Hyacinth Macaw
(Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus)

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See our 1999 hatch chicks grow!
(updated 3/10/99)


These are baby Hyacinth Macaws at
two and five days of age.

These adorable baby Hyacinth Macaws grow very quickly but will take six months to fully wean.

Here are the precious chicks on 8/30/99. They are growing quickly now and putting on weight fast!


The larger bird is three days older than its sibling.

 Hyacinth chicks are very sensitive to noise and will flip and kick if startled. They can recognize the voices of the hand-feeders and distinguish these familiar voices from a new person's voice. A new voice will cause them to instantly flip!

Photographed on 10/5/99, this frisky baby Hyacinth already has quite a personality!

It is difficult to walk away from a baby Hyacinth that gives one a look like this!

This is a classic begging baby pose!

Our Hyacinths are fed a hand-feeding diet that contains a higher fat content that they need for adequate nutrition. This results in a large and healthy baby.
Notice the feather color and sheen.

See photos of our newest baby Hyacinth Macaw below!

Here is our youngest baby Hyacinth
that was hatched on 8/26/99. It is
shown here at just over three weeks
of age on 10/18/99.

 Even at this young age , this little fellow is showing a lot of personality!

Photographed on 2/14/00, this beauty is Chloe, the baby that is shown in the
photos immediately above. She has the same look full of personality that she showed us in mid-October as a young
baby. She is almost weaned and will be going to her new home soon!

Chloe is already eating her adult diet of nuts and coconut. She eats some
vegetables but really prefer the
high-fat diet that Hyacinths require.

click here to see a photo of our breeding pair

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