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(updated 7/25/05)


Leadbeater Cockatoo 6/14/05 

Hahn's Macaws and a Sun Conure 4-29-05
6/14/06- Three feathering baby
Leadbeater's Cockatoos snuggle together
for a nap after their evening hand-feeding.
Two of these babies are still available
to be reserved.

two feathering baby Scarlet Macaws and one
Blue & Gold Macaw on 6/8/05.

What cute little birds! A Sun Conure, Hahn's Macaw, and Senegal parrots buddy up to take
a snooze on the evening of 6/1/05.

weaning baby Goffin Cockatoo on 6/8/05
These small cockatoos are charming as pets!
now lower priced!

baby Yellow-Faced Amazons on 6/28/05.
This is the only Amazon species that I know that
has bright yellow down at hatching.

Panama and Yellow-Naped Amazons

weaning baby White-Crowned Pionus on 6/15/05.

   Above and left- young Green-Cheeked Conures. The light colored chicks are the Pineapple color.



Green-Cheeked Conure chicks on 6/14/05. The lighter-colored ones are the Pineapple coloration.
These are the "quiet conures" and make great family pets!



A baby Panama Amazon cavorts with a Yellow-Naped Amazon on 6/15/05.
We have Rose-Breasted Cockatoos weaned and available now. We have just two unsold babies from the short breeding season (it's sweet but short!). This is a desert species that breeds right after our winter rains here in southern California and then enjoys the hot summer.



6/14/05- We have available gorgeous Red-Crested Touracos in perfect feather
from a large outdoor aviary- sexed birds of one bloodline only.

Blue & Gold Macaw on 6/28/05.

sleepy Scarlet Macaw on the evening of 6/28/05.

precious baby Leadbeater's Cockatoo
chicks on 6/14/05.
We have two males still available to be reserved.

This baby Leadbeater's Cockatoo is already learning to eat on its own on the second day
in a weaning cage on 6/28/05.


sweet-natured baby male Leadbeater Cockatoos, weaning on 7/7/05.
Scarlet Macaw baby on 7/15/05

Green-Cheeked Conure chicks on 6/28/05. The lighter-colored ones are the Pineapple coloration.
These are the "quiet conures" and make great family pets!

This Hahn's Macaw and Blue-Headed Pionus
went to their new home on 7/7/05.

 pin-feathered baby Hahn's Macaw on 7/7/05

Blue-Headed Pionus on 7/7/05

Leadbeater Cockatoo showing his crest on 7/7/05

exhuberent Panama Amazon on 7/5/05

Prints of digital photos of our babies are available.
Click here for more details!

All photographs are by Gail J. Worth and are copyrighted.
They may not be reproduced by any method without written permission.

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