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(updated 12/31/04)

These Moluccan Cockatoo babies are
just starting to wean on 7/6/04.

weaning Citron Cockatoo on 8-12-04.
weaning Greater Vasa Parrot on 8/16/04

Perla feeds Cuban Amazons on 7/14/04.
These babies are playful like puppies!
We are amazed at how tame they are!

 Photo below- Although they are in a large weaning cage, these baby Cuban Amazons bunch up in one corner to get as close
as possible to the hand-feeder!

This is the first time we have hand-fed this species and we are impressed with the docile personalities of these small and spunky Amazons!

Large and peachy Moluccan Cockatoo babies
on 8/16/04


gorgeous tame baby
Leadbeater Cockatoos on 8/16/04

Cuban Amazons on 8/16/04.
These babies are VERY tame!

Rose-Breasted Cockatoo babies

Maximillian Pionus Parrots

Black-Headed Caique babies

gorgeous baby Cuban Amazon 

baby Scarlet Macaw in the nursery on 7/21/04

spunky weaning baby Moluccan Cockatoo, 8/16/04

just-weaned baby Greater Vasa Parrot and
Congo African Grey on 8/16/04

 Noble Macaw on 8/16/04.
This small species makes a lively family pet
and is great at mimicry/talking!



weaned tame Rose-Breasted Cockatoo 8/04

This baby Citron Cockatoo loves to flap its wings and show its beautiful crest feathers! 8/25/04

This baby Citron Cockatoo is now sold. 

The moon is almost full, the weather is cool near the Pacific Ocean
on the evening of 8/25/04, and the babies are feeling frisky!


just-feathered Scarlet Macaw on 8/25/04

spunky baby Hyacinth Macaw on 8/25/04

These baby macaws are great buddies and will always jump into the same tub together,
given the chance! Where's the bubblebath?

Feathering baby Hahn's Macaws wrestle with one another. These babies are extremely playful!

Wait a minute, there's a stowaway at this slumber party! See the baby Congo African Grey head? The baby Greys like to snuggle under the wings of the larger baby macaws!

A baby Citron Cockatoo scales
the Mountain Of Towels.

A feathering baby Timneh African Grey finally breaks free from its pesky younger siblings and makes a run for it- off for some adventure!

Minutes later the baby Timneh is discovered just hanging around the neighborhood! (at right)

Tame and lovely Umbrella and Moluccan Cockatoo babies are weaning on 8/16/04.

baby Jardine Parrot

Rose-Breasted Cockatoo

Jardine Parrot

Our nursery manager, Chelo, says good-bye to
the baby Citron Cockatoo she raised from an egg. The bird went to its new home on 9-20-04.

These baby Senegals and Meyer's Parrot
went to their new homes in 9/04.

feathering baby Sun Conure and
Black-Headed Caiques on 9-1-04

Noble & Hahn's Macaws shown above;
Maximillian (foreground) and Bronze-Winged Pionus to the right.


weaning Scarlet Macaw on 9-20-04 (sold)

Jardine Parrot on 10/12/04 (sold)

This little Double Yellow-Headed Amazon is good buddies with these other weaning baby Amazon Parrots- a Blue-Fronted on the left and a Panama Amazon on the right. 8/16/04

Bronze-Winged Pionus

weaning baby Hahn's Macaws on 8-25-04 

beautiful Blue-Headed Pionus
taking deposits for 2005

On a hot afternoon, a baby Scarlet Macaw naps
in his make-shift "hammock"!

Cuban and Panama Amazons on 8-16-04.

Below are two images of a baby Panama Amazon, in the shipping crate, as he is leaving for his new home.
I thought his expressions were reminicent of the expressions of two of our breeders as they left to go out to the breeding ranch in the spring of 1999! two above taken 10/13/04; two below taken 5/99.




This Panama Amazon baby is so relaxed in the crate; he's reaching for a peanut to munch!
His sibling, who went home eleven days earlier, is already saying his first words!


This adorable baby Ducorp's Cockatoo also went to her new home on 10/13/04. We will miss our baby cockatoos and Amazon parrots as they are nearly all sold and shipped for 2004. We are accepting deposits to reserve 2005 babies now!

Have I mentioned lately just HOW MUCH I LOVE Caiques!?

Yellow-Thighed and Black-Headed Caiques

In the four photos below, Chelo plays with the baby caiques in the nursery on 10/6/04.





This spunky Scarlet Macaw went to her new home on 10/26/04

tame just-weaned baby Sun Conures on 10/31/04

Double Yellow-Headed Amazon baby

sweet baby Umbrella Cockatoo
weaning baby Umbrella Cockatoos on 10/31/04

Lemme outta here! A tiny baby Yellow-Fronted Kakariki kicks out of the egg on 10/26/04.

Bronze-Winged Pionus (above)
on left and Noble Macaw on right.


tame, weaned, playful Goffin Cockatoos

Goffin Cockatoos

The cuban Amazons we hand-fed in 2004 were delightful babies! They are so wonderful- gorgeous, tame, good talking ability, and very active and playful- but many people do not know much about them. We are limited in our sales to the State of California by the US Endangered Species Act.

Cuban Amazon
(California sales only-
federal endangered species
permit required for residents of states other than California

Hubby Dave and some of the weaned baby Cuban Amazons.

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