We Adore Iris
(a photo tribute to our beloved pet Hyacinth Macaw)

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Our pet female Hyacinth Macaw, Iris, was hatched here in 8/02. She is well loved
by all of us here. She gets lots of attention and is spoiled rotten, of course!
Her name came from my dear late mother, who always called this species "Iris Macaws".
Iris LOVES water, so she is the Water Iris.

I hope you enjoy these selected images of our beautiful sweetheart! New images
will be added from time to time (I can't resist taking her photo!).

Iris, enjoying the roses on 4/4/05.

Iris is enjoying the spring weather on 3/26/05

Iris loves to play peek-a-boo!

Iris loves the misters in the greenhouse!



Dave and Iris on 5/18/05

Iris enjoys every bit of the remnants of vanilla pudding on 6/7/05!

Hubby Dave and Iris on 6/12/05, above, and on 6/14/05, below



 Iris at play 6/05

Iris playing peek-a-boo on 9/8/05 

Dave and Iris on 12/21/06



Iris in the greenhouse with one of the largest of flowers, Aristolochia gigantea, the Giant Pelican Flower.
The flower lasts but one or two days and the golden orange center smells like Lemon Pledge!
I have taught Iris to smell flowers; she will lean into a flower, smell it, and say "Ummmmmmmmmm!".

Dave and Iris on 2/1/07

Dave and Iris on 4/4/07

Dave and Iris on 7/15/07


 Water Iris- more images of Iris

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All photographs are by Gail J. Worth and are copyrighted.
They may not be reproduced by any method without written permission.

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