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(updated 11/9/02)

Our baby Hyacinth Macaws love the Wiggly-Giggly toy! They learned in just minutes to press the toy's hand to make
it wiggle and giggle! 10/29/02



 On a cool and foggy day in
Los Angeles county, 11/7/02, the macaws are feeling spunky and ready to play!

Even on cool days, we leave some windows open for good ventilation in the nursery.
We do not believe in "hot-housing" birds.
We like fresh air !

The younger Hyacinths have
discovered the shredded paper
bedding on the lower part of the
stand but are planning a takeover
from the older Green-Winged
Macaws above.


This could get interesting...


The babies love to flap their wings.
Here, our nursery manager, Chelo,
gives the baby Hyacinth Macaw a lift-up.

Chelo admires the wing-span
of the baby. These beauties are full
sized at twelve weeks of age. They will
gain about 10-15% more weight
in the year following weaning.


One baby Hyacinth manages to get on
top of the playpen with the Green-Wings but is getting the cold shoulder.

 The other baby Hyacinth goes
off exploring on the floor.

Hmmm, let's see, bite open boxes
of food supplies, throw all the towels
onto the floor, grab peoples' shoes...?

 Ouch! The baby decides to
appropriate my fuzzy shoe!


 Now it's back to the shredded paper.

It is a wonderful idea to spread
this all over the floor!

The Green-Wings have had about
enough of this chicanery!

But no, Chelo has more games in mind!
She decides the baby macaws need
bonnets! This kind of silly game helps
to socialize the babies and keep them
used to being handled.



 Here are two of our baby Green-Winged
Macaws from 2002. We are very proud
of these babies as their mother was hand-raised by us several years ago. She laid three eggs in her very first clutch and all three babies hatched and are weaning now. We feed our baby Green-Wings like our baby Hyacinths, thus they are very large. Too little fat in their formula would have caused stunting.

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All photographs are by Gail J. Worth and are copyrighted.
They may not be reproduced by any method without written permission.

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