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(updated 11/15/01)

Here is a view of the nursery on the evening of 8-16-01. Now just where is
dinner anyway?


A few minutes after the top photo was taken, Perla, our evening hand-feeder, arrives to feed the chicks and things get a little livelier! Macaw chicks of this age will eat about 70 cc of formula per feeding. We make our own formula fresh several times every day with fresh ingredients. We do not use commercially made processed hand-feeding formula.

Tickle, tickle, tickle!
A Magna Yellow-Double Yellow-Headed Amazon has wandered into the box of one of the baby Hyacinth Macaws. Hyacinth chicks are very sensitive and easily frightened!

 This baby Moluccan Cockatoo is a real beauty! This image does not show the depth of the rich peach coloring of its feathers.


This weaning baby Blue-Fronted Amazon is preening in its cage, surrounded by weaning foods of corn on the cob, spray millet, and apple slices.

 These baby Blue & Gold Macaws are nearly feathered on 8-16-01 and have about another eight weeks until they are fully weaned.

 This baby Jardine Parrot is intrigued with the duck toy that plays several tunes! Moments later he bit it in the beak!

 On 8/23/01, this lovely Ducorp's Cockatoo is ready for a cage. This chick is particularly friendly and precocious and follows the hand-feeders around the nursery seeking attention.

 The baby Ducorp's has made friends
with the baby macaws! At this age, baby psittacines are gregarious and enjoy playing together.

The baby Stella Lory peeks over the tub looking for dinner on 8/23/01. Baby lories learn to eat on their own at a very young age and will lap formula or nectar out of a dish with their long brushy tongues like a kitten.



This is one one our very beautiful Yellow-Faced Amazon babies, weaning on 8/31/01. This species is quite unusual and uncommon is U.S. Aviculture.

 On the evening of 9/27/01, this baby Meyer's Parrot is on an adventure to visit other babies in the nursery.

 These baby Congo African Greys are between six and seven weeks of age.

 Here is a wandering baby
female Solomon Island
Eclectus on the evening of 9/27/01.
She will wean in about a month's time.

Who could resist a face like this? These adorable baby Hahn's Macaws are ready for their late-night feeding on 9/27/01.

 We have an interesting baby Congo African Grey in the nursery now (sorry, already sold) that has an unusual degree of red coloring. Unfortunately, this lovely extra red is temporary and will disappear with the juvenile moult. The baby is also particularly large.
photo 11/14/01

 These beautiful Magna Double Yellow-Headed Amazons are
just weaned on 11/14/01.

 impish Noble Macaw ; photo 11/15/01


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