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Sorry, we no longer breed Noble Macaws but we do still breed Hahn's Macaws!

I love colorful parrots! I delight in their brilliance and flamboyance! But some of my very favorite species are not the most colorful of their brethren.
I tend to favor very intelligent and clever species. Some of my favorites include the Kea Parrot, the Vasa Parrots, the Bare-Eyed and Slender-Billed Cockatoos, the Slender-Billed Conure, the Yellow-Naped and Panama Amazons, African Greys, the Scarlet and Hyacinth Macaws, and the huge personality in a small package- the adorable Hahn's/Noble Macaw! At Aves International, we think this is one of the best species of parrot for a pet!

This is our pet Hahn's Macaw, Globo (Globito). This bird is a very beloved and integral part of our family!
This bird has major attitude!

We own a pet Hahn's Macaw, named Globo, who was the first Hahn's Macaw hatched here in 1992. He is a very precocious bird with an engaging and interactive personality! My husband, Dave, and I can handle Globo equally well, and he is friendly with several other people. He is an excellent talker with a large vocabulary and uses words and phrases appropriately. He knows our names and all of the names of our other pet birds and calls us correctly. Globo is bilingual, using both English and Spanish. He says "buenos dias" (good day in Spanish) when he first sees someone in the morning and says "hola" (hello in Spanish) in the afternoon. At lunch time or if he sees one preparing food or eating, he asks if we want to eat in Spanish, "quieras de comer?". He sings with a wonderful vibrato (his favorite song is "Con Los Anos Que Me Quedan" by Gloria Estefan). When our staff is leaving for the day, he tells everyone "gracias"! Globo loved to get in the shower with Dave where they made quite a racket making all kinds of noise! After his shower, Globo loves to cuddle in a towel while whispering his name. He usually calls himself "Globito". He can be a brat at times but loves to be held and cuddled. He is the pet that sits with me as I read the newspaper. What a wonderful pet he is!

our beloved spunky Hahn's Macaw, Globo, on 4/3/05

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Here are a few of the baby
Hahn's Macaws hand-feeding
in our nursery. These photos
were taken on 9/6/01.

We have baby Hahn's Macaws available in the summer and fall months.


These babies are very tame and personable and will jump from the perch to your shoulder or hand.



The babies are very curious and precocious and welcome any object as a toy!

Shown is a Hahn's Macaw on the left and a similar-aged Noble Macaw
(a subspecies) on the right.
The Noble is slightly larger with different beak coloration.

A Noble Macaw on the far right sits with a group of Hahn's Macaws.
The Noble is much less common in aviculture than
is the Hahn's Macaw.

Sometimes known as the Red-Shouldered Macaw, the Hahn's develops the beautiful red coloring with maturity, chicks have only a small amount of red. These little macaws have a high-pitched call similar to a conure but generally do not call as often as conures do. Our pet, Globo, talks so much that he only uses his natural call occasionally. A cage sized for smaller parrot species is appropriate for a Hahn's Macaw. They are not finicky eaters and love to eat fresh vegetables, especially cooked root vegetables such as beets and yams. They also really enjoy fruit such as grapes, apple, papaya, melons, and berries.

The Noble Macaw is a subspecies of the Hahn's that is slightly larger and has a horn-colored upper mandible. The Noble has the same wonderful characteristics as the Hahn's and I recommend them both equally. The Noble has a slightly higher price due to its relative rarity. We do raise quite a number of Noble Macaws as we have worked for years to establish several breeding pairs of this subspecies.
click here to see the species profile of Hahn's and Noble Macaws

If socialized with a number of people, a Hahn's/Noble can be a great family pet! I love this wonderful species because of its sprightly and engaging personality, smaller size, ability to mimic very well, and its endearing qualities. We raise quite a few of these little
beauties at Aves International, having kept back babies for breeding since 1993.
We are now producing from our fourth generation birds!

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