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(updated 8/12/04)

Our evening hand-feeder, Perla, feeds baby Cuban and Panama Amazon Parrots on 6/10/04.

baby Yellow-Thighed Caique chicks on 6/10/04

rare baby Cuban Amazons on 6/10/04

Slender-Billed Corella Cockatoos on 6/7/04.
These birds are natural clowns and extremely active and playful! Click to see a baby grow!

lovely Blue-Fronted Amazon 

Blue-Headed Bronze-Winged,
and Maximillian Pionus on 6/3/04

feathering Cuban Amazons on 6/3/04

just-weaned Solomon Island Eclectus above
and a lovely male at right on 5/25/04.


spunky Yellow-Thighed Caique

 baby Tres Marias and Yellow-Naped Amazon babies on 6/10/04 

Yellow-Thighed Caiques 6/14/04
   baby Leadbeater's Cockatoos on 6/16/04.

These adorable baby Caiques went to
their new home on 6/15/04.

weaning Meyer's Parrots - 5/04

babies in the nursery 6/16/04

Orange-Bellied Senegal babies on 6/18/04

curious baby Congo African Greys 6/04

sleepy Sun Conure and Hahn's Macaws on 6/7/04

feathering Hahn's Macaws now! wonderful pets! 7/6/04

Weaning baby Amazon Parrots
in the nursery on 6/14/04.

Yellow-Naped Amazon 6/14/04

spunky Tres Marias and Panama Amazons

rare and lovely baby Cuban Amazons on 6/18/04
These fellows are REALLY cute! (above photo)

(at right) feathering baby Blue-Headed Pionus
on 6/18/04

Look at the unusual beak on a days-old baby Greater Vasa Parrot! Vasas are very sweet
and gentle as pets. 6/18/04 (note the egg tooth!)

Greater Vasa Parrot on 6/26/04.

pin-feathering Citron Cockatoo chick on 6/18/04

Moluccan Cockatoo babies on 6/17/04
weaning Tres Marias Amazons on 6/26/04

Baby Hyacinth Macaw, "Tupi", on 6/18/04

It's the first day on a perch for these wobbly Cuban Amazon babies on 6/24/04.

This lovely and very tame Orange-Winged Amazon went to his new home in late June. 

These adorable baby Caiques went to their new home on 6/15/04.

These Yellow-Thighed Caiques just went
to their new homes at the end of June.

Yellow-Sided Conure

This beautiful female Solomon Island Eclectus went to her new home on 6/30/04. 



just-weaned baby Leadbeater's Cockatoo 6-24-04

This weaning female Moluccan Cockatoo
is feeling spunky on 6/24/04.

spunky Jardine Parrot

Baby Hyacinth Macaw, "Tupi",
stretching her wings on 7/6/04

Two day old Red-Crested Touraco chicks on 6/17/04. These unusual babies hatch with their eyes open and ready to eat! They fledge at
three weeks and wean four weeks from hatching!

Touraco chicks look like
strange little chicken babies!

Yellow-Faced Amazon chicks on 7-14-04

Beautiful Blue-Headed Pionus are weaning now.

very sweet Goffin Cockatoo babies

gorgeous tame baby male Leadbeater Cockatoos

These month old baby Scarlet and Hyacinth Macaws are great buddies. 7/14/04 

weaning baby Congo African Greys on 7/14/04

Double Yellow-Headed Amazon chicks
on 7/14/04

adorable feathering Black-Headed Caique baby in the nursery on 7/26/04

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All photographs are by Gail J. Worth and are copyrighted.
They may not be reproduced by any method without written permission.

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