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(updated 6/18/01)

 We raised a lot of baby cockatoos in 2001! Shown are Bare-Eyed, Rose-Breasted, Moluccan, Ducorp's, and Umbrella chicks.

 These baby cockatoos range from a few hours to two days of age. Shown are Umbrella, Moluccan, Ducorp's, and Rose-Breasted Cockatoos taken on 3/29/01.

 On 4/15/01, here are some of the cockatoo chicks shown in the photos above. Baby cockatoos grow very quickly but the larger species can be slow to wean.

 Here are three male Solomon Island Eclectus Parrots. These chicks are feathering now and will be perching soon. They are very shy at this age. T

Two pin-feathering Goffin Cockatoo chicks are quite cozy with two downy Jardine Parrot chicks.

 On 4/7/01, the Goffin and Jardine chicks are beginning to feather.

This little Sun Conure can't wait to get out of its egg and start growing!

 These adorable Meyer's Parrots arejust about weaned and will soon go to their new homes!

 This Greater Vasa Parrot is weaned now and is a real charmer! Although not well-known, the Vasa makes a charming pet and we hear from many of our Vasa owners year after year, telling us how much they love their pet Vasa Parrots!

On 4/1/01, the curious little Rosies look out at the big world! They are five and one-half to six weeks old and are just about ready for a cage. They will fly at seven weeks and completely wean at ten weeks.



This adorable big-mouthed creature is a week-old baby
Long-Billed Corella! (photographed on 4/7/01).
The Long-Billed Corella is rare in U.S. aviculture. This cockatoo
species is extremely intelligent and curious and makes a precocious pet! We have a pet male, named Gumby, who is a real character!
See the baby grow!

See photos of adults here!

 A week later, on 4/15/01, look how much the baby Long-Billed Corella has grown! It is 15 days old, shown here with a baby Rose-Breasted Cockatoo on the right. Its eyes are now wide open and it is a vigorous eater! Look at the size of that mouth already! Wing feathers are beginning to sprout on both of these baby cockatoos.

Go to Long-Billed Corella baby page!
new photo 4/25/01

These are baby Ruppell's Parrots, a rare Poicephalus species from southern Africa.They are quite rare in U.S. aviculture. These babies were bred by Steve Garvin of The Feather Tree.
They are available for sale through Aves International.


 These Maximillian Pionus chicks have a neighbor Sun Conure visiting them on 4/15/01. At this age, the curious and very social Sun Conures often travel from one container to another exploring.

 Sun Conures and Senegal Parrots are compatible at this age. We always raise our chicks in small groups so that they are well socialized with other birds. The babies help to keep one another warm and provide comfort to one another.

These little fuzzies are one to five day old mutation Green-Cheeked Conures. Some are cinnamons, some are Yellow-Sided, and there are mixes, producing a rainbow of colors.
See photo of feathered Yellow-Sided chicks


Page Two of 2001 Nursery Photos
(updated 5/16/01)
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All photographs are by Gail J. Worth and are copyrighted.
They may not be reproduced by any method without written permission.

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