Nursery of Aves International - 2000

(updated 5/31/00)

 We use Petersime incubators and have had excellent success incubating parrot eggs since 1980. The eggs are carefully hand-turned five times per day.

 Once the chicks hatch and dry, they are placed into a Lyon Electric isolette at 95-97 degrees Fahrenheit where they remain for several days.

 Here are some Senegal Parrots and Sun Conures at just a few days of age. These chicks are fed eight times per day with our own home-made formula.

 When the chicks are ten days to two weeks of age, they are placed into plastic tubs on heating pads. We use a white shredded newspaper as the bedding.
The chicks are shy at this age and seek the darkness at the rear of the partially covered tub.

 After they are fed, the chicks retreat to the back of the tubs and sleep until the next feeding. Occasionally one begs for just one more bite, like this little Congo African Grey!

 The chicks are all asleep in the nursery on the evening of 1/24/00 and all is well with the world!

 Maynard, the Wonder Mynah, was hatched in and still lives in the nursery. He entertains us with his talking and antics as we hand-feed and has never hurt a baby bird!

Four Poicephalus Parrots ~ photographed on 1/31/00

The chicks watch the Wonder Mynah, Maynard, do a fly-by patrol in the nursery. left to right ~ Senegal, Jardine, Red-Bellied, and Meyer's

Four baby Poicephalus pose nicely for the camera on 2/8/00.


It can get quite wild in the nursery at times as the babies practice their flight and other antics!

 At 2:00 AM on 3/24/00, these Moluccan Cockatoo and Tres Maria Amazon chicks are sound asleep after their last feeding of the night.

This gorgeous pair of Vosmaeri Eclectus is just weaned on 3/20/00. The Eclectus Parrots make wonderful pets and are quite good at mimicry. Their feathers have a hair-like texture. Eclectus should be fed a fresh diet that is high in vegetables and fruits. The natural carotenes in fresh foods will maintain
the brilliant feather coloration in Eclectus Parrots.

A baby Sun Conure hatches on 3/31/00. Also pipped and hatching are Goffin, Bare-Eyed, Ducorp's, and Rose-Breasted Cockatoos, Maximillian Pionus, and Senegal Parrot eggs.

Prints of digital photos of our babies are available.
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