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(updated 6/4/03)

 This is as close as any of our birds has gotten
to a chicken! This baby Hyacinth loves his
new chicken toy that crows and dances to the chicken song that it plays! 3/10/03

This little Rose-Breasted Cockatoo is almost completely feathered in April/03
at five weeks of age. It will be weaned in about another five weeks. Rose-Breasted Cockatoos live in an arid environment in the wild in Australia
and their babies wean very quickly. Ten weeks is the
average weaning period for Rosies.

These baby Tres Maria Amazons are showing a lot of
color at an early age!

The older baby is only seven weeks of age in this photo and will
get a lot more yellow coloring in the coming years.

 Baby Poicephalus in the nursery in 3/03. Shown are Ruppell's, Meyer's Senegals, and Orange-Bellied Senegal Parrots.

 Here is a pinfeathering Umbrella Cockatoo baby on 4/27/03. These babies take about four months from hatching to completely wean.

 What a cutie! A precocious Slender-Billed Cockatoo chick on 4/27/03

 8 week old Tres Marias Amazon baby on 5/6/03

 Two baby "Specially-colored" Blue-Fronted Amazons are showing beautiful colors on 5/6/03. It is fun to see the development of the pin-feathers for clues to the future
feather coloration of the chicks-
each one is different!

 Maximillian Pionus in the nursery on 5/7/03. These fellows make great family pets!

  Maximillian Pionus chick on 5/17/03. These parrots have mellow personalities.

 Sun Conure and Hahn's Macaw babies
in the nursery -

 On 5/15/03, the beautiful coloration
of these babies becomes more apparent every day.

 Two "specially-colored" Blue-Fronted Amazons and their buddy, a Panama Amazon, are nearly feathered on 5/15/03. These babies are six to seven weeks of age.

"specially-colored" Blue-Fronted Amazon
chicks on 5/21/03

 Delightful Bare-Eyed Cockatoos are hand-feeding now. The Bare-Eyed is one
of my favorite species of cockatoos!
I love their goofy behavior!


Above and below are photos of baby Great-Billed Parrots hatched here
for a local friend/aviculturist.



Look at those bright orange beaks of the baby Great-Billed Parrots on 5/17/03!

These baby Great-Billed Parrots have
some amazing beaks! 5/21/03!


 Magna Double Yellow-Headed Amazon chicks on 5/17/03.


 Two Rose-Breasted Cockatoo babies have just fledged on 5/21/03 and are having a super time exploring the nursery!


six baby "specially-colored" Blue-Fronted Amazons in the nursery


 What a bunch of cuties! 6/3/03

 Our young Hyacinths enjoy an afternoon playing outside on 5/24/03.

 This just-weaned female Solomon Island Eclectus has unusual red coloration on her lower chest. This is most likely an aberrant juvenile plumage color that will disappear with the first adult molt but it is very pretty, nonetheless!


baby Rose-Breasted Cockatoo
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All photographs are by Gail J. Worth and are copyrighted.
They may not be reproduced by any method without written permission.

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