Blue-Fronted Amazon
(Amazona aestiva xanthopteryx)

Sorry, we no longer breed Blue-fronted Amazon Parrots.
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approx. size: 14 1/2 inches/37 cm native to: central South America available season: summer/fall
min. cage size: 30" x 30" x 30" talking ability: very good price: not available, sorry

This popular species has many excellent qualities to recommend it for a pet. It has an excellent ability to mimic and generally has a mild personality compared to many other Amazon species. It is also quite beautiful. The amount and color tone of the blue and
yellow coloring on the head is extremely variable among individuals.

This baby Blue Fronted Amazon looks a bit ungainly at a month of age but soon turns into the elegant beauty at right.


 These beautiful Blue-Fronted Amazons are from a particularily beautiful parent pair. We hope to have babies like this again in the future. These gorgeous birds were bred by Steve Garvin.


Amazon Parrots require a diet high in natural beta carotenes. We recommend a fresh natural diet for Amazon Parrots. Root vegetables such as carrots, beets, and sweet potatoes are important additions to the diet. Please do not feed Amazon Parrots a processed pelleted food as the basis of their diet. Pellets do not contain the phytonutrients that whole fresh foods have. Sprouted seeds and grains are also recommended.

These are three spectacularly-colored Blue-Fronts raised by Steve Garvin
in 1999.

A cage that is manufactured for "Amazons" or "large parrots" is correct for the Blue-Fronted Amazon. A cage with a playpen roof is recommended. Amazons enjoy chewing wood and should be provided with chunks of pine or fir wood for chewing. They also love green branches with leaves.

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