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 These Green-Winged Macaw chicks were photographed 8/30/99.

 These Scarlet Macaw chicks are one month old in this photo taken 8/30/99.

 These Yellow-Collared Macaw babies are seven weeks old.

 This curious Blue-Headed Pionus is
eight weeks old.

This Red-Crested Touraco is three days old in this photograph taken 9/22/99. The touracos are born with their eyes open, unlike parrot chicks.

This baby Citron Cockatoo strikes an interesting pose on 9/26/99 at five weeks of age.

 These Catalina Macaw babies were photographed on 9/26/99.

 Although these baby Blue & Gold Macaws are nearly completely feathered, they will be hand-fed for another seven to eight weeks until they are fully weaned.

These beautifully-colored baby Scarlet Macaws are still hand-feeding four times per day. They were photographed in our nursery on 9/26/99.

These Green-Winged Macaws are nearly ready for a cage!

At nearly seven weeks of age this Black-Headed Caique is nearly feathered.

 These little Hahn's Macaws are just starting to wean now (9/28/99). They love to play together on their playpen. What wonderful pets they are!

This just-weaned Double Yellow-Headed Amazon was photographed 9-30-99.

This Magna Double Yellow-Headed Amazon is from our pair #3 (see photo of parents on our Ranch page

 Here is a baby Catalina Macaw at twelve weeks
of age.

All photographs are by Gail J. Worth and are copyrighted. They may not be reproduced
by any method without written permission.


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