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(updated 10/17/02)

These week-old Greater Vasa Parrots
chirp like baby chickens and look like
baby dinosaurs!


 Baby Double Yellow-Headed and Yellow-Naped Amazons peek out
of their tub on 9/6/02.


This weaning baby Yellow-Naped
wants to still be hand-fed on 9/6/02.

This adorable face is that of a
pin-feathering baby
Green-Winged Macaw
on 9/6/02.


 Weaning Greater Vasa Parrots frolic
on the play stand on 9/25/02.

 What a sweet little fellow is this
Greater Vasa Parrot on 9/25/02!
Vasas make great pets; they love to
be touched and scratched!

Two weaning Blue & Gold Macaws
are a beautiful sight as they stretch
and preen on 10/4/02-
it almost looks like one bird!

 These baby Green-Winged Macaws are
just starting to wean on 10/4/02. We feed our Green-Winged Macaws a high fat content hand-feeding formula so that our babies will grow up large, healthy, and unstunted.

 These little cuties are Noble and Hahn's Macaws. What wonderful family pets these make! They have the marvelous social personality of a large macaw in a small package! They are excellent mimics and can learn to talk at an
early age. These Mini Macaws are Gail's
favorite small bird species.

 This lovely Scarlet Macaw is just starting to wean on 10/14/02. This large species is very intelligent and precocious. It is one of the most colorful of all the parrot species. Large macaws should be given a lot of freedom and
opportunity for exercise. They should be fed some raw nuts in the shell, such as almonds, Brazil nuts, pecans, and macadamias,as part of their diet.

 These sibling Hyacinth Macaw are two days
apart in age and are nearly mirror images
of one another.

 This baby Hyacinth Macaw is stretching her wings on 10/4/02. Hyacinth Macaws have a special presence about them that is difficult to put into words. It's something about how they look at you with those big brown eyes, how they tilt their heads and raise the little feathers on the tops of their heads...

 This darling baby Sun Conure has a lot of
yellow in its plumage already. 10/14/02

baby Noble Macaw

Vosmaeri Eclectus females are absolutely gorgeous and are very much in demand. We always have a waiting list for them. Eclectus can be challenging as they often are nervous and defensive when first moved to a new environment but, once settled, they make wonderful devoted pets! Eclectus Parrots are excellent mimics with human-like tones. Their plumage is very fine and almost hair-like which contributes to their beauty.

 Playful and beguiling, these baby Yellow-Naped and Double Yellow-Headed Amazons are quintessential parrots! They are already trying to talk and have wonderful, inquisitive personalities.

 A sleepy-head Green-Winged Macaw
on the evening of 10/14/02

 This little Hyacinth Macaw is
wide awake and ready for dinner on the
evening of 10/14/02

 We have lovely baby Maximillian, Bronze-Winged, and White-Crowned Pionus Parrots weaned and ready to go on 10/14/02.

Pionus Parrots make great family pets!

 A baby Hyacinth Macaw gives the adorable expressive look that I love on 10/17/02!

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