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(updated 6/16/04)

baby Bare-Eyed Cockatoos on 5/5/04.
We are now sold out for the 2004 season.

Leadbeater's (Major-Mitchell's) Cockatoo chicks starting to pin-feather on 5/5/04

sleeping baby caiques like to
stretch out and relax! 5/5/04

Ducorp's, Leadbeater's, and Rose-Breasted Cockatoo chicks vie to be fed on 5/5/04

delightful hand-feeding Sun Conure

lively Rose-Breasted Cockatoo babies 5/5/04

Jardines snuggle with a baby male
Solomon Island Eclectus on 5/5/04

sleepy Yellow-Thighed Caiques on 5/5/04

hatching babies on 5/5/04

a baby Hyacinth Macaw hatching on 5/5/04

Both photos are of a weaning baby Ducorp's Cockatoo in our nursery on 5/12/04.
We are sold out on this species for the
2004 season but will accept deposits for
our waiting list at any time.

Two day old Moluccan and Greater Sulphur-Crested (g. galerita)
Cockatoo chicks on 3/28/04

The same two cockatoos on 5/5/04. The Moluccan is almost as large as the galerita at this stage but not quite as feathered. These birds hatched the same day.
click here to see more photos
of these growing babies

Our nursery is quite full on the evening of 5-5-04.

The baby Moluccan Cockatoos
are starting to peep out of their box at
the neighbor, a Greater Sulphur-Crested
Cockatoo, 5/5/04.

feathering Bronze-Winged Pionus

exuberant Senegal Parrot and
Hahn's Macaw chicks 5/5/04

The baby galerita Greater Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos are both now sold.
Here is the just-hatched chick below on 5/8/04.


Leadbeater (Major Mitchell's) Cockatoo babies
5/12/04 (both photos above)

baby female galerita Greater Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo on 5/10/04 (above photo)

Rose-Breasted Cockatoo babies beg to be fed
on 5/13/04, at right.


Perla doing the evening feeding on 5/26-04

Ducorp's and Moluccan Cockatoo chicks
on 5/26/04.

What a sweet baby Hahn's Macaw! 5-26-04

Bronze-Winged, Blue-Headed,
and Maximillian Pionus

 Leadbeater's Cockatoo chicks before (left) and after (right) their 3AM snack! 5/20/04


Can you guess the species of the parrot on the right? (hint- It's not a hybrid.)


Specially-colored Blue-fronted Amazons in left photo and with a baby Panama Amazon at right,
on 5-13-04.

almost a crest! a baby Leadbeater Cockatoo
on the evening of 5/25/04

baby cockatoos, from bottom to top,
Ducorps, Greater Sulphur, and Leadbeater's
on 5/25/04.

a lovely specially-colored Blue-Fronted Amazon baby on 5/26/04

weaning Rose-Breasted Cockatoo beauty on 5/26/04

baby Hyacinth Macaw on 6/3/04

Goffin Cockatoo chicks on 5/5/04

delightful Sun Conure

These babies are ready for their late night snack on 5/20/04.

 Monica and Chelo are hard at work with lots
of tiny babies in the nursery on 5/25/04!

The baby Leadbeater Cockatoos are very
excited about their first day of weaning!

Congo African Grey and Jardine babies
on 6/4/04

This baby Hyacinth Macaw has been named Tupi-Azul by her future owners. 6/7/04

baby Tres Marias Amazon
on 6/7/04.

We have young Yellow-Thighed and Black-Headed Caique babies available to be reserved now!
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All photographs are by Gail J. Worth and are copyrighted.
They may not be reproduced by any method without written permission.

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