identify the species that produced these feathers by scientific and common names and give its range in the wild.


ANSWER: There is some confusion as to whether these feathers came from male and female Red-Tailed Black Cockatoos (aka Banksian)(Calyptorhynchus banksii, formerly magnificus) or from male and female Glossy Cockatoos (Calptorhynchus lathami). The person that provided the feathers says they are from banksii but they most closely match the description of lathami to my eye. We received both answers from the entrants of the contest in about an equal ratio, therefore, due to the confusion, we will consider either answer correct and therefore the mystery continues to a certain extent. What do you think?
The natural range of banksii in Australia is widespread near rivers in the north and northeast and in the southwest with smaller populations in central and in Victoria/South Australia. Lathami's natural range is coastal eastern Australia and on Kangaroo Island.


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