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(updated 8/19/03)

a Tres Marias Amazon baby goes
exploring in the nursery on 5/21/03

playful weaning baby Yellow-Thighed Caique

We hatched two baby Great-Billed Parrots for a local aviculturist friend! 5/7/03

Great-Billed Parrots on 6/3/03

Baby Great-Billed Parrots 6/13/03

This Solomon Island Eclectus is
just-weaned on 5/22/03

"specially-colored" Blue-Fronted Amazon
chicks on 5/21/03

This "Specially-colored" Blue-Fronted Amazon

The youngest of the "specially-colored" Blue-Fronted Amazons is a real beauty!

This chick has extensive dark yellow plumage
on its head, chest, and wings.

Sun Conure and Senegal Parrots
These make great family pets!

We have baby Hahn's and Noble Macaws hatching weekly through the summer.
This is Gail's favorite small species!

Ducorp's Cockatoo chick on 6/24/03

"Specially-colored" Blue-Fronted Amazon 7/15/03

This baby Congo African Grey is wandering
in the nursery on 5/17/03

This young female Hyacinth is enjoying our beautiful weather outside on 6/14/03. We have been calling her Beija which means "beautiful" in Portuguese. She went to her new home 7/24/03..

Magna Double Yellow-Headed Amazons babies 6/3/03 

Panama Amazon

feathering baby Yellow-Naped Amazon
on 6-13-03


Our young Hyacinths, Beija and Iris, enjoy a lovely afternoon outdoors.

We have adorable Hahn's Macaws
weaning now.

The perch seems really high off the floor
to these just-feathered baby Moluccan Cockatoos on 7/16/03

Our young Hyacinth, Beija, enjoys a peach.
She just left us for her new home!

A cheeky Yellow-Thighed Caique leans into the camera- with a baby Hahn's Macaw- 7/16/03

It's a slumber party with one baby Eclectus Parrot and six Hahn's Macaw chicks.

What a cutie! A baby Goffin Cockatoo
peeks out of its box on 7/16/03.

This young Timneh African Grey is enjoying
a flapping practice. 7/30/03

These cheeky fellows are
Greater Vasa Parrots. 8/11/03

This Blue-Headed Pionus chick is just learning to perch.

The Orange-Bellied subspecies of
Senegal Parrot.

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