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 Panama Amazon (a love story)
(Amazona ochrocephala panamensis)

In January 1999, we received two pairs of Panama Amazons at the Los Angeles International Airport. These birds were destined for resale. I drove them home from the airport in the late afternoon, lost in thought with plans regarding how I would be keeping them a few days and then deliver them to their new owner in about a week's time. Suddenly the silence in the car was broken. "Good girl, Gloria" was clearly spoken in a feminine voice, followed by raucous laughter which filled the car! I was surprised the birds would be in a talkative mood this late in the day after their journey. "Put it over there!", "No, put it over here!" emanated from the back seat of the vehicle. "Oh no, I think I'm in trouble!" I thought to myself. It seems as I had made a New Year's resolution to not buy more breeding stock nor add any new species to our breeding program at Aves International. Now I was being challenged in my weakest hour (the first month of the year :^0 )! To shorten a long story, the two pairs - Gloria & Luis and Rosita & Mario - spent the winter in our guest bedroom. It was too cold to put them out at our breeding ranch so I sheepishly explained to my husband, Dave, that this would be for "just a short while". They regaled us with their instructions to us as to where to move things ("over here!", "no, over there!") and were generally charming.These parrots have such wonderful mellow personalities, typical of their subspecies. The hens, Gloria and Rosita, would approach as if to get on one's hand. Well, to make another long story short, Gloria and Luis were thrilled with the honeymoon suite and proceeded to lay eggs!
This resulted in Pepito
and Chencha, their darling babies!

Here is Chencha, already playful at six and a half weeks of age- photographed on 6/23/99.

Pepito (left) and Chencha, photographed on 6/24/99.



The weather had been cooler than usual in southern California this year so far
so the four guests stayed a little longer than I had originally told my husband (gulp)
but they finally were crated once again and moved to our breeding facility.
We'll miss them in the guest room!



These two views of Mario show the sprightly and gentle personality of these marvelous parrots! Rosita peeks out of the crate in the photo to the right.


These two views of Luis (in the foreground) and Gloria, illustrate the great beauty and sweet faces of these engaging Amazon Parrots! The Panama has a world-wide reputation for its mellow personality and exceptional talking ability. Even in breeding pairs, these qualities are quite evident!

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All photographs are by Gail J. Worth and are copyrighted. They may not be reproduced
by any method without written permission.

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