be way too long. I almost contemplated purchasing another bird from your aviary ( I have my eyes set on a African Grey)...but on second thought my Squeaky Squeak keeps me pretty busy as it. Didn't realize such a small bird would require so much attention and maintenance but its all a labor of Love.
(Hyacinth Macaw) is doing great! I could not have asked for more! She took to us right away and already seems to think I am her mother. I take her to work with me along with Carmen, my eclectus. The two of them seem to get along okay, although Carmen is a little jealous. Sophie tries to snuggle with Carmen and obviously Carmen does not like that! Sophie will push Carmen to the edge of the perch as Carmen tries to move further away, with Carmen finally flying to the ground. Sophie just loves to be cuddled and petted and she certainly gets a lot of it.
Thank you so much for my wonderful new baby.

(Red-Bellied Parrot) a great little bird, I'm very pleased with the stability of her temperament. She is rock solid while my 2 year old daughter bounces up and down in front of the cage chattering at her (always supervised of course) I was a little concerned about her not eating enough as all she ate the first day and a half was millet & fresh corn but she finally decided to eat some greens tonight and my China Prairie order finally arrived so I'll give it to her cooked tomorrow and see how that goes over. Again, I'm very impressed with her calm temperament and apparent socialization.
Thanks so much for your reply. That's the reason I only get my large birds from you. I always know how nice they are going to be. The quality is so obvious. We are a small farming community, but I like having good birds. Sometimes I get a notice about other birds but then I tell myself that I know nothing about it's background and I turn it down. Thanks again for your wonderful birds!
(Panama Amazon) has settled into his new surroundings like he has been a member of our family forever. He is fantastic and gentle. He is friends with everyone. He is just a lover!!!!

I just want to thank you again for this wonderful little bird! Merlin
(Senegal Parrot) is the sweetest, most loving, and entertaining character! He is so much greater than I even imagined! Thanks so much & take care!
(10/02) Gail, just an update on the
Hahn's Macaw. He did arrive ok, in fact just so you know, the people at Delta Airlines were very good in the way they were looking out for him until we got there. He was drawing quite a bit of attention with the employees.
He is doing great. He was eating good last night, slept on one leg, and this morning he is exploring his cage, climbing, hanging upside down and really showing off. Thank you very much, I know we are really going to enjoy this bird!
(10/02) My baby
Ducorp arrived on time in great condition. She was packaged with love and care. I gave her several bowls of all kinds of food all over her cage as you have said. I did talk with her and touched her a few times, but I didn't want to stress her out after her long night of travel. I haven't been able to see her eat anything as of yet. She did play some with her new toys. She did have several droppings which all look normal. Maybe, by Sat she will eat and feel more like herself. As I'm sure it is all so new to her. I am very happy with her. She is so loveable and a real cutie! She is in great condition. The picture of health! I will try hard to keep all things the same. On sat I will go back to the grocery store and pick her up some more food items...I just want to give her the best care possible. I will send another email each day until I'm sure she is eating and more like herself. As I know you are concerned for her well being too. Thank you so much for her. I am very happy with purchasing her from your business. She is a delight!
(9/02)Hi, I had to take a minute and tell you what an absolute honey this little girl is.
(Female Vosmaeri Eclectus) Wouldn't you know even though I was going to delegate a lot of her care, .............she totally loves ME!! She still hasn't stopped the sqwuak, but she is better, I hope she hears me when I am talking! She eats great, and has a terrific diet, I havn't ordered the vitamins yet but will. She is upstairs in the bird room, and every time I go out the front door and she hears me she lets it out. She is adorable.
Just a quick note to let you know that "Oscar"
(Rose-Breasted Cockatoo) made it to Manchester without any problems. My wife LOVES him! Thank you very much for all you've done to make this happen. She can't believe how beautiful he is and is disposition is great. I will get to see him when I get home from work tonight.
Hi, I just had to drop you a note. It's so funny and I'm not sure if it's due to the timing, the adjustment period, or me saying "Apollo baby, you would make mommy soooo happy if you would just eat some more", but he
(Blue & Gold Macaw) actually has turned into a glutton within the past hour. I cut up a bunch of fresh food and nuts for him and he is eating like a little piglet! The China Prairie sprouts are in the making as I'm typing. I have had him on a gorgeous grapevine, ribbonwood play gym and he seems really happy! He is so sweet and well adjusted and that's all thanks to you!!!!!!!!! I can't thank you enough for providing me with such a treasure! You definitely deserve your wonderful reputation! Thanks again.
I want you to know that our
Bronze Wing Pionus arrived yesterday evening in what appears to be fine shape. He is beautiful and full of personality. He has been eating well also. We named him Picollo (Italian for "little one") and call him Pico for short. Thank you so much for everything. Iwill always be happy to recommend you to other conscientious people looking for a companion bird.

(10/02) Spirit
(Congo African Grey) did very well yesterday. She warmed up very quickly to my 17 year old son. She accepted his kisses on her beak and even returned one! After my son broke the ice I was able to handle her as well and she would step up on to each of our hands.
She became a little cold at bed time, so I wrapped her in a towel and held her, while petting her head she fell asleep. I placed her in the roost cage still wrapped in the towel, she squirmed a bit then fell asleep. She is waking up now and hopefully she will have no problem eating this morning. I do think all is going to be well with her, so far, she is doing better than any
expectation I had.
The new baby
(Hahn's Macaw) arrived safely. I am attaching a picture of her in her new home. She is absolutely amazing! We are hoping she is as pleased to be here as we are to
have her. Thanks for all your help.
(Hahn's Macaw) is eating and drinking fine. I am very happy and I'm sure I'll have
him trained to step up on my hand soon. He is not nervous or spooky at all and we will
get along fine!
(10/02) Hi, I know you are busy, just wanted you to know that Jade
(Blue-Fronted Amazon)
is FANTASTIC! He has adjusted so well. He says Hi, Hello, Whatcha doin, Good bird, Pretty
bird, whistles, and if you say the cops are coming he does the siren sound (I'm a huge CSI fan). We could not be happier with this little guy! I have the China Prairie sprouting down
to a science and he eats like a pig. He enjoys munching vegies at the dinner table with us too. Thank you again.

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