Baby Slender-Billed Corella
in the  Nursery of
Aves International ~ 2001

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(updated 3/20/02)
We are very pleased to be hand-rearing a baby Slender-Billed Corella (Cacatua tenurostris) from an egg in the spring of 2001. The chick hatched 3/31/01. We did not breed the baby but purchased the egg from an excellent local breeder of this species. We are happy to share photos of this adorable baby as it grows. This cockatoo species is quite rare and very special, possessing wonderful inquisitive personality traits. We feel fortunate to be able to work with this special baby and hope you enjoy these photos showing its development!




 See photos of adults here!

Here is the chick on 4/7/01
at one week of age.

See the Slender-Billed Corella species profile.

Above is a photo of the baby Corella with
a Rose-Breasted Cockatoo baby on the right side. This photo was taken at two weeks of age on 4/15/01.

 At just under three weeks of age on 4/20/01, the baby is already starting to show its personality. This baby is an eating machine and now takes thirty-five ml of formula per feeding! He weighs 315 grams.

 On 4/25/01, the little fellow is growing feathers fast and is beginning to show a lot of color. He now weighs a whopping 458 grams at 26 days of age!

 Weighing 513 grams on 4/28/01, the wonderful baby's feathers are now starting to open. His pinfeathers looked so yellow just a few days ago that it had us wondering what color the bird would be!

Just look at the mischievious look on this face! Knowing what a wonderful pet our Gumby is, I can hardly wait to see how this fellow's personality will develop! I have been breeding birds for over 28 years and still get excited about seeing the babies grow.

Isn't that little crest just adorable?
The chick is beginning to take on the facial
look characteristic of its specie. Below is
the face of our pet, Gumby.



On 5/4/01, the baby has
become very quiet as he
feathers. This baby is a
DNA-sexed male. Already
very attentive to the
goings-on in the nursery,
he is curious and intelligent.
He already enjoys having his
chin scratched. Current
weight is 589 grams.



5/9/01 - Here are two views of the adorable
baby we have tentatively named Erkel.

 On 5/22/01, the baby Slender-Billed Corella is beautifully feathered and is alert and curious about the world. Now perching, he is starting to eat spray millet and apple slices. He has not yet tried the corn on the cob, sprouted seeds, and other food items being offered to him but he is refusing some of his hand-feedings now in preparation to learn to fly.

All photographs are by Gail J. Worth and are copyrighted.
They may not be reproduced by any method without written permission.

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