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(updated 8/13/01)

Here is a nearly-weaned baby female Solomon Island Eclectus. Eclectus are known for their hair-like feathers and gorgeous coloration. Feeding a fresh diet full of phytonutrients keeps an Eclectus in excellent feather! Eclectus should be fed a large variety of fresh vegetables and fruits.


This lovely baby is a just-weaned Ducorp's Cockatoo. This small cockatoo has an elegant look and demeanor. The Ducorp's has a sweet personality and can learn to mimic well.

One Blue-Fronted and three little Yellow-Naped Amazons are feathering on 8/1/01. At this age
they begin to exercise their wings.

 This is a colorful tub of babies with a Scarlet and a Blue & Gold Macaw being visited by a wandering Magna Double Yellow-Headed Amazon on 8/1/01.

 Two Moluccan Cockatoo chicks are heavily pin-feathered on 8/1/01.

 Adorable Noble Macaw chicks beg for their dinner. These little beauties make wonderful pets and are much less common than the very similar Hahn's Macaw.


Two baby cockatoos, a Citron and a Ducorp's, are wrapped up snugly after a bath. Since we feed a lot of fresh colorful foods such as beets, sweet potatoes, and spirulina algae, our weaning white cockatoos sometime get multicolored and thus get bathed!

When I saw this group of weaning Pionus sitting shoulder to shoulder in a large weaning cage on 8/9/01, I couldn't resist taking a photo as they look so cute!
All of these babies are very sweet and tame.

 This baby Magna Double
Yellow-Headed Amazon was photographed just before we shipped her to her new home. Her new owners are thrilled with her and said she is already trying to talk!

A pin-feathering baby
Stella Lory is snuggled
in for the night on 8-9-01.

  Photographed on 8-9-01, the two little Moluccan Cockatoos shown near the top of this page have grown a lot of feathers in the past week!

 When I walked in to do the late night feeding on 8-9-01, this precocious little Hahn's Macaw flew over and landed
on my shoulder! The Hahn's Macaw is my personal favorite of the smaller psittacine species.

 This baby female Solomon Island Eclectus is in a weaning cage with three baby Congo Greys and one baby Timneh African Grey on 8/13/01. We find the Eclectus chicks socialize well with Greys.

These lovelies are weaning baby Yellow-Faced Amazons.This species is uncommon in American aviculture and
makes a good pet that learns to mimic easily.

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