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This very tame and playful baby Lory is a melanistic Stella, photographed on 6/8/99 at 3 months of age. The melanistic male has a red rump whereas the female lacks the red coloring.


This charming group is comprised of Goffin, Rose-Breasted, Ducorp's, Bare-Eyed, and Leadbeater's Cockatoos.


Photographed on 6/8/99 was this cheeky trio of Rose-Breasted, Bare-Eyed, and Leadbeater's Cockatoos.


It's nap time at Aves International for these baby Blue & Gold Macaws.


I tried to take a photo of these baby Panama and Yellow-Naped Amazon chicks but Pepito, our baby Panama, opened his eyes, ready for another meal!

This lively bunch of Amazon babies are Magna Double Yellow-Headed (front), Panama (back left), and Yellow-Naped (right) photographed on 6/9/99.


These precocious baby Sun Conures are wide awake!


This is a six week old Congo African Grey photographed 6/2/99.

Here is a very shy 7 week old male Solomon Island Eclectus - photographed 6/2/99. 

This six week old Red-Crested Touraco baby is just weaned in this photo. Unlike many other birds, touracos continue to grow larger after they eat by themselves.They dramatically change their plumage into their brilliant adult colors by four months of age.

This Greater Vasa Parrot baby was brokered by Aves International. This chick was ten weeks old in this photo. Vasas are delightful as pets - lively and affectionate! Our customers from prior years all report that they absolutlely love their Vasa Parrots!


This baby Jardine Parrot was hatched 4/11/99 and photographed on 5/28/99.

At ten weeks of age, the Jardine Parrot is nearly weaned. This baby was photographed on 6/21/99.


This weaning Yellow-Naped Amazon has a calm demeanor and an adventurous personality!
photographed 7/26/99

This weaning Magna Double Yellow-Headed Amazon was photographed on 7/26/99. Our Amazon chicks receive extra socialization so that they are used to being touched on the wings and head and they welcome the human touch.

These two beautiful Maximillian Pionus were photographed on 7/26/99.

The White-Crowned Pionus baby is
one of the more quiet of the New World Parrots.

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