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(updated 6/12/02)

beautiful baby Panama Amazons

 Here is a snuggle bunch- three Yellow-Thighed Caique babies (lighter
pink and shinier) nestled in with four Bronze-Winged Pionus chicks on 5/22/02.

Innocence personified, this Congo African Grey baby is a soft fuzzy baby. African Greys hatch with a very thick down. This chick is about seven weeks of age and is a male. Male Congo African Greys are usually a darker shade of grey than are females. Timneh Greys are much harder to sex in this way.

This baby Citron Cockatoo is covered with spiky pinfeathers which will soon blossom into lovely plumage. This baby was photographed on 5/22/02.

 Here is another view of the baby Citron Cockatoo shown above.
This species is becoming increasingly rare in captivity in the U.S. .



These feathering Orange-Winged Amazons were photographed on 5/30/02.
They love to have their heads scratched! As one of the mellowest of the Amazon personalities, these parrots make excellent family pets!

 The nursery is chock-a-block full of growing chicks! On 5/22/02, many of these chicks are nearly feathered and will be moving to weaning cages soon. There is another long table full of younger chicks growing as fast as they can to take the place of these babies!

 This beauty is an almost weaned Bare-Eyed Cockatoo photographed on 5/30/02. Some people do not appreciate the loveliness of this wonderful species, which is a terrible shame, as the Bare-Eyed is one of the best pet parrots in my opinion.


These precocious babies are Yellow-Thighed Caiques. These babies
are very playful and are always looking for mischief!


As soon as they are feathered, they
will wander around the nursery visiting
the other chicks and having fun!

 This Blue & Gold Macaw baby is unusually-colored with a large
amount of green pigmentation in its feathers.


 A Yellow-Naped Amazon chick is just starting to pin-feather on its wings. Although it is a bit awkward at this age, it will soon blossom into a beautiful parrot!

The Yellow-Naped Amazon is one of my favorite parrot species due to its lively personable nature, high intelligence, and ability to mimic. We have three Yellow-Naped Amazons as our family pets.

  This baby Citron Cockatoo is feathering quickly on 6/3/02. This baby is very shy at this age but will begin to relax once he is perching. He has a very sweet personality!


beautiful Blue-Fronted Amazons
These are specially-colored babies from highly-colored parents.


It is always a delight to watch these
little fellows feather every year to
see how they will be colored!

   gorgeous Rose-Breasted Cockatoo 6/3/02.

  These Blue-Headed Pionus chicks will be going to a weaning cage in a few days on 6/3/02. The green coloration on the head
of these babies will turn blue with the first adult feather molt.



On 6/3/02, it is a free for all at feeding time as five Maximillian Pionus chicks on the left and two Jamaican Yellow-Billed Amazons and two Yellow-Naped Amazons on the right vie for the hand-feeder's attention.

 This baby Blue-Fronted Amazon is just-hatched, four hours old on 6/3/02. It has a full crop of food and is sound asleep and growing!

Eclectus Parrots6/8/02

A Double Yellow-Headed Amazon hatches on the evening of 6/11/02.

These are just-hatched Black-Headed Caiques on 6/11/02.

A Yellow-Thighed Caique is ready to eat again as his Pionus roommates sleep!

A baby Sun Conure on 6/11/02- what a sweet face!

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