The question was:

Identify the type of bird whose tail feathers are shown at left by scientific and common names and give its natural range in the wild.

The hints were:

1. These feathers are from a New World species.
2. This species is uncommon in aviculture.

3. A lean diet should be fed to this species.

The answer is:

Jamaican Yellow-Billed Amazon
(Amazona collaria) whose natural range is the island of Jamaica in the Caribbean Greater Antilles.
 Jamaican Yellow-Billed Amazon raised at Aves International. We have bred this challenging species to the second generation in our aviaries.

This lovely species occurs in upland wet limestone forested areas of Jamaica and are particularly more
abundant in the Cockpit Country area. This species is threatened in its native habitat as are all Caribbean Amazon species. Hurricanes such as Georges that recently ravaged many Caribbean islands are a real threat to Caribbean Parrots and contribute to habitat loss as does human encroachment. We feel fortunate to work with this delightful parrot!


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