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This wandering baby Timneh African Grey is taller than the regular residents of this tub, baby Senegal Parrots and Sun Conures, and thus is nearer to the hand-feeder!


 These are Maximillian Pionus Parrots, shown in the top photo at about three to four weeks of age and in the bottom, at about six to seven week old. Hiding behind the two Pionus in the bottom photo is a timid baby Jardine Parrot. The Maximillian is the most gentle of the Pionus species and makes a wonderful family pet!


This female Solomon Island Eclectus is about seven weeks old and has five to six more weeks until she will be fully weaned. The rich color of her feathers is due to our diet which is rich in natural carotenes.


 These spiky baby Moluccan Cockatoos are four weeks of age on 4/25/01. These chicks are going to have beautifully-colored feathers as evidenced by the color of their pin-feathers.

 This just-weaned baby male Solomon Island Eclectus is going to his new home on 5/8/01.

 Here is a weaning Maximillian Pionus on 5/9/01. These babies are all delightfully tame and are great pets for children and families!

On 5/15/01, this cheeky baby Senegal Parrot is just about ready for the weaning cage. These delightful small parrots wean at about ten weeks of age. They are wonderful pets and have a excellent ability to mimic. Our pet, Patita, is a very good talker and can mimic the sound of our microwave oven perfectly!

In bright light, African Greys show purple in their plumage, as seen in this photograph of a just-weaned baby Timneh African Grey. Baby Greys are very engaging and emit low-pitched gurgling/snorting noises. Most Greys do not begin to talk clearly until about one year of age but they are learning during this time and some begin to mimic earlier than others.

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