Goofy Behavior of Bare-Eyed Cockatoos

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Here is our pet Bare-Eyed Cockatoo, Poopy, performing some of her silly behaviors such as the self-placed cardboard-roll-on-the-head trick and her ever popular Poopy Dance! All of this fun took place within the same ten minutes! She loves to perform and to play and is always ready to put a smile on my face. Poopy was the first cockatoo hatched at Aves International and will soon celebrate her 30th birthday! She lives on an open stand and has never lived behind cage bars. She is a delightful pet! She talks quite a lot and is the look-out for the entire pet bird room.
She watches all goings-on like a hawk and sounds the alarm if something is out of the norm.





Poopy is sitting on her egg in a tissue box in this photo!
She has a split-level view.

Poopy loves hard, raw spaghetti.
She will eat piece after piece of it,
never dropping a single morsel!

On a different day, 9/9/03, Poopy did her Great White Bat imitation, shown below.

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