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(updated 5/22/02)

 This baby Rose-Breasted Cockatoo is very hungry and alertly watches every move of the approaching hand-feeder! This chick is about five to six weeks of age in this photo.

Our Rosie babies have very deep pink coloration due to our fresh diet containing highly pigmented vegetables.
Please read this page on


These are several of the baby Rose-Breasted Cockatoos weaning in our nursery on 4/23/02.

Our nursery manager, Chelo, loves all of the babies very much and they love her!

The Rosie babies shown above are
"feeding" one another.

 This little Bare-Eyed Cockatoo is very sweet and loves to be handled! The Bare-Eyed is one of the smartest and
most playful of the cockatoo species. They are ideal for someone who loves cockatoos but wants a smaller size and a less vocal species. These little cockatoos often have playful,
goofy personalities!


The little fellow sitting in the box behind
the Bare-Eyed is a
hybrid of a Bare-Eyed
and a Citron Cockatoo

  These are Orange-Winged Amazons that
are about three weeks old in this photo on 5/10/02. The unfeathered Orange-Winged chicks have a very distinctive look with a large light-colored beak and dark skin at
the base of the lower mandible.

 Here are three species of babies- two Bronze-Winged Pionus on the left, three Timneh African Greys (one in the middle
and two to the right), and two Blue-Headed Pionus sitting beak to beak in the middle. Notice how the two baby Blue-Headed Pionus Parrots closely resemble the Orange-Winged Amazon Parrot chicks
in the image directly above.

  These beauties are Tres Maria Amazons. already showing exceptional coloration at seven to eight weeks of age.

  These Goffin Cockatoo chicks already
show a lot of personality on 5/10/02!
They are now almost completely feathered and will go to a weaning cage next week.
They should wean in four to five more
weeks. These chicks are sold but there are younger ones feeding in the nursery that are available still.


Two sleepy Moluccan Cockatoos on 5-17-02...

... are awakened by the camera's strobe.

Four adorable Panama Amazons on 5/17/02.


These chicks are growing fast and will soon be going to a weaning cage.

 Look at the gorgeous color these three
Tres Maria Amazon chicks are already showing on 5/17/02!

 On 5/17/02, our nursery is quite full
of adorable babies! It takes over two
hours to feed the nursery now. We do full feeds four times per day and feed the little babies six to seven times per day.

 What a cute face this little Maximillian Pionus has! The Maximillian Pionus makes a gentle pet and is wonderful for children
and families. This baby was photographed
on 5/22/02.


 These two Orange-Winged Amazons are beginning to show lovely coloration on their heads. This species has very long feathers on its neck and loves to be scratched on the neck and head. It has one of the mellowest of the personalities of the Amazon Parrot species. These two babies are still available as of 5/22/02.


 Just look at these two baby Tres Maria Amazons on 5/22/02- are they cuties or what!? The Tres Maria Amazon is quite rare in captivity. These beauties are second generation captive bred and were bred by Steve Garvin of The Feather Tree. We have raised these babies for him this year and are thrilled to work with this beautiful subspecies.


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